Pamela Lutrell transitions to spring 2020 in neutrals

We already know that Spring 2020 fashions for women over 50 will include neutrals and the soft neutrals I have seen are really beautiful.  Now, except for the handbag (more about it later) this whole outfit has been in my wardrobe for a while, but the soft taupe-like browns will be big this spring.  I think the word neutral in fashion is a funny one.  Oh, I know that they are the colors that go with literally anything, but the word neutral has one meaning that is “having no strong markings or positive characteristics or features.”  I happen to think when it comes to wearing neutrals that the message they send is one of STRENGTH and POSITIVITY!  That is why wearing neutrals often, especially to work, is a big part of my personal style story.

However, wearing neutral styles does not mean boring……………au contraire.

Back to Dillards

Pamela Lutrell in Niche Top at Dillards 2020

Isn’t this top cute?  It is by our local fashion line, Niche, and I found it at Dillards in the Shops of La Cantera.  I should have showed it to you with the scarf…I just loved it with a scarf and if I had brought it home with me, I would wear it with slim leg pants.  Niche is a colorful clothing line (after all, they live in San Antonio, one of the most colorful cities), but the Spring 2020 collection has beautiful soft neutrals in the designs.

Pam Lutrell in White Tunic by Niche at Dillards

Pamela Lutrell in Spring 2020 styles by Niche at Dillards in The Shops of La Cantera

There is one more line I want to share with you and they are called Nic & Zoe (named after the designer’s children).  They formally were offered at Nordstrom, but now are with Dillards.  I love the top I am wearing below, but this collection does run small…so I really needed a tad bit more room in this X- Large, but I love the neutral artistic design of the top.

Pamela Lutrell wears Nick & Zoe at Dillards


Pamela Lutrell reviews Gunas handbag

This gorgeous bag is from the hot new line of vegan leather handbags by Gunas New York.   

They asked if they could send a bag my way to share with you and I am so glad I did, because the bag is beautiful.  They have all types and sizes on their website, and the quality of the vegan leather is lovely and very soft, not stiff at all.  This bag is called Naomi. 

More news yesterday from Gunas is that the handbags will now be sold at Macy’s in Herald Square and soon to be sold on Macy’  Watch for them there…I just do not know exactly when that will be.

Over 50 Feeling 40 for Gunas Handbags

How do the neutral lovers in our audience of readers wear them best for warmer weather?  Do you change up anything?  Do you like the soft taupe version of brown for springtime?  Please share and then enjoy our slideshow today. I curated styled with the softer neutrals in mind!

Oscar Wilde is quoted as saying, “A flower blossoms for its own joy.”  Remember that as the spring flowers begin to bloom and as always…………….


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was gifted the bag, but the words are my own.


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