At home life: new shoes, new adjustments, new attitude

Over 50 Feeling 40 in ECCO Sneakers for Spring

Doesn’t every occasion call for new shoes?  Of course, this one does too…along with patience…and the willingness to make new adjustments in our lives with new attitudes.  Let’s take a walk through this idea of change.

I am a creature of habit. Not a fan of change. I have always discovered peace and better health in a programmed schedule that I held fast to…just ask Mr. B…I do not like changing up my schedule.

But in light of having a new life at home, I must make changes and hope I can encourage you willingly to make your changes along with me.

From Old Life to New

Grab coffee for news with Pamela Lutrell

Well, at least for the last two years since changing my day job.  My old life schedule during the week was

4:00 AM Rise ( some grooming, drink water and a small coffee, and make sure the blog post is live) Stretching exercises, prayer and devotion

5:00 AM. Arrive at the gym for either cardio or weight work

6:30-7:30. Somewhere in there depending on how long at the gym, I arrived at my day job.

4:30 Leave to go home and put on my blogger hat and work on the blog

8:00-8:30 In bed to try and sleep and get ready to do it again. 

For a few weeks, my department has been in crisis-mode and I am working beginning at 5 AM.  I have projects that must be completed by 9AM.

Notice what’s missing?  My workouts.  I know the gym is closed, but now I am struggling to get more MOVEMENT into my day.  Adjustments must be made.


Began a new schedule yesterday

Pamela Lutrell on Working Out 

Monday’s work adjustment meant that I could refrain from checking in until 6 AM.  So, I got up at the same time and did a little weight workout with stretching before I showered.  Swinging that kettle bell actually felt good!

Cardio is another challenge.  A typical workday since the first of the year had my FitBit at 5000 steps by 9AM.  Yesterday, by 9AM I had 710! So, after my first two hours of work, I walked down to the mailbox to mail some letters and that took me to 1943.  Then I went for an extended walk around noon and my steps went up to 6139.  My spring allergies also went wild at that time…there are advantages to a gym!

Sorry…..back to my new attitude of flexibility. 


Character traits that will lead to success 

The ones who come out of this doing the best will be people who are patient, optimistic, flexible, creative, hopeful and grateful. (POFCHG)  These six -character- traits will be critical for those of us who want to stay relevant and active in our careers …and I submit, joyful in life.  I know, I know…I just have something about adjectives holding meaning…but I think they do!

There are many restaurants who are now attempting to survive on curb service alone.  But, I believe the ones who have been more creative are the ones who will stay open and in the game.  There are several who have converted their dining space to become mini-markets. Others who are grilling outdoors to get the attention of any patrons driving by.  That is flexibility and creativity.

So, I now must change from being a creature of habit to becoming a creature of openness, patience and flexibility.  I can do it!


I didn’t forget the shoes, a little birdie told me they are special

Pamela Lutrell in ECCO Sneakers from ECCO 

Before all of this began, I heard from one of my favorite comfort brands, ECCO, available at one of my favorite stores, Dillard’s.  You may have noticed that the classic white sneaker is everywhere for spring and summer 2020.  Just the basics… and ECCO has a winner in this Women’s Soft 7 Runner Leather Lace Up Sneaker…but if you just aren’t into the white, then look at them in a different color in the slideshow. I will say this solid white look is so clean and refreshing.  The comfort is amazing (a large wonderful toe box) and will keep me moving when I want to go out and about….social distancing, of course.

Pamela Lutrell relaxes at home in white ECCO sneakers for Spring 2020

Didn’t forget the hair either 

Yesterday, Mari was the one who voiced what is on the minds of many ladies…what do I do about my hair?? Most salons are closed and we do not know when they will be back…so that skunk line is growing.  Years ago, a Soft Surroundings beauty expert introduced me to Joan Rivers products.  Joan Rivers was still alive then and really had exceptional beauty products.  The natural hair color and staying power really make this is one of the best powdered root touch-up products on the market.  Check out this slide show for a little help.  There may be more of us in scarves and hats than ever before…so I threw in some choices for those as well.

How is everyone holding up?  Is anyone else struggling with adjusting to new schedules like moi (I flipped my head like Miss Piggy when I wrote this)?  Please share any tips you have discovered. 

I hope you will enjoy all the slideshows today…….and also remember your smile is now your hughug often!  Stay safe and stay home!



By Pamela Lutrell


Disclaimer:  I was provided shoes to review and the words are my own.


  1. Great post Pam!! Yes, we need to get creative, but it can be done. My schedule was much like yours when I was working full time, always up by 4 or 4:30, got ready for work, prayer and devotion time, but I didn’t work out till I got off work (3 p.m. since I was in there by 6 or 6:30 each day). Of course, life is different since retiring. I get up at 6 now which feels luxurious, makeup (even for the gym!), prayer and devotion time, then head out. Since they closed everything, adjustments had to be made. I have a huge collection of Leslie Sansone DVD’s, from walking (which is way more than walking the way she does it!), her yoga, upper and lower body weight training…this has made it very easy to get this in first thing in the day. I do this 5 days a week and take the weekend off except for getting outside, weather permitting. It’s working well. Another thing people might notice staying at home, you have to stay away from the refrigerator except for planned meals. This was easy at work, but it takes discipline at home. This can also be done. Staying home takes some kind of routine and discipline. Before I retired I made this elaborate calendar breaking down how I wanted each day to go with tasks at various times! I am a planner! It didn’t go QUITE to plan, but structure really helps me not wander aimlessly around the house looking for a snack! This is not to say rigid, you have to stay really flexible. With most of my regular haunts closed, I’m finding it fairly easy to stay in a workout routine with my DVD’s and being outside. It’s also kind of nice to just take some time to read a book, study, or just let the day happen. Working out early gives a sense of accomplishment to begin the day. Today I’m a little off on timing, so going now to do my weight training in front of the tv! You are SO right, we must keep our spirits up and not get in the dumps over this. It’s going to be over, things are going to be normal again, and I’m looking forward to that day! My family members are on the “essential worker” list and I’m truly thankful for that. Incidentally, when I first started using the Leslie Sansone DVD’s many years ago now, I lost 40 pounds without changing anything but my exercise routine. Maybe that will encourage someone. Got into the habit of doing them and kept the weight off. Even when the gym is open, I use the DVD’s twice a week on days I’m super busy. They work!

  2. Thank you so much for responding! I have seen that product in the soft surroundings catalog and was curious. I am mostly stay at home, but God forbid somebody other than the hubs sees these roots! And, love those kicks!

  3. Wonderful blog on the importance if being flexible in more ways than one ( yes doing yoga at hone now). I miss my yoga friends!
    I have been out walking and hear you about spring allergies! Just starting to bloom here!
    My schedule is so different these past two weeks and it mainly has to do with moving! Moving and meeting up with friends! I need to walk more and eat a bit less!

  4. Karen, I’ve discovered Leslie Sansone just recently. I was a dedicated 5 day a week gym rat, at least an hour a day. Her routines vary from mild to pretty strenuous, and they are enjoyable. They also don’t take a lot of room, and if you have a smart tv or a tablet there’s no excuse. I’ve even done them in my jeans, sneakers, and t-shirt when I had an extra 15 minutes. You don’t need workout clothes to work out! There are lots of ways–

  5. You are so right about being flexible and still having some structure to your day. It’s so important to have purpose throughout the day, even if it’s just the small things. I’ve been into deep cleaning, organizing and purging! We moved in our home almost 8 years ago after living in the same house for 35 years. I can honestly say, and am a bit embarrassed to admit, that there are areas in my house where things were dumped and I have not dealt with since. This has been wonderful for me to finally have the time to go through things and get it all straightened out. Yesterday, I came across old pictures of my parents and other family members from my childhood that I had thought were somehow lost in the move. It was like a gift to be able to spend time looking through them again. So, while this is a stressful and uncertain time for many of us, I try to take comfort in these little gifts I’m uncovering. I’m trying to do all the things I always say I’ll get to later.
    I will say that I am very lucky because my husband is a hairdresser…lol. Salons are closed down so I made sure he brought home his scissors and some product.
    I love those sneakers and can’t wait to get to a store to try them on. I have no luck ordering shoes online. But those look like they would be perfect for the spring and summer! Love the cropped jeans too!
    Thanks, Pam for giving me something to look forward to every morning with my coffee!
    Have an awesome day!!

  6. So true Susan! She is encouraging. I really like the old ones for some reason, but you’re right, you can do them whenever you get some time. Really able to work up a sweat with these! I like how they are designed to do at home in limited space. You said it, no excuses!! : )

  7. Oh, gosh – well, we have taken this opportunity of time to make some big decisions! Not owing to the current crisis, but rather to my husband’s personal health worries, we have decided to prepare our home and property (small 10 acre ranch) to put on the market. We have only been here 32 months and it was intended to be our retirement, but the situation calls for being back in town and close to the hospital and services, so “flexibility” today is resonating with me. 😉 Thank goodness we rented out our home in town and will have that to return home to, and it will bring me great comfort to be surrounded daily by my friends and neighbors as we face the challenges ahead. It will also put me in healthy walking and biking distance to my parents. I’m looking forward to all of it with each task I’m taking on (and thinking, “didn’t we just do this?”!) and imagining all the good that will come of this choice. So, while the world rages on with its news, our personal journey continues in spite of everything, adding purpose and focus to our days.

  8. I finally bit the bullet and bought me a pair of Ecco sneakers when Nordstrom had their 25% off sale. So glad I did. They were comfortable right out of the box. Mine are the stone metallic color and I absolutely love them. We are under a stay at home advisory here in Indiana so I really look forward to checking in with all of my favorite bloggers. Thanks for all that you do to bring a little brightness into our lives.

  9. You are so welcome, Michele. Now that I know how comfy ECCO sneakers are, I am going to put metallics on my list…they are fun!

  10. Thanks for sharing Karen…I do want to find a video workout that I like! I appreciate you giving a review!

  11. I really like this one alot…and believe it to be worth the money. Good luck Mari…there are going to be a lot of skunks walking around!

  12. Our sun finally came out today just in time for us to be told to stay in place…we can walk the neighborhood, but not much else. Thanks Paulette.

  13. I love to have morning coffee with the girls…thanks so much Linda! I am still working but hope to get to some cleaning out!

  14. I know this has to be hard Connie, but you are right that sometimes life deals us different cards and we must have the courage to do what is best. Bless you for preparing to help your husband with such a flexible and optimistic attitude.

  15. I have the Joan Rivers hair powder and it works. I’m considering “getting in line” now for when my hair stylist is back in business. Text and ask for first availability! I’m also considering paying for the next haircut now. My stylist is a single parent and I’m sure this is a struggle.

  16. Coming to your blog everyday is a real boost for me, Pam, especially during these difficult and uncertain times. Thanks to you and your readers for this ‘safe’ place.

    I work at our local blood bank, so I’m considered an ‘essential’ workplace and am able to work my full time hours. Thankful for that as so many in my state of Ohio are unemployed now!

    Thankfully, the weather is improving so I can get my exercise by walking. I also am a big fan of Leslie Sansone and can pop in her DVDs!

  17. I have the Joan Rivers root powder from SS and I think it’s excellent. It doesn’t get all over everything as I feared it would. You can use a small angled brush and fill in your brows with it too. I would also recommend the Clairol root spray. It adheres well and isn’t messy.

  18. Exercise idea for cardio: if you have stairs use the bottom two as a step class….up down up down to your favourite song is finished….and keep your hand on the handrail if this is new to you in case you start missing the steps…..don’t want any accidents

  19. Thanks for bringing inspiration and a sense of normalcy to my life Pam! I work in health care so everyday is a series of fires I need to deal with. I’m trying hard to keep it together for my family and my organization but it is tough. Structure always helps me.

    I could use a pair of these shoes right now. Looking for them will help keep my mind off other things. 💜

  20. Janet….I am adding you to my prayer list right now. Thank you for all you do. I cannot imagine what you are going through. I am going to pray that you are safe, and have extra portions of strength for all that is going on. Thank you for sharing this.

  21. I do have stairs. My office is upstairs so I have been going up and down a lot! Thanks for sharing Lauren.

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