Thanks to regular blood pressure readings with OMRON during the 90 Day Challenge my health is improving

OMRON Blood Pressure Readings on over 50 Feeling 40

This is my final post for my time participating in the 90 Day Challenge with OMRON for monitoring my blood pressure, and EKG readings while at home.  As I have said before,  OMRON is on a mission called Going For Zero to stop heart attacks and strokes…ALL heart attacks and strokes.  Some of you shared on the last post either your experience with a heart attack or stroke, family members who have experienced a cardiac event, or near misses.

OMRON Blood Pressure Daily Readings on Over 50 Feeling 40There are too many over-50 individuals who experience either a heart attack or a stroke, and I am here to confirm that an at-home monitoring device can make a difference in your life. I have been tracking my blood pressure and EKG with the  OMRON Complete Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor + EKG.  It syncs to the OMRON Connect app which records the readings.  This is very important for those of us with blood pressure issues and heart disease in the family.  

OMRON 90 DAY CHALLENGE on over 50 feeling 40

I wrote in the last post HERE that the readings over the time of this challenge indicated I was in the upper hypertension area so I decided it was time to sit down with my doctor.   In the past, my conversations with my doctor were not substantiated with much hardcore evidence at all, except for me to say, I felt one way or another.  But with the OMRON Connect App I am able to show her the readings…what they say, when they were taken, the date and time of day.  It is amazing to have the evidence to go over and evaluate.

After our visit, she gave me 30 days to see if I could turn the readings around by returning to exercise and health eating that had ceased over the quarantine time. Thankfully, I am here to announce that the readings are gradually trending downward. I wish I could announce that I have lost significant weight, but most importantly I can say that the readings are headed to a better place and I have returned to healthy habits again.  My doctor told me that my blood pressure readings on the day of my visit were the lowest they have been in the last five visits!! Wow! She also took my app and shared it with an intern physician’s assistant working with her and described it as a successful product…especially with the EKGs included.  It was one of my best appointments ever!

I have learned so much during this study about how exercise, eating certain foods, stress, and sleep deprivation all affect our blood pressure.


I believe my next appointment will be more encouraging.  This is the second time that the OMRON blood pressure monitors have helped me to flag a problem and make a difference.  I will continue to take the readings throughout my life in order to not be a statistic.  I am like most of you…a work in progress…and constantly learning something new about health over 50.

I cannot often enough that I highly recommend the OMRON Complete because it is effective, easy, and gives the doctor both the EKG reading in addition to the blood pressure readings.

I hope my journey is helping some of you see the importance of readings taken at home on an app. This helps us to stay in control of our own health and immediately know what is going on before we go to the doctor with instant readings.  OMRON does not want anyone to be a heart attack or stroke victim.

 If you’re newly diagnosed with high blood pressure, it’s important to take immediate action to begin treatment. If you’ve been hypertensive for some time and have not yet begun treatment, it’s urgent to talk to your doctor about your heart health, build your immunity against possible epidemics, and hopefully stay hospital free. 

Thanks for being here for my journey into good health!




By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was compensated for this post, but the words are my own.


  1. Such great and encouraging news Pam, congratulations! It takes hard work and dedication to achieve these results, and that alone can be challenging. This is working because you are doing the right things even when it’s difficult. I really admire that because I struggle with it some days when I just don’t feel like it! (This being one of them, and I am now heading off to force myself to exercise! Some days it’s really hard!)

  2. I am not 100% sure of the answer here. Let me see if I can obtain and answer for you. Thanks!

  3. The results were obvious for me…changing diet and exercise made a difference. If it had stayed the same, I would’ve been put on the medications. That is an incentive to keep it going and stop this yo-yoing I have been doing!

  4. It is vital to keep track of what is going on with our health. You have a good plan going!

  5. Bought and Omron BP unit after my husband had a heart attack. He was not the type to have an attack ( low BP, good cholesterol numbers, never smoked, thin, exercised, ate fairly healthy…) but had an attack in the “widow maker” and needed three stents. Doctors think his issues are genetic. Now with all the meds we need to log BP to make sure he does not go too low. Omron we have is just BP, but it is so easy to use and we are glad to have it.

  6. Thanks for sharing, Ann. I hope he is doing well now that he has the stents.

  7. Hi Martha…OMRON just responded with the answer! Yes! Users can set up unique accounts to sync with the Omron Complete – Easily accommodating more than one user. I hope that helps!

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