Spring Beauty Renewal for Women over 50: Beauty on the inside and the outside

Pamela Lutrell on Springtime 2020

This week we have discussed ideas for a spring renewal for women over 50.  Ways to just shake off winter and wear some sunshine.  Sometimes we want to go as far as trying a new hairstyle or as simple as a new outfit, but there are so many ways we can refresh ourselves after the warmth begins to hang around for a while. Yesterday in San Antonio, temps where in the upper 80s and felt more like summer!  But, the weather is changing for certain.

Over 50 Feeling 40 recommends Chamonix Skincare


Most of you know how much I love Chamonix skincare and especially love it when someone is surprised that I am 66.  Well, Chamonix has tailor made a new product for women like me who love to smile!  It’s the new Genucel Face Serum for Laugh Lines & Mouth Lines.  It is a very smooth and silky serum that relaxes those lines in minutes.  I have been using it right before I take pictures and love it…as I do all of their all natural, plant based products.  Make sure you check them out.  I have used this line exclusively for over a year and cannot believe how great my complexion looks.

Pamela Lutrell for Chamonix Skincare Products


Pamela Lutrell for spring renewal beauty products


I looked at my legs in yesterday’s picture and just shook my head at how pasty white they get over the wintertime.  So, it is time to do a little arm & leg touch-up.  I will start with (shaving the legs), exfoliating arms and legs, and then adding the Jergens Firming Tinted lotion.  I really like the way my skin color responds to this one.  I need to start this soon.…BTW, this particular scrub smells pretty!


Pamela Lutrell for Goli Gummies


Both my husband and I are really liking our GOLI chewy, Apple Cider Vinegar supplements.  It is a good time to shore up our defenses and immune systems, but I do know that Apple Cider Vinegar helps digestion, our complexions, weight reduction, body detoxification, heart health and energy levels.  Who wouldn’t want more of that!  We do feel like they are making a difference and they taste so good.  I also saw that GOLI was featured on Ellen the other day, so it is beginning to be noticed by many as the best way to take advantage of Apple Cider Vinegar (which does taste nasty!).  You can read my first post HERE, and the discount code for my audiences is still in effect, so use it at checkout!.  



I recently came home from a long day’s work to find this wonderful surprise package from REALHER cosmetics. REALHER makeup can be found at Macys, Neiman Marcus, Amazon, HSN, and specialty boutiques.  Not only are they dedicated to the best ingredients, and beautiful textures, they also believe in the power of affirmations, so each package includes an affirmation used as the product name.  Also, their “I Am Tough” liquid lipstick has been declared one of the top 10 vegan red lipsticks on the market. I really like the “Do Your Squats” eyeshadow palette which is mostly browns and bronze colors (would look stunning with blue eyes) and the one REALHER product I am using every day now is the Highlighter…I love to use a fan brush and put it at the top of my cheeks for a youthful glow…I was actually out of my other face highlighter and this arrived at the perfect time!  Here are these two products at Macy’s. 


Over 50 Feeling 40 Advantages of Home

For some reason, when I was a young girl, I loved to  look at houses at dawn and dusk with lights on inside.  Somehow, imagining the warmth of a home and a happy family brought me comfort.  I guess it is because my child hood home was chaos and constant friction. But, since I left there, home has been precious to me.  I love the line of the Beatles song from A Hard Day’s Night…, “When I’m home, everything seems to be right….”  I also love paintings like Thomas Kinkade’s where lights are shining in beautiful home and cottage windows.

I say this because if I were to officially be quarantined at home, it would be a blessing to me.  We lead such busy lives …constant coming and going…that I would love some time to just be home and be at peace.  This is why I envy those of you who are retired and able to fully experience the joy of home.  I hate to see so many complain about recommendations for older Americans to spend more time at home right now…stay off cruises…stay out of crowds.  These suggestions are only for your protection, but perhaps the idea of slowing down and enjoying home is not such a bad one. We constantly run and run. 

Discontentment and complaining….and even worrying…that is so evident right now at the time of this virus will only hurt you from the inside out.  Find ways to experience joy, one day at a time, no matter your situation.  You will stay healthier that way too.

Style Inspiration for Marcia, Marcia, Marcia

Time to hopefully put a spring in Marcia’s step and provide another reader with some style inspiration for her spring wardrobe.  Marcia wants to tell the world that she is chic, classic, structured, cool and calm.  I have to confess that this one was a bit of a challenge…but as always, challenge accepted.  I hope the slideshow will inspire Marcia and women like her!



By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  There were products within this post donated to me for review, and the words are my own.


  1. Such a great slide show, and I can relate to Marcia’s adjectives! Thank you for the tips on the make up products. I would like to try the highlighter for the glow – haven’t used that but would like to give it a go. I use the Jergens too, and this year I’m not so sure since I spend hours in the pool. I’ve had negative experiences with self-tanning products in water, turns legs and arms VERY blotchy and it’s very noticeable. I might just be content with what little color I get from being out in the summer and let it go at that. Sad to say, because I really do like that product.

  2. Upper 80’s! I can see why you can see the urgency to get rid of the pasty winter whites.
    ha! Your skincare line seems to be working very well for you. You do have lovely skin.
    I spotted the bee espadrilles in the slideshow. Hmm, those might have to come and live in my closet. The Urban Farmer and I are in our seventies and are taking to heart the admonition for folks over seventy to stay home. Our local grocery stores will deliver so there is no need for us to go after food. We are both homebodies and have plenty of projects to work on, ebooks to read, and with BritBox and Acorn TV, we are well entertained. Gardening season will begin soon, which will be a joy after the winter. Take care, my friend.

  3. I think people forget that not all over 60’s have lovely or even safe homes for a quarantine. Others must use lengthy bus rides for medical visits or to purchase necessities that will expose them to many people. Our town is still trying to decide what to do about our homeless shelter and soup kitchen that both serve many elders. This is a difficult time for the poor that we should not forget.

  4. Pam,

    Your skin and hair look fabulous. I have been concerned about folks that do not have the means to sequester themselves. What is happening to them? They probably don’t have internet access either. We need to care for each other, not just during this potential pandemic, but always.

    After your last recommendation of Goli, I ordered some and they taste fantastic. It makes it easy to take apple cider vinegar, and they taste like candy.

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