Pamela Lutrell with What Should I Wear?

Welcome to What Should I Wear? a regular feature here on Wednesdays for women over 50.  It just seemed perfect since we have been discussing thrift and consignment shopping for a couple of days to discuss what I wear when I go on these outings.  If I am purposeful to decide what to wear, then I will stay out longer and have better success. Then, below I have style inspiration for those of you who are tall!


Pamela Lutrell for Goodwill San Antonio

This is a typical outfit I might put on for going by the Goodwill San Antonio locations I like best.  This jacket is actually a Goodwill San Antonio treasure from last year and has an understated animal print design, so, of course, it is as if it was brand new on the market with today’s trends so heavily focused on animal print.  My key considerations for thrift shopping are:

  1. Comfort – I want to be comfortable.  My clothing should not be too tight, but fit just right and not be too hot.  I work hard when I thrift shop and I can easily get overheated.
  2. Understated – I do not want to draw attention to me.  I am there to shop, find treasures, and get good deals. I am not there to stand out.

Pamela Lutrell in comfort shoes for thrift shopping

3. Comfortable, slip on shoes – these should be a comfort shoe for lots of walking, but slip on and off easily in the dressing rooms.  (These Nurture shoes from Dillards work very nicely)

4. Hands Free Shopping – I either want a crossbody bag or my Baggalini wristlet so that I am hands free and can do more.  Also, I do not want to worry about walking away from the shopping cart with handbag in it.  I am using my wristlet more and more lately…so easy when I do not need a lot.

Pamela Lutrell with Baggalini wristlet

5. NOTE:  I do want to fix my hair and makeup.  When I try on clothing it just helps me to get the best picture when I am made up. Also, I am more confident about smiling and enjoying the other shoppers and helps.  I want to look bright and put together so my personality shines through.

6. FINAL NOTE:  Now, I am using hand sanitizer going in and leaving.  Before the coronavirus, I always washed and cleaned what I buy at Goodwill San Antonio or even consignment.  Sometimes I send special pieces to the dry cleaner.

If I take the time to carefully consider what I am wearing, then my trip will be longer and more successful.  I come home with a smile on my face afterwards!


Let’s help another reader with encouragement and inspiration so she can go out each day feeling her very best.  Lois wants everyone she meets to know that she is classic, preppy, colorful, modern, and put together. Also, I took Into consideration that Lois Is tall.  I have curated the slideshow below in order to give Lois and women like her some ideas and inspiration.  I hope it helps, Lois!



By Pamela Lutrell


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