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Time for our regular Saturday version of Would You Wear It? with me and my blogging friend Jennifer!  We have had so much fun with readers lately while we brought extra versions of this event.  In fact, there was so much to learn from readers last Wednesday including information on the different types of linen!  That is what you need to remember on this day…the comments are key and read my other ladies.  We learn from one another.

Make sure you keep your comments constructive and personal to you…your body type, style, and lifestyle.  Tell us in detail why you would or would not wear the featured look. Please don’t just say YES or NO…that doesn’t help anyone else because we cannot see you.

Now, before the pandemic, we would both go to the stores in our areas and take mannequin pictures.  I have just not been able to do that since the stores only recently re-opened.  But, I will do my best to get out and about soon. Until then, I am finding other ways to put looks before you.  Remember, we do not look for outfits we love…or outfits we hate.  We try to find something interesting that makes us wonder what you would think.

So, ladies, look at this outfit above and tell us…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………


Remember to go over to A WELL STYLED LIFE to see Jennifer’s selection and come back here for slideshow for all!


We already know that this is very different year and we are witnessing our favorite brands doing what they can to stay in the game.  Typically, I wait to do end of season shopping until July.  I have always loved the July sales, but this year, there are some amazing deals out there if you just take the time to do some careful shopping.  Brands our doing what they can to move product.   Fun for us!  But, I do hope to see a large majority survive.  You will see some of my Fabulous Find Picks in the slideshows below, today for different shapes and sizes.

For Plus Size Ladies:

For Petite Ladies:

For Everyone Else!:

 Remember, if you click on a product and go to a website, and purchase something different, I will still receive a small compensation for anything you purchase on that website.  All support is welcome! 



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By Pamela Lutrell


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