Leggings & Kimonos: My Work-from-Home Uniform

How to Work from home in style on over 50 feeling 40

It appears I have developed a true work-from-home uniform over the time of the pandemic. My favorite looks have all been with kimonos, leggings and a slimming column of black underneath. It is comfortable, stylish and very me.

Midnight Bakery kimono on Over 50 Feeling 40

I noticed in the comments on Saturday during WOULD YOU WEAR IT that several ladies wrote…this is me or this is my uniform.  Which made me think…what is my uniform now?  Since mid-March, I have been home working both of my jobs and it was  easy to pinpoint what my favorite looks have been. I feel so confident in a look like this, that I could run out for lunch or errands and be perfectly fine…as long as there is a mask over my face to top off the look.

Nordstrom Rack brand on over 50 feeling 40

This is my latest kimono purchase from Nordstrom Rack.  I was drawn in by the colors…especially my favorite color purple.  I like it so much that I noted the brand, Midnight Bakery, so I could watch for it again.  This is one of the very few ways I will wear floral. Someone asked if I wear accessories when I am working from home…and that would be a resounding YES!  I am still meeting with others in online meetings almost every day and I always complete outfits…unless it is a stay -under -a -blanket -with- a -book -rain- day!  Don’t forget all of the myriad of purposes kimonos serve…over sleeveless dresses for events, as swim coverups, and lightweight summer wraps.



BZEES on Over 50 Feeling 40

Also, today, I am showing you another pair of BZEES, comfort, washable shoes.   I realized my need for washable shoes last week when grandchildren were in town and playing in the water and mud.  Grandmothers need washable shoes in the summer…just a necessity with boys who love mud.

This is my favorite pair of BZEES so far.  It is the Remix Slip On and is currently on sale in three colors.   They are exceptionally comfortable and look great with styles like I am wearing today. I took this image of a closeup of the padding within the shoes and hope that you can see it. I am very impressed with this shoe and though I have not attempted long walks in it yet, I feel confident that I will. 

BZEES Remix Flats on Over 50 Feeling 40


Beauty of a thorny cactus on Over 50 Feeling 40

Keep this in mind…before this beautiful cactus flower blooms, the thorny cactus is not that attractive! Now, I know…I know…my hair is a mess.  Good news is that I have an appointment.  Bad news is the appointment is still two weeks away, May 30.  I promised loyalty to my stylist and that is why I am hanging in there.  I was not going to post an image shot until I had my hair done, then I found out the appointment could not be earlier.  So here I am…great clothes…crazy hair.  If you had told me that I would be posting on my blog with my skunk line showing at the top of my head, I would’ve told you that you are nuts!  Oh well, never day never.

Would anyone else like to discuss your “uniform?”  What is it and how did it become that way.  Working from home has had a definite impact on my choice of clothing lately.  How about you?

This is the week of Memorial Day Shopping.  Our malls in San Antonio were active over the weekend with socially responsible people getting out and shopping again!  For those who still want to shop online, here is another Fabulous Find Slideshow!  Love you guys….



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By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was gifted product for this post, but the words are my own.


  1. That’s a beautiful kimono! I like the abstract flowers and how it looks so polished, yet I’m sure is very comfortable! I like your hair Pam, just have to say. I like longer bobs with layers. I guess when we feel a certain way about our hair, we think it must be noticeable to others, but in our “anything goes” hair culture, if you didn’t say something about it, I’d never know you weren’t going for this particular look. Our salons opened Friday, but with the backlog of appointments needing to be scheduled, my stylist scheduled me for June 11, but I’m just glad to have one on the books! It’s interesting about “uniforms,” and that can be such an easy way to pull outfits together when we have a uniform style. The column of color always works, and kimonos are the perfect way to add interest and color!

  2. Hi Karen, I like the longer bob as well and think it will work when I get the conditioning treatment. Right now it is too out of control for the high humidity I live in. Thanks so much.

  3. I guess we have similar styles! I recently purchased three of the items in your slide show today. The Tina Turk kimono, the DR2 kimono and the mostly black and white abstract blouse. My favorite is the Sunset color DR2 kimono. I can’t wait to wear it but who knows how long that will be. My “At-Home” uniform is almost always a long knit top or tunic with leggings or slim pants, jeans or capris. I am a busy person and do a lot of moving around. A kimono would not work for me at home. I did not notice your hair color line in your pics. It blends well for the camera! There are some sprays that work great for that.

  4. My salon opened last Tuesday. Boy was I glad to get a haircut,mani and pedi done!Felt great. Had done all my maintanence chores right before all this shut down happened ,so was really ready!
    Now about the stay at home uniform! What do you recommend for the woman who is not working at home. I try to get up and get dressed,usually jeans and a shirt, but then find someday I am staying in my house coat all day. (Sloppy me) and am very comfy. But do not want to get too comfy and keep doing this.Especially after everything opens up. The kimonas are fine, but we get so warm in NE Fla that the extra layer sometimes is too much. Suggestions, please..

  5. Thanks Jan! You made some great selections. I have been using powder and spray for so long that I think I am just done with it. I actually had a little rash reaction on my temples to one of the sprays. Just trying to hang on two more weeks!

  6. I bet it felt great, Susan, to get all of that done. I personally believe that if you shower, brush your hair, and put on some makeup that it doesn’t matter really what you have on as long as it is something that YOU feel confident wearing. I wore some walking shorts and a top over the weekend…simple, casual, but I felt good and put together. The house coat syndrome will destroy your energy levels and confidence so it I really recommend that it only be an exception and not a rule. I will think of some other ways to help you…and do a blog post on it!

  7. You look great in your kimonos. I really want to try one.
    As for our hair situation, don’t fret. You had a reaction to the sprays. Well, I became allergic to the dark hair dye after years of coloring my hair! Panic set in, but the reality was that last fall I decided enough was enough. I am loving my silver hair. But I do need a hair cut!!

  8. Pam I love the bob silhouette of your hair! Not sure if it is just a hair cycle, but I am loving hair color that is more tonal with less streaks of highlighting. Here in CA we are opening slowly. No beauty salons yet.

  9. Pam, I had to look back at your first pictures in order to see your “skunk” hair. I always smile at your beautiful, friendly smile every day you post, and did not notice your hair. But did notice your purple kimono since that’s my favorite color too. I do like to wear them as my third piece, and like to cover my arms. As a retired school teacher, I’m most comfortable now in my jeans and long sleeved tee shirts. Rarely need dressy clothes any more although I do try to dress up a bit even if going to the grocery store wearing my mask. Thinking about making some masks that coordinate with my favorite tops.

  10. Pictures tell a different tale of your hair. It looks purposeful & a bit sassy! No thunderbolts or racing stripes showing anywhere.

    Found I’ve migrated to a quite comfortable uniform. Colour-on-colour pencil skirt or skorts with jersey top, & either gauzy kimono or poncho style layer.

    Usually take toppers off while doing chores… not always. Provide nice sun protection when outdoors. I tie them into a waist knot when crawling around on the ground, TeeHee! Skorts FTW there.

  11. I have to walk my dog so getting dressed is a routine part of my day. I always apply skincare. I’m retired but I typically have several Zoom calls a week. I have a Board meeting via Zoom at 2 today, so this morning I put on makeup and choose pretty earrings. Today I’m wearing a t-shirt style tunic over ankle-length denim leggings. I like variety so I have several “uniforms” for spring/summer. I usually wear T-tops and jean skirts, tunics with leggings, and shift style casual dresses. I like the look of your kimonos and if I find one I like that’s a good price per wear, I’ll get one to dress up my casual tops.

  12. I am sure I will reach my day where I believe that…for now I am hanging in with my color. Thanks so much Carolyn!

  13. Thanks Suzi. I need to shape it up, and smooth it out with my conditioning treatment the salon does on my hair. Not sure what I will do with my color just yet, but I appreciate your thoughts.

  14. Love the idea of the coordinating masks, Celia. I think every one is dressing a bit down lately. Glad I have the Video Conferences to keep me on my toes!

  15. So funny you called my hair, sassy, Beverly. That is why my husband currently likes about it. I am going to talk with my stylist about keeping a little sass! Thanks!

  16. I think it is great, Nancy, that we have zoom meetings and puppies to keep us accountable to look out best each day. That accountability is so important….I guess we could also call it motivation.

  17. OK, so I have a daft question! I love black, it looks good on me & I wear it a lot — when I’m out. At home I never wear it for one simple reason: we have a cat who’s a classic tortie: glossy black, bright white, cream, vivid orange. When I wear black, every single one of those colours shows up on whatever I’m wearing like neon. Not just that, but she’s a cuddler & a Velcro-like lap cat, so it’s not like I can avoid her. I brush her daily & vacuum the furniture regularly, but it doesn’t help. So I wear blue denim or grey at home to hide the cat fur. I think you said in a post a while ago that you have a cat — so how do you manage to keep your black garments looking so pristine? Hardly an earth-shaking problem, but . . . .

  18. I hope this doesn’t sound horrible, but my cat likes males. She cuddles with my husband and son….rarely me. It seems when she does want in my lap I am always in my PJs or a couple of caftans I relax in. Also I am constantly going, so I don’t slow down enough to have her in my lap. But I understand your issue!

  19. Pamela,
    I am new to your blog and love the down-to-earth feel!
    I am a 62yo, full-sized woman. Will kimono cover-ups work for me?

  20. Welcome, Karen! So happy to have you join in the fun! As a full sized woman, I love kimonos. They meet my desire to communicate with my style that I am creative and approachable. I like how I feel put together in summer heat with a lightweight kimono and often they are flattering. It does help to learn the styles that fit and flatter you best. Some my be way too oversized and actually make you look larger, but the right size and fit will flatter your figure…especially with a column of a complimenting color underneath. Sometimes I size down in kimonos. It does help to read the comments when available from others who have purchased the garments…most are very good to say if it runs large or small. Let me know if you have other questions. So glad to have you here.

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