Working from home on Over 50 feeling 40

New day, new life, new world.  I am discussing today some tips to remember if you are now working from home and what your choice will tell your employer.  From looking at various blog and brand posts, there seems to be a myth that it is all about comfort and leisure once we are home behind a computer.  But, for many wearing sweats and yoga clothes the whole day simply does not work, and I submit to you doesn’t help your state of mind either.  What messages you send with your at home wear are still very important!

What to Wear to a Video Conference

Pamela Lutrell in White House Black Market jacket for video chats

This White House Black Market  jacket is a great professional piece for my in -home -work- life now…here is why.  Many of you know I have two lives…a daytime professional job, and a lifestyle blogging job.  I was set up in my office at home for the latter, but have now reworked some things for both.  First let’s look at how a typical work day may go for me now.

  1. I will begin with a great palette underneath.  On this day, the palette was black Soft Surroundings jeans, and a black Ming Wang knit tank.  
  2. For my video chats with my daytime team, I wore a white jacket with an interesting neckline at the top and a simple short necklace.  The eye line is now on my face and upper portion of my body. For professional video meetings, I still want to send a message that I am a professional and completely engaged with the work at hand. The messaging for my professional dress has always been to look intelligent, strong, and in-charge (I am not a boss, but dress for the job you want and not for the job you have…right?)  I do not want to send a message that I am at home watching movies and eating ice cream, but joining in for your video chat.  I want to use this time to further at least one of my careers…not end them all.

I like what designer Diane Von Furstenberg says about dressing with the intention of saying “I am in charge.”  She said, ” To be “InCharge is first a commitment to ourselves.  It is owning who we are.  It is respecting and trusting our character, knowing that it is forever the home and the core of our strength.”

The Woman I Wanted to Be by Diane Von Furstenberg

Diane Von Furstenberg on Amazon

Another note about video meetings and chats, pay attention to what is behind you!  Previously, I had behind me a clothing rack with the outfits I was going to blog about for the week on that rack and any extra pieces to blog about in the future.  My day boss immediately commented in front of everyone that I needed to hang up my clothing!  That rack has now been moved and the painting you see below is what he will see this morning.  This is the painting my dear friend Gail did from a picture I took at a Neiman Marcus Fashion Show years ago when Gail was a regular personality on the blog…she moved away and took my heart with her…such an amazing, talented, dear friend.


Pamela Lutrell dressing for work at home on Over 50 Feeling 40

3. When video chats are over and I am just about doing computer work, then I can remove the white jacket and the necklace, and replace with a beautiful topper like this Soft Surroundings kimono I have owned for several years. I still look and feel my best, but can relax a little bit more. If I was not social distancing and was going out more, then I would add some fun jewelry to this kimono-style.

PJs and workout wear do have their place and time in this new life we have.  But, dressing for the day is mentally a healthy thing to do…it helps to keep us active and involved.  It is just too easy with no makeup and in loungewear to “shulp” (is that a word?) into a chair with a blanket and withdraw from life.  Then it becomes easy to turn on 24-7 stressful news…which can ultimately lead to depression.  Avoid it…plan for your professional workplace.  It is ok to switch out the video wear and the comfy wear as long as you are communicating to yourself and others that you are still in the game!


Pamela Lutrell wears joy to her in home job

No matter what you wear…remember to wear joy.  As I said yesterday, smiles are now our hugs.  The way we reach out and embrace others.  So put on your smile every morning with whatever you choose to wear to the job and use it as your way to touch co-workers or clients.  

Does anyone else have comments about what to wear for working at home?  Please share!  


Let’s get back to sharing some style inspiration for the readers who have asked for it.  Today, Sue wants to tell the world with her fashion that she is confident, striking, intentional and streamlined.  I can tell from her adjectives that she is a strong, confident woman already, so I hope I get this right.  Wanting to look streamlined means no oversized garments…fit is important. It took me awhile to find outfits I truly thought were striking, but found some!  I hope this slide show will inspire Sue and women like her


Remember everyone, stay safe, stay home, stay hopeful……………………………………………………..and 


By Pamela Lutrell


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