The Weekly Journal: Family, Flowers, and Too Much Food!

Over 50 Feeling 40 Fridays with wine

Happy Friday, everyone!  It has been a crazy week, so I am happy to wind down this afternoon with a glass of wine.  The week had many blessings with family, flower and rain.  But, I am about to go through another confession in the food area.  Let me sum It up here with the words, I am a mess!

Over 50 Feeling 40 with sons

This week during pandemic time actually included a family gathering on Mother’s Day.  Of course, it wasn’t the entire family, but it was a blessing and so good to get some hugging in again.  These are my two sons. 



 I took some time off this week to enjoy my three grandsons and my daughter who came in for a short visit.  They were here during the Thunderbirds flyover and we thought that was mega-cool!  We watched a couple of videos on the Thunderbirds and stood in the right spot to get a good view of the flyover.  We even met an older man while social distancing at this location who was a parachute soldier during Vietnam.  He was very excited about the flyover.  Everyone was following rules, but we still all shouted and clapped together.  As these types of events begin to happen again, it is so nice to remember what our lives were like only a short time ago.  This week we have played with and enjoyed all five of the grandchildren…it was wonderful…and exhausting.



My Mother’s Day gift from Mr. B was a side of the yard planted with Plumbego and yellow hibiscus.  Plumbego are actually bushes from South Africa, so they do very well in the South Texas heat.  They are known to thrive in it.  Just after a hard two days of planting, we received two days of good rain and there is more forecast for this weekend.  So, I am expecting these plants to flourish.  We have more to do, but it was nice to get started.  I added several pots of begonias last week and  love all of the color popping up in our backyard.


 Long time readers will go through these words and say….This Woman Has No Will Power!  You would be right.  I have been working to change my eating habits for years.  I go up….and I go down…and up and down.  I have been on most diets…lost a lot and gained it all back.  Prior to the stay at home edict, I was losing, slow and steady.  Eating properly and exercising at my gym.  The first month of the pandemic was controllable.  But, then Mr. B and I started enjoying ourselves!  We wanted to support our favorite local restaurants.  The food was so good that we began supporting them….often! 

I like to eat early, and Mr. B likes to eat late.  So, I began to eat these meals with him later and later.  All this said, I have gained nine pounds, my blood pressure is up again!  It was the blood pressure that made me pay attention and get on the scales…since I hate the scales.

What is crazy is that I have gained weight but lost some inches!  That began to happen when I started taking GOLI APPLE CIDER (see below) and carrying the 20 -pound kettle bell up and down the stairs.  Once I weighed….I really looked at myself in my images and sure enough…I look larger in my face.

Like I have told you sooooooooooo many times, I am starting from scratch again. I still do not know when my gym is opening, but I hope it will be next week.  It is a great idea to support the local eateries.  I just caution you not to over indulge.  (We have had some great meals though and please don’t remind me of the recent incident with scones!)


Finally, I did get my manicure and pedicure done and it felt great.  It was in a completely safe situation…almost too much bleach in the place, but I was first in the door on Saturday and it is a very small salon.  But, my hair will not be done until May 30 because that salon is in a large gym.  Never occurred to me that one day that would be a problem.  I have pledged to support my stylist, so I am waiting, but things are not pretty!

Thank you for all of the wonderful comments this past week.  I apologize that busyness with the grandsons and work kept me from replying to all of the comments.  You guys are the best. 

Memorial Day sales are beginning, so I have made fun selections below for the Fabulous Finds Slideshow!  Tomorrow is another Would You Wear It with me and Jennifer….see you then…make sure you



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By Pamela Lutrell


  1. First of all, and most importantly, the pictures! Your sons, your grandchildren…wonderful blessings. The time you got to spend with them….wonderful blessing. Such a great Mother’s Day gift from Mr. B! I’m sure your yard looks lovely, and the plants are going to be so happy with the rain and heat! There are so many good things going on that you write about. You have had fun during this stay-at-home, and really, those memories of this time are going to be special to you for years to come. Your café in your kitchen, the breakfasts that Mr. B made…changes you made to your routine that you want to continue. Really a lot here that is positive. Weight at our age is kind of a weird thing. I read yesterday that our gyms are permitted to open May 26. Whether they will or not is another thing, but I’m hoping now it will come soon even if it’s the first of June. Like you, I’m anxious to get back. So you will be going back, and you will go from here, like we all will. I would never be one to say you have no willpower. Yesterday I got tired of how I’ve been eating lately and made pasta instead. I have never been one to deprive myself of certain foods because it backfires in my case, makes me crave them. Today it’s back to the current normal, but I enjoyed every bite of the pasta (and herb bread!) My sister and I have been supporting our favorite Italian coffee shop (marvelous bakery – ask me how I know! – gelato…) which has been how we treat ourselves during this time, plus we can sit in the car and chat. Believe me, I don’t get the standard black coffee, not with all the creative drinks they make! So I think you are in good company here. You will go back to the gym and soon you’ll be back where you want to be. I have found it distressing that I added long walks to my exercise routine that I’ve been keeping up with (it varies for variety but is still getting boring), I haven’t lost an ounce. Eating differently, no change in weight at all. I understand where you are coming from with the health reasons, because as we age we need to realize it gets harder to lose weight and maintain healthy numbers. We just need to look forward to when we get back to our more healthy lifestyles and not beat ourselves up for having a little fun. I think the fun has been very important during this time because it was really easy to get in the dumps over the way things have been. It’s a new day everyday! Enjoy unwinding this weekend!!

    1. At least I know for sure I am in good company. I just need to support the salad side of the local restaurants and get this back under control! Thanks Karen.

  2. Your grandchildren are precious and getting to spend some time with them and your children is such a blessing! I love the colors in your yard. I can’t wait to get some things planted here but we had a frost warning again this week so I’m holding off. I love the purple and yellow! It must be such a mood lifter to see the flowers popping in your yard!
    As for weight, what can we say? We’ve never been through anything like this and our responses are not to be judged. Trying to find some bright spots in our days, even if it’s a good meal that we didn’t have to prepare, is the most important thing we can do for ourselves. I initially lost 7lbs which was an eye opener for me about how much I snack at work. I am taking long walks which also helped. But as the weeks roll on, I’ve started baking a little and ordering some treats in with my grocery order. I’m slowly creeping back up and need to get a handle on it. The blood pressure is what is really the biggest concern. Now that you are aware, you’ll get in under control. You have a plan and you know how to stick with it. Don’t be hard on yourself! We’re all doing the best we can. You’ve done this before and you’ll do it again!
    Sit outside with your coffee, enjoy those beautiful flowers and have a relaxing weekend!!

    1. You are awesome, Linda. Thanks so much…I accept permission to sit outside and enjoy the flowers!

  3. Everybody gains some weight during vacation—-and you have been on ‘vacation’ from your usual routines/lifestyle. You’ll take care of it and other things once your normal pace is back in place. Focusing on it as a wrong instead of a correctable error will only make it (and your guilty feelings) worse. Relax and enjoy this “vacation” while it lasts until you get back to the old ways and habits, and yes……stresses.

  4. Really appreciate your candid comments. Almost everyone I know is facing this — we were losing or maintaining weight — had regular gym classes and even water aerobics. Pools may not be open where I live for a long time and even gyms. And yes, we seem to be baking more just to fill time!
    We do lots of walks, but a friend and I realized we haven’t used our weights. We are going to try bringing them on our social-distance walks, and maybe a video even though it’s not the same. You are a beautiful woman! Good luck. We also have supported takeouts, and will try to get more mindful eating. I do think we can’t be too hard on ourselves, and appreciate the blog!

  5. Beautiful family! Your smile says it all in the picture with your sons! I missing hugging!!! When we finally get back to church, it’s going to be hard to hold back … but of course, I will continue to “social distance” and be safe! We’ve done our part to “Support local businesses and restaurants”, too…. started my walking program again – for real – yesterday and am determined to get myself back on track! Thank the good Lord that the weather has opened up and we can get outside!!!! Have a wonderful weekend, Pam!

  6. Hey Pam! Have you considered that some of your weight gain may be due to an increase in muscle (muscle weighs more than fat) from lifting that 20 pound kettle bell? The fact that you’ve lost inches would be another indicator that you’re toning up and building muscle. When I started a weight training routine at the gym I noticed I was starting to gain weight but my clothes actually seemed to fit looser. I asked my trainer about it and she said I was gaining muscle weight which is a good thing! So maybe this isn’t all bad.

    1. I had not considered this! makes me feel a little better…at least until my doctor gets hold of me next week! Thanks Sonja!

  7. What handsome sons and beautiful grandchildren! You still look great Pam. We are often our worst critic. Life is always a series of beginning again and again.
    Enjoy your beautiful garden! It looks lovely 😊. What a blessing family is!

  8. Good Morning Pamela,

    I do not comment often but I read your blog first thing every morning.
    I can so relate to your weight gain the past few months. It has been very difficult for me as well. Just too many opportunities to snack and without the gym I am back to being very stiff upon getting hung up in the morning.
    Several counties have reopened in phase 1 here in OR, but not the larger counties in which we are a part of.
    We will all get there soon. How nice you got a pedi and mani, those and my cut/color will be first on the list but not until early June or later.
    Thank you for your words of wisdom and great ideas. Bless you!

  9. Good Morning! 🌼 I could absolutely sympathize with your feelings about backsliding a bit during these quarantine times. I had been doing so well since retiring last summer, hitting the gym and a variety of fun classes all fall and early winter. I had proudly lost eleven pounds and was feeling so good, in spite of several stressors with family’s health. While I have not been back on a scale (I use the one at the gym) I can tell by how I feel that I, too, have some work to do!! So you are not alone, dear Pam! On a lighter note, I also feel for your desperation to see the hair stylist again . . .however, over this past weekend while I was up north visiting my sons, I grabbed a box of haircolor from the store and took the scissors to my own hair after watching a youtube tutorial. It was a big risk, but I have to say it turned out rather nice, and I am enjoying the results very much!

    1. Thanks so much Connie! It appears that many of us are struggling with the weight issue during this time. I have promised my stylist that I will not touch my hair. The times I cut my bangs in the past were rather disastrous. Making it to the 30th is going to be fun! Glad yours turned out though.

  10. Thank you for sharing those pictures of your handsome sons and darling grandchildren! What a blessing you were able to spend time with them this week 😍 I so appreciate your honesty about your struggles with your weight, coming from someone who also struggles with that. It’s a never ending battle! 🙏🏻 Love your blog, thank you!

  11. Oh gosh, do I feel your pain! Almost everyone I know has gained a few pounds. I’ve gained 5. I have such a problem with diets. I’ve tried so many over the years. The pounds come off so slowly and come back so quickly, usually with friends.Then nobody wants to leave! I must have lost and gained back the same 10 pounds probably 50 times and each time with a few more.
    I watched a show on PBS not long ago about fat. A big part of the problem is that our bodies are not biologically programed to loose weight. It’s the opposite. We’re programed to gain, so we’re basically trying to outfox nature by dieting. As a friend once said, it takes surprisingly little to keep an adult human alive. About the only thing that works long term is eating less and that’s so hard when food tastes so delicious! It sounds so easy, but it’s really really hard. Again, one of nature’s tricks to see us through a famine.
    Be as happy as you can with your body. Think of how it’s taken such good care of you over the years. Think of what a marvelous machine it is! We do what we can, but it’s often not willpower, but biological programming we’re trying to overcome. I don’t know if that’s helpful, but you’ll get back to your routine soon and can celebrate small victories.
    Your family is lovely. I’m sure everyone’s spirits we’re lifted being together.

  12. Bahaha! Each evening I say to myself something like “I ate fried chicken, tater salad, and cake today, but the sun will come out tomorrow and then my diet starts for real.” Both grown daughters came home to quarantine with us. It’s been so wonderful, but cooking here in South Carolina is how we express love .
    Hubby went to the doctor two days ago and it was a true slap to hear that he gained 22 lbs in 90 days. Suddenly he’s pre- diabetic because I was serving up 3 squares and snacks! Baked chicken and steamed broccoli tonight 😳
    Your boys are so handsome! Beautiful grandsons! And you still are so pretty; any weight gained isn’t apparent.

  13. Miss Pam! *gasp*swoon* Hush your mouth. We’ve gained soft, plush, huggable, womanly essence during this Season. Our time for transmuting lipid to lean returns with a Season *grin*.

    Loved seeing the photos of your sons & grand babies. They sparked such joy in my heart! Your family is beautiful, thank you for sharing. And, excited to see garden pix soon.

  14. Just the opposite for me! We usually go out every day for an early lunch, usually eat half & have the rest for dinner. Now we’re cooking at home & I’ve gained 6 pounds. I also found Nutella which I added to my Instacart list…so yummy but not good 🙁
    Great photos. Stay safe Texas is still going up the curve I think.

  15. Just to prove how easily distracted I am, two things jumped out at me about this post. (Well, 3 counting how handsome your boys are!) The first thing that caught my eye is that gorgeous silver & turquoise ring — how beautiful! And the second is: I’d love to see the whole garment that pretty black sleeve with the 3D flowers is attached to! Lovely garden, too. Spring is STILL trying to get a toe-hold here in the mountains on the west coast. At least the lilacs are out in their full fragrant glory but everything else is still looking pretty ragged & sad.

    And re your weight gain: I second what Sonja said about the fact it could be muscle. Many years ago an aerobics instructor told me to toss out my scales & pick some garment I love & that I know looks good on & focus on how it fits to monitor my weight. I have an old pair of blue jeans from about 25 years ago that I haul out every few months to try on — as long as I can still wear them without too much grief I figure I’m ok. Gravity & age will shift things around, admittedly (it gets harder every year to keep my backside up where it’s supposed to be & looking good in a nice pair of jeans, no matter how much yoga & walking I do), but even if you don’t wear your chosen garment in public anymore it still works as a good weight guide. And we still don’t have a pair of scales in the house.

    1. Hi Janet, The ring is my new Marjan Turquoise Ring at James Avery Craftsman…it is a beauty. I love it. The blouse it part of an older top I own from Macy’s INC collection.
      The weight issue is a concern more because of high blood pressure. I meet with my doctor next week.

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