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Over 50 Feeling 40 with Morning News

Good Morning!  I am so, so happy it is Friday and time for Today’s News for Women over 50!  There are many news stories out there about subjects that concern us, such as coronavirus and the elections, but I try to keep this a bit more personal and even fun.  I am assuming that you are following stories about coronavirus and know to look often at the CDC Updates on COVID-19.  Please do this especially if you are going to travel…anywhere.  This virus is deadly to those 50+.  So, please keep informed.  Our city had a scare last week and the local grocery sold out of hand sanitizer!  It doesn’t hurt to have a couple of extras on hand.  Also remember, if you ever read anything here that makes you want to change something in your personal good health habits, please discuss it with your doctor first…another opinion is always prudent.

I had so many stories for you this week, that I held back a few.  I do have a good health one…but I wanted to begin the day with a little fun!


Pamela Lutrell discusses the Bachelor for Senior Citizens

Have you heard that the creators of The Bachelor are considering a sequel for senior citizens?  I know, maybe they are desperate for new material.  But I found this article in USA Today to have an insightful take on it.  Read A ‘BACHELOR’ FOR SENIORS IS IN THE WORKS FOR ABC.  HERE’S WHY THAT’S A FANTASTIC IDEA.  Then tell us would you watch it…would you or someone you know be perfect for it?


Over 50 Feeling 40 Today's News

When over 50, are we past learning new habits, like……rising earlier?  I am trying to make registering my blood pressure a part of my daily routine, so this article captured my attention.  If you have some changes to make, you might read THE EASIEST WAY TO FORM A NEW HABIT: NO WILLPOWER, MOTIVATION OR EFFORT REQUIRED from Inc.


Shared on Today's News for Women over 50

I know this is from my hometown newspaper, The San Antonio Express-News, but I found this lovely lady to be so inspirational that I wanted to share her story of nonprofit work with you.  Please enjoy SAN ANTONIO WOMAN FINDS COMMON THREAD OF PURPOSE AS HEAD SEAMSTRESS OF SOUTH SIDE NONPROFIT.


Pamela Lutrell discusses bearing fruit

Just about everyone is popping mass quantities of Vitamin C in an effort to keep COVID-19 away….but is that a good idea?  I saw this article in The Ladders and thought it was a good read for us.  Read THE SURPRISING TRUTH ABOUT VITAMIN C.


Pamela Lutrell shares news for women over 50 on brain development

I suspect that many of you have already done this, but I believe this article is true….PICKING UP A HOBBY MAY SAVE YOUR BRAIN LATER IN LIFE.  If you believe this to be true, then please share why and if you are looking to start a new hobby, tell us what it is!


Two important things to remember about tomorrow are

  1. It is WOULD YOU WEAR IT day with me and my friend Jennifer
  2. It is sadly the day many of us spring our clocks forward before we go to bed and lose an hour of sleep.  This is getting harder and harder for me and will affect my state of mind next week.  Sigh?  I am one of those in favor of passing a bill in Texas to leave the clocks alone!

Of course, I have a slideshow for you….it’s almost spring and so let’s see many ways we can bloom.  Comment, enjoy and


By Pamela Lutrell



  1. Thank you for including plus size items in your slideshow! I am enjoying my Sheec socks and will be ordering more options. With spring and summer close at hand, I’ll ditch my trouser socks for the Sheec no show socks. I am so glad I found your site to follow on Facebook. I am enjoying it immensely! Thanks for all you do for the “over 60” crowd.

  2. I am attempting to teach myself sign language, in reference to the new hobby. It’s not really what I’d consider a hobby, but something to keep my brain working and it has benefits of it’s own (learning this language does). I also paint, and while I haven’t found EXTRA time for that, I do enjoy it. It’s so important to keep our brains challenged. Not to sound like a broken record, but I’ve seen what happens when we don’t do this. The Bachelor, not for me. I have never watched the other one, don’t watch network t.v., so I’d pass on that. Interesting article about vitamin C! The time change bothers me too Pam. I typically set the clocks ahead about 7 p.m. and just go on as though that’s the real time. It actually helps a little and I’m in bed earlier and don’t feel deprived as much in the days that follow. I wish they’d just do away with these time changes though!

  3. For those of us over 50, at some point we may have to isolate ourselves at home to avoid any contact with someone who may be contagious and not know. I do not believe any information coming out of DC anymore regarding this virus. It’s been politicized which will harm people.

    As far as major network TV, I don’t watch what is now considered ‘entertainment’. It’s all trash in my never humble opinion and I certainly would not watch the senior edition of a show I have never watched. I do have one television ‘sin’ that I have watched since the very first show in 1973 – “The Young and the Restless” soap. I don’t watch daily, you can miss months and still keep up. I prefer the old black and white movies on TCM that have actual plots. When I’m in line at the grocery store and look at the magazine racks, I usually have no clue who are on the covers.

    I’ll be moving up to Santa Cruz in the coming year where my best friend has 30 acres in an old growth redwood grove. There is a meadow with plenty of sun so I’m going to attempt to grow and preserve food. It’s going to take a lot of research on my part, and having food that I know there were no toxic chemicals introduced is a huge bonus. Packing up my home is not something I’m looking forward to but it’s a good way to eliminate stuff.

    I take hands full of vitamins everyday, and I have since my early 20s. The naturopathic doctor I use recommends them and has stated numerous times that the FDA requirements for most nutrients are way too low. I think they have helped me as I do not have any joint aches, bone thinning or any of the age related conditions at all. More than 1,000 ML of vitamin C will cause intestinal distress if you have not increased the dosage gradually.

    The time change is ridiculous. My dog hates the ‘fall behind’ time change because he thinks his dinner is an hour late. If I remember, I start a couple of weeks ahead of the change by moving his dinner time up a few minutes each day, so when I do change the clocks he won’t lay on the floor whining that he’s starving to death. Spring ahead is not a problem as he thinks he’s being fed early. Wasn’t the time change originally for farmers so they wouldn’t have to work in the dark in the early morning? Later I head it was for kids walking to school so they wouldn’t have to walk in the dark, but I haven’t seen a kid walk to school in a long time.

  4. Nice bundle of articles today! I loved the story of your local seamstress. She reminds me of many friends I have both in Mexico and up here in Oregon but from Latin countries – hard working, grounded, and clearly enjoying the process of crafting something useful and beautiful, and social ties work provides, above and beyond the financial benefits. As to hobbies, I am a pianist. As such I have had a lifetime of joyful experiences come from that passion: playing in a couple of jazz groups, playing at church and for weddings, and funerals, and in my forties and fifties teaching piano in my home. I held regular recitals and would set up games and parties in the summer and at holidays to excite the kids and keep families engaged. I also attend as many concerts as possible, and live for the outdoor summer concert season! New on my horizon is to learn to play the ukulele I purchased three years ago. I want to go to summer Ukulele Camp! (How fun is that?!!!) I also love languages. As a Spanish teacher I have explored cultures and foods, music, beautiful and exotic places. Out of that love of learning and exploration, I also studied Japanese and traveled extensively through Japan one summer. I took up Italian through a community college course in my forties, and regularly practice with a c.d. in my car . . .just waiting for that dreamed-of trip of a lifetime to Italy! Now in my late fifties, I have taken up tending goats and living life on a small ranch as well. If I’m ever bored, I also really enjoy solving those puzzles in the published mystery and puzzles books. 🤷‍♀️

  5. Like a few have already posted, I rarely watch ‘regular’ TV any more – so I’m definitely a No on the Bachelor. And since I have SAD, I vote for keeping the clocks ahead year round 😎.

    I think anything we can do to engage our brain and thought process will benefit us. Reading, puzzles etc.. I think human interaction is so important and as a senior, I know a lot of us are isolated to some extent.

    Thank you for your posts – I look forward each day to what insight you are sharing!

  6. I have to reply to Cathy who says she doesn’t believe anything coming out of DC anymore about the virus. I have a many friends and acquaintances from church, school, college – even my ex-DIL- who work for NIH or CDC, and they are all heartsick that the message from the top levels of our government is dismissive and contradictory twoards the disciplined work they do researching and tracking public health threats. I’m sure it’s how teachers feel when someone who has never set foot in a classroom spouts off about why kids are or aren’t learning.
    While the message you might see in 20 second soundbites is suspect, your local Public Health Department is the place to trust. They are interested in keeping our communities safe and disease free. Most have plans in place and are hooked into the flow of sound information about fighting infectious disease. My local government has been sending emails and set up a web site to let us know how things are going in our community, and I am following their advice.

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