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Time for our regular Saturday version of Would You Wear It? with me and my blogging friend Jennifer!  We have had so much fun with readers lately while we brought extra versions of this event.  In fact, there was so much to learn from readers last Wednesday including information on the different types of linen!  That is what you need to remember on this day…the comments are key and read my other ladies.  We learn from one another.

Make sure you keep your comments constructive and personal to you…your body type, style, and lifestyle.  Tell us in detail why you would or would not wear the featured look. Please don’t just say YES or NO…that doesn’t help anyone else because we cannot see you.

Now, before the pandemic, we would both go to the stores in our areas and take mannequin pictures.  I have just not been able to do that since the stores only recently re-opened.  But, I will do my best to get out and about soon. Until then, I am finding other ways to put looks before you.  Remember, we do not look for outfits we love…or outfits we hate.  We try to find something interesting that makes us wonder what you would think.

So, ladies, look at this outfit above and tell us…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………


Remember to go over to A WELL STYLED LIFE to see Jennifer’s selection and come back here for slideshow for all!


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For Plus Size Ladies:

For Petite Ladies:

For Everyone Else!:

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By Pamela Lutrell



  1. I would definitely wear this! I like the neutrals and the short over long on top. I find that layers like this flatter my curves. I like that their is an abstract pattern on the top to break up the neutrals a bit.

      1. I would wear this. Really like the basic colors and elongation of the top, but would prefer a longer cardigan to further elongate my short curvy torso. However, the shorter style would be cooler Texas summers are HOT

  2. I like the pants and the sweater. I don’t think the tunic top would look good on me, so I’d pass on that. The sweater/shrug is something I have in many colors because they are so good over sleeveless dresses. The pants are a wardrobe staple. The overall look if this outfit is classy and I do like that. Personally, I’d choose another top, but can see how this would look wonderful on many women. The sales have been great and I’ve taken advantage when I see something that’s on my list. Now waiting for going to the actual stores to try things on. Stores are opening here so it won’t be long!!

  3. I do like this outfit, because the abstract print tunic adds a pop of interest to the dark shrug and legging. I’d definitely wear this. I’m only 5 ft 4 so the tunic would have to hit me at the right spot but maybe it’s avaikable in petite. I’ve found that as I age and with newly diagnosed celiac disease (bye bye to interesting breads, pizzas, and many desserts) I’m thinner than I ever was. As a result,Im able to wear layered looks without looking overly thick here and there.
    I do like your selection this week……

  4. Yes I would definitely wear this. It is very much my style. Would add a pop of color with shoes & purse.

  5. Yes! I love everything about this outfit. The short cardigan, breaks up the line, the long shirt covers the hips and would be very flattering.

  6. I would absolutely wear this. I have several shrugs and I love tunic tops over skinny pants or leggings. I particularly like this top. Can you tell us where you found it?

  7. I think that this is a fab outfit. However, I am busty and very self conscience about shrugs, etc. that are short. It would be so cute on someone with a average bust size. I don’t feel it is an outfit for me even though I love it.

  8. I love this look. The short over long would give me the illusion of a waist, perfect for my curves.

  9. I love this and it hits my adjectives of polished, confident, creative, interesting and aware. I have a tummy, and have found that my only way to wear cropped tops is to wear a longer tank topped with a solid, dark colored, cropped outer layer. The print is interesting and elongating. I could wear all three of these pieces with other things, getting maximum utility out of my wardrobe.

  10. I would definitely wear this outfit, but I’m trying to steer away from black and white and add more colour to my wardrobe, so I would prefer some colour in the tunic top. I already have plain black pants and leggings as well as a little black jacket much like the one shown here. It’s a workhorse in my wardrobe as it goes with pretty much everything.

  11. I love black and white, and the vertical stripes are nice. I would have to try it on, though. tunic w/short shrug and my height/size…

  12. I would wear this outfit! I wear leggings and tunics when the weather is cooler. The only thing that would make me hesitate is the crew neck on the top. I have a short neck so I prefer tops with a v or scooped neckline. I have a denim cropped jacket and I’ve never considered wearing it over a tunic and leggings. I’ll have to see if my jacket is a good color match for any of my denim leggings! I’m actually looking for some new tunic tops to wear with my summer-weight leggings. I like the JJill pocket tunic in the slide show.

  13. I like this as inspiration. I have a pear shape, so the longer tunic length under a short sweater would draw attention to my widest point. I would do a shorter length top under a longer sweater instead.

  14. I love this whole outfit and look. The different lengths add interest to this outfit. I shy away from black and white because too overwhelming for my personal coloring but the grey softens and matches my hair, so I could wear it.

  15. I own a short black jacket very similar to the one shown and I love it! I wear it over long, looser tunics and it helps camouflage the ‘middle’ that I have developed. Black is such a staple in my wardrobe and I know I will continue to get a lot of use out of this jacket.

    This outfit is exactly something I would wear!

  16. This is a yes. I love the abstract print of the tunic. While I am not usually a fan of the short over long look, the proportions on this & the straight bottom on the tunic give it a finished look.

  17. Elegant & understated ensemble. I do have a soft spot for Eisenhower style jackets =}. Although shorter, at 62-in, I’m fairly well proportioned.

    Definitely consider putting something similar together, in my harmonious colours. A soft cool grey or softened navy & winter white tone-on-tone floral or dots.

    Imagine this as a marvelous alternative for travel wear! I’m old-school & “dress up” whether on planes, trains, or busses.

    Just musing… a peony nail & lippie, hmm… a silver/crystal tennis bracelet & larger silver/crystal studs. Have to have my twinkle & sparkle *grin*.

  18. I like this outfit! The abstract print, the proportions, the overall look is pleasing to my eye. But, I’m a triangle/pear shape and would need to try it on to see if it flattered or emphasized my wider hips and narrow shoulders. It doesn’t look like hot weather wear (it’s in the 80’s in my neck of the woods today) but it might be a perfect cool weather outfit.

  19. This ensemble looks so cute on the model—but the model is tall and thin. I am short and although I don’t think that matters with this outfit, my extra thigh weight probably would not look great in leggings. I’m going to try this little trio in the hopes that the black color of the leggings will outweigh the overweigh. So, if the answer to “Do my thighs look fat in this outfit?” is yes, I would not wear it—and vice versa.

  20. yes yes yes.
    this just hits all the right points for me: neutrals, a tunic length that covers the middle, the black short shrug to offer another focal point. As a short curvy person… this really fits the bill. and once I saw that it is by Sympli, everything made sense. They design such classic, wearable and durable styles. I love this…. thanks for featuring it!

  21. I would wear this outfit – totally my style. I love abstract patterns and the tunic is a good length for me. I would add a pop of colour with s necklace – red or turquoise with black/ silver.

  22. Love it! This is a version of my ‘uniform’: a short layering piece over a longer top. This highlights my waist but skims rather than cinches, giving a smoother silhouette which I prefer. I wear block colour tops with a different colour or toning print in the jacket or the reverse. I add a pop of pattern or colour with a scarf as well on cooler days. The combinations are endless!

  23. I love this! Everything about it. I wear very few prints, but this an set tract is very appealing.

  24. I like the pieces but not together. I wear that type of shrug with a sleeveless dress. The top + pants would look fine without the shrug. The length of the shrug and the length of the top look confusing together.

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