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Time for today’s news headlines, curated just for you….the dynamic, intelligent, active women over 50.  I spend time reading several publications…actually a lot of publications searching for headlines I believe will be of interest to you and hopefully helpful with your life. Of course, there are a few related to our current “pandemic” life but I found a few others as well.


Dress for Success on over 50 feeling 40

What would you say are the signs you give out to let others know you are intelligent?  I was not surprised to find fashion…sort of…on the list of 12 LITTLE THINGS THAT TELL PEOPLE HOW INTELLIGENT YOU ARE from the Ladders.com.    If you think something is left off the list, mention it below!


Shopping Safety Measures on Over 50 Feeling 40

Speaking of fashion, have you been to the mall yet?  Many places have returned to business, though there are protective restrictions.  From Good Morning America on ABC, read SHOPPING POST PANDEMIC: MACY’S, ULTA BEAUTY, GAP, AND MORE PREP TO REOPEN WITH NEW SAFETY MEASURES.  If you have been shopping, please share your experience here.  


New elder care after COVID19 on Over 50 Feeling 40

One place changes needed to happen were elder care, residential halls!  So, sad about the loved ones lost.  AARP shares this critical information for those looking for a home for a loved one.  Read 5 QUESTIONS TO ASK ASSISTED LIVING FACILITIES DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC.


Social Security News on Over 50 Feeling 40


Everyone is concerned about finances right now and many think we literally are down to the piggy bank.  CNBC shared an article on our Social Security.  Read HOW MUCH YOU CAN EXPECT TO GET FROM SOCIAL SECURITY OF YOU MAKE $60,000 A YEAR.


Growing vegetables on Over 50 Feeling 40

I have said it before, many are turning to gardening for the first time in order to provide more food security.  For the novices, there is a lot to learn.  For some additional information from Family Handy Man, read DON’T GROW THESE VEGETABLES NEXT TO EACH OTHER.


how to roast potatoes on over 50 feeling 40

In the last post of Today’s News for Women Over 50, I included an article which told us that potatoes are good to eat if you tend toward high blood pressure.  Well, today from First for Women, actress Emily Blunt (loved her in Devil Wear Prada) shares her popular trick for no-fail roasted potatoes.  Read THIS 5-SECOND TRICK WILL GIVE YOU PERFECTLY CRISPY ROASTED POTATOES.  Has anyone else tried this….care to share?


Artificial Sweetener news on Over 50 Feeling 40

Finally, here is another one of those reminders that is always good to have…though many of us have heard it already…it is easy to slip into bad habits.  From She Finds, read THE ONE COFFEE SWEETENER YOU SHOULD NEVER USE BECAUSE IT LEADS TO IMMEDIATE WEIGHT GAIN….and we don’t need that.

I hope you found something here that gave you important information.  Please comment on one or all of these articles.  In today’s Fabulous Find slideshow, I am celebrating warm weather shoes, full of comfort, color and run.  Thanks for being here and make sure you



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