Fashion Over 50: Wearing styles which only say “summer”

Summer Poncho on over 50 Feeling 40

Mr. B says that he enjoys the fact that I love seasons and have special decorations and clothing for all the seasons.  But, as I re-visit my fashion over age 50 and look to take down some of my clothing, I wondered about keeping styles which only speak summer to me.  Was that the same as the theme clothing I gleaned out of the closet 17 years ago…as in Christmas and Thanksgiving decorated sweaters and tops!

I decided no!  I could keep the summer-only garments that I really liked


James Avery sterling silver jewelry on Over 50 Feeling 40

This poncho with a seaweed design was given to me years ago for blogging, but I have held on to It because I believe for some summer events it is kind of fun!  It is very light and airy and could be a swimsuit coverup if I needed it to be.  So, it is going to stay, though I believe it is only worn in the summer.  Also, it is kind of perfect to pair with my beaded seashell pendant on a beautiful chain from the new James Avery Craftsman summer collection, and my James Avery silver cuff bracelets.  I love how this necklace matches the Beaded Cuff Bracelet.…and if you are a regular here, then you know how I love James Avery and have for 30 years!!  I am so honored to be one of their brand ambassadors. 

New James Avery Summer Collection on Over 50 Feeling 40

On my other arm, I wore a mix of colored beaded bracelets.  No that watches are no longer “in,” I am wearing them less and less…especially when I have my Fit Bit on.  So, wearing bracelets on two arms is something I really like to do and it worked well with this look. 


Summer pants from Soft Surroundings on Over 50 Feeling 40

I adore these Soft Surrounding pants, and have worn them often since the weather turned warm.  I think they are a season specific item, but I am willing to be open to see if they would work at other times. They do look great with these sandals that have the faux pearls on the back of the heel as the pants do in the design. 


Summer flowers on Over 50 Feeling 40

So, what do you think?  Are fashions and accessories that are summer specific the same as wearing holiday clothing? I am not really talking colors as much as designs and prints specific to seasons…also accessories specific to seasons!  Do they scream costume…or simply say summer fun??  I would love to know what you think.  I do not have many items like this, but my summer jewelry and and a couple of tops like this poncho are going to stay in the wardrobe for now!  Of course, I have a fun slideshow for you.  Stay safe…stay cool and….



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By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was gifted product for this post, but the words are my own.



  1. Definitely NOT the same as a Christmas sweater! That poncho is gorgeous and I’d be wearing it A LOT!! To me, it looks like beautiful coral in the sea, and I have long admired those SS pants! Beautiful outfit that might say “it’s summer!”, but is a far cry from a costume or a Christmas or Thanksgiving sweater or sweatshirt! You look very breezy and pretty, and the blue in the poncho is very flattering. I’d hang on to that one for sure! I have summer clothes that don’t cross the line into fall or winter and I love them. Summer is my favorite time of year, and I see my summer-specific clothes as a celebration of the season! When I purged my closet, summer-specific stayed! I have some dresses that cross the line into fall, but some are positively summer and I’m happy to be able to be wearing them to church again. Your outfit is just beautiful, looks cool and airy! “Summer” will never get the boot from my closet! Sometimes I just open the door and stare at them (sounds weird, but the colors can be so pretty!) and they make me feel good! Hang on to that poncho Pam! : )

  2. Love the poncho, such a happy color, and you accessorized it just right. I have made some mistakes with accessories. Ive bought two necklaces that i remember well, every time i shop now. when i purchased them, i was thinking “boho chic”, but when i put them on later they just seemed like “too much”, both eventually went to charity. i find i can be as funky as i want to be with earrings, but dont need to take it any further than that, and i feel balanced. even though in south florida we dont see seasonal change much, i still gravitate towards different colors in the fall/winter months. your white pants, you could wear all year here! my favorite beach jewelry has facebook page….seajewelsbarbados….a lovely lady who does all here items herself, and the prices are affordable, and the items very unique.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Sheryl. One of the reasons I love James Avery is the pieces are so simple chic. This is jewelry I will pass down to family. Happy Monday!

  3. You are wearing one of my favorite colors, but definitely a color I associate more with summer than winter…unless you are on a tropical island vacation! Just last night I ordered a ruana in this color which was on sale during a 4th of July sale. I have admired your pants before, and keep considering ordering a pair, but have not yet. And your pink shoes are a surprising delight along with the beautiful James Avery jewelry. I read another blog where the writer wears her white pants year around but I have not ventured that far yet…maybe this winter.

  4. Beautiful colors and beautiful style (I love these light ponchos). Summer, of course – it seems that you have a lot of summer in your part of the world in any case, happy you ! But in my opinion, it would work also for other seasons and occasions, with heavier white top and pants (or perhaps even navy, for instance), if you feel like it. In any case, you are gorgeous in this color scheme.

  5. Definitely keep the top! As I was scrollling down to read and your picture came into view, my first thought was Wow! Beautiful!
    I love summer so much, but here in Chicagoland it is short lived, so I enjoy it while I can.

    1. I see summer clothing as a celebration of a very short season here in Canada that I love, with bright, beautiful colour and patterns. Frankly, the rest of the year can be dreary here in both weather and clothing. I struggle to find and keep colour in my wardrobe.
      Wear what you love and I love what you are wearing if you get tired of it. 😉💜

    2. Thanks Carolyn…wish I could trade you a little heat for a little cold. We are experiencing an explosion of bugs this summer because we lacked freezes to take care of them!

  6. I really enjoy those pants! Although I have not had an opportunity to wear them yet with the stay at home. But think I will this week for my granddaughter’s birthday dinner!Had to turn them up as I am too short for my size!
    Love your outfit,very cool looking!

    1. They are perfect for a grandchild birthday dinner…good idea, Susan! Have fun celebrating.

  7. Happy Monday Morning! I AD💖RE summer, spring/summer, and tropical vacations. So of course “summer” specific clothing makes up a fair amount of my wardrobe. As an Oregonian, it is said we have webbed feet (a reference to how rainy it can be), and the further north one lives the shorter our winter daylight hours become. Therefore, late spring into summer, and for as much of September as we can push it, summer style signals Game On!!! That poncho is super cute, Pam. I was glad to see you mention that you see the versatility of it as a swim cover up also, as that is my instant reaction when I see a piece like that. I’d snap that up in a heartbeat to go over a beautiful sea-green and white suit I have!

    1. I really am hanging on to it more for a cover up, Connie…not that I have friends with lake houses…..hint, hint!

  8. I love the poncho, and I really like the pink shoes in the close up photo of the pants! I think each season needs some special pieces in seasonal colors. I am trying to go through my clothes, and scale down to a core wardrobe. However, if wearing a special seasonal piece makes me happy, I would keep it.

  9. For sure you should keep items like that. You look so fresh and happy. I keep and love my summer clothes year round as we travel in the fall and/or spring to warm climates. They remind me of our travels when I pull them out at home to wear. Some fun items in the slide show. I have never been one to wear Christmas or other holiday clothes, and that is in a whole different catagory. Embrace and enjoy summer.

    1. Thanks Diane! I enjoy summer until September…when it hangs on into October…we don’t get along!

  10. I’m sure you didn’t purge every sweater from your closet since the reality is that one or two will be useful. You only tossed things that screamed a specific day reference. Thematically erasing some things is good, but a whole host of options for a 3 or 4 month weather season would be silly. Just as you need your heavier looking and warmer things for a weather season so do you need the lighter brighter things for a different weather season. Entirely different than the sweaters that you purged. I was a teacher so I had my fair share of holiday specific items and now sometimes, sort of regret letting them go. I never went for the ones that were over the top and amply decorated with sequins, mine were more applique’ and color themed. Still………sometimes running into the store during a holiday season I sometimes wish that I had some of those things still so I could just pull them out for their short cameo role during the season.

    1. Oh no, I did not mean to imply that I purged every sweater…I have a good collection of sweaters…I just meant that I passed on the ones with snowmen and Christmas trees and autumn leaves on them!

  11. There is definitely a big difference between holiday themed clothing and seasonal clothing. The beautiful poncho you are wearing could be worn from late spring through early fall. I think items that are holiday themed are very limiting. I have never gotten into those types of tops because they do scream costume to me. Your outfit, though summery, is lovely…a keeper for sure!
    With the white pants, I think if you live in a warmer climate you can certainly wear them much later in the season. In the northeast it’s not common to wear white pants much after Labor Day. But I do think all the rules are very flexible now.
    I love your James Avery bracelets!
    As I watch the rise of Covid cases in Texas, I think of you and say a prayer you and yours are all safe.
    Have a beautiful Monday!

    1. Thank you, Linda! All prayers welcome! So far, we have been untouched…but I do have active adult children!

  12. Saying a particular outfit is not elegant because it is “only summer” is like saying nobody should have a pair of sandals. That said, I think, since elegance is about restraint, if I am wearing a strictly summer outfit I try to keep too much “beach” out of the accessories. As in, I would probably not wear a seahorse top with (real) shell earrings, flip flops, seafoam nail polish, a straw bag and salt spray in my hair. Your outfit, while I like it, is somewhere in between. It’s cute and fine. I would not, however, describe it as elegant. So then, I think we need to ask, are there certain days and occasions where this look is fun and appropriate? I would say there are. Perhaps elegance in this context would be more in knowing -where- to wear an outfit like this.

  13. This is one of my favorite outfits on you! I love the color and love the presentation with the jewelry. I also love James Avery – it is classic. And I LOVE those pants! I do not feel that it is the same as Christmas/Thanksgiving sweaters – even though I will adnit, I have a few and intend to keep them1 Fashion be darned! But this is jsut a cool, classy, way to acknowledge the season – I love it! Hugs to you, my friend!

    1. And hugs back to you!! Hope the virus will get to a point where we can reschedule that reunion!

  14. Coral design and pattern just never go out of style! Yes, it screams SUMMER, but in a good way! The color is also one that is here to stay as a favorite. I see your lovely poncho as timeless, Pam! And definitely it’s a garment that will always put a smile on your face! I just love it! – My summer pieces are here to stay! I love all the seashells, ocean life, and pretty bright colors of summertime!

  15. Not the same at all! Here in Canada, due to climate, summer clothes are very distinct from what we wear the rest of the year. I do have some items that stay in my closet year round, but many things that I wear at this time of year couldn’t possibly be worn in winter.

    1. Thanks Elaine…I am so honored to have so many readers in Canada! I love your country!

      1. Definitely! We have 4 distinct seasons here in New England and summer is the only one where outfits cannot really be worn in other seasons. The other three can clothing “share” pretty easily, with a few exceptions.
        I love this poncho and summer slacks ensemble. It is joyful! It’s happy. You look beautiful! Your smile says it all!

        1. So interesting that summer is the one season that doesn’t cross over with fashion! Thanks for sharing Paulette!

  16. There is definitely nothing about your outfit that looks like a costume. I think we all need to have things for the various seasons. While black is always in season, there are summer days when it is too heavy, & we need something light & bright. When the temperature & humidity are in the 90s, I want my clothes to look bright & fresh. I will admit to having a few Christmas things, but they are subtle & fun, & I sometimes need a little fun to cheer me up.

  17. I love summer specific pieces. They bring me intense joy in the wearing and hours of anticipation the rest of the year.

  18. I’m a huge fan of “seasonal dressing”, probably because as a Canadian I’m used to having 4 seasons that are so distinctive. At least in MOST parts of Canada. Here on the west coast they sort of run into each other: autumn blurs into winter which blurs into spring which eventually morphs into summer when you’re not looking. You see hardy souls here wearing shorts in December & I wore a heavy hoodie with jeans & boots the other day & it’s July! But in most parts of the country the 4 seasons are well defined & dressing for each is not only fun but necessary as the weather can be just as “distinctive”. I now live in a seaside resort & tourist destination with mountains & lakes all around, so summer fashion is mostly activity-specific (resort, hiking, surfing, sailing, bicycling & so on). My seasonal wardrobe is less defined accordingly — I just go day by day based on what we & the weather are doing.

    I say have fun with it! That turquoise is stunning on you & the outfit itself looks both classy & elegantly casual.

  19. I am so happy to receive this James Avery blog from you Pam!
    I thought I had been dropped from your list of readers as I have not
    been receiving anything from you in recent months!
    Please, keep me on the list as I love reading your uplifting messages
    and seeing the beautiful clothes you have for us ‘over 50’ ladies.
    I happen to be 82 and still love fashion! Being older doesn’t mean
    we stop trying to look our best each day!
    Keep smiling 🙂

    1. So true, Sandy! I do not know why you are not receiving the emails, but I will look into it! Thanks for letting me know.

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