Neiman Marcus Spring Sale on Over 50 Feeling 40

Happy Thursday, everyone and welcome to my new at -home -life! I thought today I might share with you my favorite personal styles from the week and new observations.  I am still working on adjusting my new work schedule and balancing it with keeping healthy…more about that tomorrow. 

Please be patient with my in- home photography.  The dining room mirror is the best way to take a selfie outfit shot, but not the greatest light.  I appreciate your patience and all of the fun engagement we have had this week. 


Permission to Wear Leggings

JJill at home style on Over 50 Feeling 40

Of course, I would not wear leggings to my professional office…but, my in -home office? Why not?  When I went to the grocery last weekend, I saw a woman in the cutest pair of printed leggings with a tunic and I thought…hmmmm, I would like my in-home life to include more leggings.  Above, I am wearing my cropped JJill leggings, with the pink sheer JJIll cardigan I purchased recently and an older Ming Wang top which zips around the neckline.

Chicos tunic on Over 50 Feeling 40

The first picture at the top of the blog today was in the new Spring Sale catalog from Neiman Marcus I received in the mail yesterday.  I love those Johnny Was leggings and the handbag.  The whole outfit is awesome but particularly those two items. This is an old Chico’s tunic with white Soft Surroundings leggings that are ruched on the sides.  We are already inching close to 100 degrees for three days…so the Clark are flip flops came out at home and to stroll down to the post office box.

Here are some fun items I found online along these lines………

Dressing Nice is Either Contagious…or Convicting!

Pamela Lutrell in Vince Camuto for Video Meeting on over 50 Feeling 40


On Monday, I explained why I would dress nice and fix up for my video business meetings.  We are starting every day with a team meeting with an occasional one in between.  On Monday, I was the only one (out of 11…our male boss about my age looked professional) who looked put together and did not look as though I crawled out of bed.  Every day after that, one or two more would come with hair done or makeup on.  Yesterday, one looked lovely with her pearls.

It is either contagious or convicting, but they seem to be catching on that we are still in a professional meeting…even if there are leggings and sneakers out of camera sight!  This has been my favorite meeting look of the week.  White seems to grab attention on screen much better than darker colors do. This Alfani blouse from Macys looks great and is super comfy to wear while I do my in-home work.


More Reader Style Adjectives

Eileen Fisher at Neiman Marcus on Over 50Feeling 40

If you are new to the blog and wondering what this is about, please read this post from January.  I have been styling my wardrobe for years with the intention of communicating five consistent messages each time I dress.  This is how we develop a personal style.  When people see me on the street, I want my style to say that I am intelligent, strong, approachable, current, and creative.

Pamela Lutrell discusses style goals for 2020

In January, readers began to send me their five adjectives and I curate a slideshow just for them to inspire their style purchases and how they can achieve looks which say what they want to say.  I truly look for garments which would communicate all five adjectives.  If anyone would like for me to do this for you, just send your adjectives to

So, today, we are styling for Sheryl.  She desires to tell them world with her clothing that she is confident, successful, colorful, dignified and edgy.  My challenge here was the word edgy along with dignified.  But, I have never turned down a challenge.  So, Sue, this slideshow is for you and women like you….enjoy!


How’s your week going so far!  We need to keep one of the readers here, Janet, in our prayers.  She is a healthcare professional and weary.  Thank you to any of you who are working in the medical field…you are the heroes of this battle we fight currently.


Remember, your smile is your hug in a no touch world….be safe, stay home, and




By Pamela Lutrell

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