Pamela Lutrell curates optimistic headlines for women over 50

Good Morning, ladies!  Let’s get our beverage of choice and sit down to read Today’s Positive News for Women Over 50, headlines and words of encouragement during the COVID 19 Pandemic. You know me…I am the look- for -the -silver- lining -girl…and through all of these difficult, life-changing moments, I would like to share the bright side of it all.  I am going to intertwine this report with my own observations and articles I have found around the globe. Let’s see where we can find light in the shadows.

First off, I went to the grocery yesterday for the first time in a few days……..

Grocery Moments

Over 50 Feeling 40 on Grocery Stores

It didn’t look like this.  In fact, I am not sure when the next time will be that it does look this well stocked. The fearful side of grocery shopping is how low stock is…how we cannot find our favorite brands…and how limited we have now become to amounts, so we know we have to come back again soon.  (also…in San Antonio there is not one salsa, refried bean, or canned jalapeno!)

Here is the silver lining, San Antonio-style…..A couple of checkers were singing Feliz Navidad at the tops of their voices.  Every shopper…different races, ages, tall and small…we so nice and friendly to one another.  The man in front of me insisted that he was being UNDER charged for his product and he made the checker take more money for it!  Families were shopping as if it were Christmas and buying games and toys for their kids to play.  Everyone politely stood a distance from once another…yet were kind and friendly when near. It was actually a very pleasant experience that began in the parking lot going inside.  It ended with an elderly man, walking with his cane, and singing a little Tony Bennett for everyone waiting to checkout.  I love how music is helping us to get through.

Another plus is that I must be creative with meal planning with items we can find. The meat department was so low that I had to completely change what I was thinking for the week.  But with my husband and I both working from home, and restaurants possibly problematic, I am planning to cook more…keeps my mind fresh and active!


Today's Positive News for Women Over 50

In honor of my singing San Antonio residents, here are some uplifting videos which show how people are spreading the joy in their own communities and offering hope and encouragement. 

Utah Woman holds zumba session for neighbors from her back porch

Medical professionals and the corona foot shake

Saxophone serenades NYC by Playing New York, New York


Quarantine Cat Tips???

Coronavirus Cat lessons on Over 50 Feeling 50

I am sure some of you would completely agree that cats teach us great amounts of vitally important information.  Lessons I have learned from my own cat would come under “another discussion for another day.”  But this article in the New Yorker might put a smile on the cat lovers in this audience.  Read and enjoy Quarantine Tips from my cat.

We Need a Little Christmas

Today's Positive News for Women Over 50 on Over 50 Feeling 40

Yesterday, one reader asked me if I had my Christmas lights up and I was able to answer YES!  We do have one little tree on our front porch that we plug in at night.  This idea began with a father who tweeted to the neighbors to put the lights back up so they could drive their children around to enjoy them and get them out of the house for an experience safe in the car.  The neighbors agreed.  Since then other Americans are now hanging their lights.  See Americans rehanging Christmas lights to light the darkness of the coronavirus. 

Also, for those who love Christmas movies on Hallmark…yep, they are there and going all weekend long. 


Today's Positive News for Women over 50

The best way to take our minds off of our own worry and concerns is to think of others and find ways to serve…as long as you are wise with social distancing.  This story is uplifting about Georgia volunteers helping get supplies to endangered seniors. 

Today's Positive News for Women over 50

Right before all this hit so hard, one of my co-workers had to take her elderly mom to surgery for a broken ankle.  Her mom is now locked into a rehab center and visitations are not allowed.  She laughed because her mom called for supplies she could not live without….nail polish and sparkling water were at the top of the list…she may be elderly but she is a refined woman who still wants to look her best!  When my friend, took the supplies to her, mom came up to the front in a wheelchair and they waved from a distance and blew kisses.

Somehow, I think the lack of touch has been the most difficult part.  We are huggers in Texas…and not hugging someone or reaching out a hand has been hard to stop. This is why we must find other ways to reach out.  Like the people I saw in the grocery yesterday…everyone was reaching out with friendliness and a smile of reassurance.  Smiling is the new hug!

Family Time!

Pamela Lutrell and positive news during the COVID 19 pandemic

My final silver lining is that for a time families must slow down and spend time together.  Working parents are home, and the stress of homework, rush, rush, rush has become hush, hush, hushed for awhile.  My daughter, a mother of three boys, said last week, “They are so happy!”  Dad is working from home and mom the school teacher is not stressed throughout the day.  I also watched a family out walking together in the neighborhood with one in a stroller and one on a bike, and they were laughing. 

Though tragedy is encircling us like a vulture, the pulling back and focusing on what matters will have overwhelming positive results.  Take time to look for the silver linings…be hopeful,..stay safe…and 


BREAKING NEWS.…Fashion designers Christian Siriano and Nancy Volpe Beringer are spearheading a movement of designers and seamstresses around the country making medical masks.  Nancy was on Instagram last night teaching a live online lesson and has the pattern to share with anyone interested in joining in.  Check her out on IG.  And a big thank you to all who participate in helping with solutions!

Today’s slideshow was curated with the new needs some of us may have in working from home…or spending more time at home…enjoy…

By Pamela Lutrell

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