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Pamela Lutrell with Would You Wear It

Happy Saturday, everyone! It’s Would-You-Wear-It Saturday, and that is a reason to celebrate along with Valentine’s Day just a few days away, plus the groundhog has said spring will be here soon.  

Today is the day my friend, Jennifer, and I find fashion displays which make us stop and wonder what you think…would you wear the looks or not?  Please share your thoughts in such a way as to be personal and constructive.  With Valentine’s Day in mind, I found this display for discussion.

Over 50 Feeling 40 with a Valentine's Would You Wear It

I think there are many of us motivated and inspired by styles on mannequins, so it is interesting to see what the retail world deems display-worthy.  We have all learned much from one another during these blog posts as to what does and what does not work for an over 50-life.

Pamela Lutrell with display at Macys

So, look at my display today and tell us, ladies………………………….


Pamela Lutrell with Would You Wear it on Valentine's


Winners Announced 

Thank you to all who entered the SHEEC sock gift card giveaway.  Drum roll, please………………our two winners of the $35 gift cards are

Charlene Jones and Shar Holder (I just now noticed they are both different Shar/Char names!). Congratulations!

Pamela Lutrell shows different SHEEC SOCKS 

Everyone else can still win…with a discount on your SHEEC order, just follow the instructions in the blog post Here!

Stores are Blooming into Spring

While the fashion world is in New York looking at runways for Fall 2020 (so wish I was there!), we can go to the mall and see spring beginning to bud.  If you are ready to think warm breezes and color, just go out for a shopping trip.  It refreshes the mind.

For those who would like to see some of it now, please enjoy the looks I have pulled for your consideration in the slideshow below.  I thank you to all who order through the slideshows to help support this blog and keep it going.  Even if you click on an image, but purchase something else on the brand site, I will receive small compensation…just because you got to the site through my slideshow.  Thank you, thank you…it justifies the work I put in here and keeps my husband on board with all that I do!

You guys are the best!  After all of this, make sure you visit A WELL STYLED LIFE and tell Jennifer what you think of her display!



By Pamela Lutrell


  1. This was tough, because at first glance, I’m drawn to the colors. I like red and black very much, so the colors work. I don’t think that leggings should be worn as pants, so while I do like the slim pants, it would depend on the fabric whether or not I’d wear them as shown. If true knit leggings, they need a longer top. I would not wear the ones with the pearl trim because they are too fussy. Same with the solid red top. I’d wear it minus the bling on the sleeves. The bling ruins it for me. The floral top is pretty and I’d try that one. Sheer is very big this spring, and I like the larger floral pattern. These are attractive as displayed, but I’d have to look much closer with regard to fabrics. I’m personally not someone who wears bling on my clothes. There is a red top in the slide show that is the right length for leggings and more my style (the one with the rear view).

    1. I was surprised when I saw the rear view tops in the slideshow. I always select the front view. I guess the brand wants them to be seen from the back! Thanks Karen!

  2. First off I do like the color red but don’t care for either of these tops. The floral is just not me at all. It has no personal appeal. The solid top on left appears to be if an inferior fabric. (At least to my eye). It wouldn’t work for my upper body type. I don’t own any of those elaborate sleeve blouses because my arms are a tad short and they look ridiculous. On a taller woman it might work better as I see it. The leggings look like me so yes to those if the fabric is of good quality.

  3. Hello Pam. I get it. Valentines Day is near so the stores are featuring RED. I would not wear this. I don’t wear much red, and the sleeves and bling are too much. I’m a small person so this would overpower me. I always look for a nice pair of black pants but the side bling is a no for me. I can’t image where I would wear those.
    Happy Saturday.

  4. Yes, the stores are featuring RED for Valentine’s Day. I wear red is small, small doses – maybe a bit in a scarf. The red sweater here is too much for me especially the added rhinestone bling and the sleeves. The bling on the side of the pants is not for me.

  5. I want those pants! I don’t like the bell sleeve (for me), how does one keep the sleeve from getting nasty…by that I mean wet /dirty in the first hour of wear? Cute but I would pass.

  6. Red is one of my favourite colours! I would definitely wear the flowered top. I really like the shape of the solid red top but less keen about the bling in the sleeves. I would skip the pants- my closet has lots of black pants.

  7. I love red and black but I would pass on these items shown. The embellishment on the red top is too large. I am also not a fan of the trim on the pants. If I wear embellishment it needs to be more subtle. I personally don’t wear florals so the blouse is also a no.

  8. I love the red top but this is the wrong red for me. I would prefer the blue as shown on website. Love flare sleeve. Not crazy about the floral top as it seems too busy for my taste. The matching pants remind me of a bull fighter’s costume so it’s a no for me!! The girls definitely need black booties or black sandals. Would like to see this display in person.

  9. I love red and black together but the red must be a cool tone, no brown undertones. The floral is a bit busy for me but on the right person, would be cute. Slim pants but no leggings please, unless the bum is covered. The red top would be cute for a special occasion but just take care not to drag the sleeve in the soup…ha!

  10. Red and black aren’t my colors so I’m out on this example.
    I can’t wait for those bell-shaped sleeves to be gone.

    I’m all about 3/4 length sleeves.
    I’ve got a pink sweater and a really big heart shapped pin that Auntie who was a school teacher left me. I’ve noticed that Teachers usually have good collections of seasonal accessories. When you spend your day with second graders it’s part of the territory.
    That’s all coming out for V-day.

  11. I would not wear any of these pieces. The neckline on the red top is wrong for me, and I don’t like the bling on the sleeves. I like the style of the other top, but not in that floral. No bling in my pants, please!

  12. I wouldn’t wear these outfits because the tops are too short for the tight slacks…on me. But I do like red and black together.

  13. I need an inseam length of 35″ so most pull-on legging type pants end up looking silly on me, but I do like the color combo. The red top with bell sleeves is pretty, but previous experience with bell sleeves caused me to knock over quite a few things. Also, don’t ever cook over an open flame wearing bell sleeves. Maybe this style is for the younger generation.

  14. First off; for myself the red top and the pants with the embellishments spells ‘maintenance nightmare’ so I would not purchase either, regardless that I feel the former would be an option for a festive occasion. As to the floral top; for my personal liking a no to it as well as find the print itself a tad matronly ‘n drab plus not quite sure what is going on in the bust area, as appears to be rushed or gathered. Do like the plain black bottoms and if their fabric passed the test in quality/care know I would get a lot of mileage out of them. -Brenda-

    P.S.: Congrats to both winners of the liner socks.

  15. Neither of the tops appeal to me. I don’t like the bling on the red top, and it’s too short for leggings. The floral top doesn’t appeal to me. The leggings need longer tops, so I wouldn’t wear them as pictured. I would wear some of the longer tops in the slideshow with plain black leggings.

  16. At first glance, I love these looks, but on closer inspection, I wouldn’t wear them as shown. The top on the left looks like the right shade of red for me, but I don’t care for the bling on the sleeves and it isn’t long enough to be worn over leggings. I’m a firm believer that leggings are not pants and should be worn with tops that are long enough to cover the crotch. Though I’m trying to steer away from black near my face as it isn’t flattering with my complexion, I think that there’s enough red in the second top to look okay. I’d have to try it on though as that style doesn’t usually fit my long torso very well. I love the leggings with the pearls and would definitely wear those.

  17. I like both outfits and love red and black, however, the bling on the red top limits when you’d wear it. The black slim pants would be OK if my size doesn’t cup my rear like a legging. I’d have to see the print top in-person to know for sure but I’m not sure I like the big print. I can see the studded pants on someone who is young and slim but they aren’t for me.

  18. Neither red nor black are colors I select for tops as they simply don’t do anything for my complexion. That said, I do like the lines of both tops shown today so might stop near the display to see if these came in other colors. I have a beautiful sheer navy floral blouse that the black floral reminds me of somewhat, and would love it in a pale yellow or fresh coral.

  19. While I love red & black & wear this combination often, I don’t think I would wear either of these outfits. I wouldn’t be comfortable with the bell sleeves on either of the tops, as I would be concerned about knocking something over or dragging them through my plate. Also, the fabric on the solid top looks rather thin to me. I am just not a fan of leggings worn as pants for myself, so it’s an all around no for me.

  20. well, right away I knew it was Macys because I have that red sweater with the glitz down the sleeves but I have it is black. I prefer black. Also, I have the pants with the studs down the sides I love both of those items. The red in the tops is not the red I can wear.. It looks too orangy for my skin tone.

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