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Good Morning, ladies!  As the sun rises over the coffee bean plants in Brazil, let’s grab our favorite beverage and sit down for Today’s News for Women Over 50.  I search the worldwide web and glean some lifestyle headlines which may be of interest just for you…the fabulous, intelligent, strong women over 50.  Thank you for being here…now, let’s get started!



How older women wear makeup on Over 50 Veeling 40

Many of us are familiar with Sandy Linter, makeup artist for the stars ( Diana Ross, Iman, Christi Brinkley) and it is hard to believe that Sandy is 72 years old!  Well and Good brings us a few of her tips in “I’M A 72-YEAR-OLD MAKEUP ARTIST, and THESE ARE MY FAVORITE FOUNDATIONS AND CONCEALERS.”  I am also testing a foundation theory right now and if it works, I will share it with you soon.


Confident Style on Over 50 Feeling 40

You know I believe that confident style keeps us smiling.  So, I thought you might like to read from AARP,  10 CLOTHING STYLES WE ALL LOOK GREAT IN.  There is only one of these I question for most women over 50…for a variety of reasons…see if you can guess which one!


I love indoor plants and creative ways to present them…so hoping you do as well…I found this report on Hallmark’s Home & Family Show about creative ways to present succulents.  Enjoy SUSTAINABLE PLANTERS FROM THE KITCHEN FOR SUCCULENT GARDENS. 


Later this week, I will discuss more about posture in the Cultivating Everyday Elegance series.  But for today, here is an article from with an easy SHOULDER WORKOUT FOR BETTER POSTURE.  For those working on our elegance with me…let’s get going.

Overall, experts seem to agree that eating on the Mediterranean Diet Plan is the healthiest way to eat.  I told you that Mr. B and I are eating on this meal plan through Sun Basket, a meal delivery service.  The food is excellent and fun to cook.  You can learn more here.  But, I also found this article from Eating Well.  Here are 21 Mediterranean Dinners with 400 Calories or Less.


COVID Updates for women over 50

It is sad, but true, that COVID-19 will be with us for awhile, so in order to keep you informed, I have found these articles which may help you:

From Good Morning America,  CHECK OUT FACE MASKS DESIGNED TO WEAR WHILE WORKING OUT (just in case some of you still go to a gym or a class)




Shopping Sales on Over 50 Feeling 40

Some of these sales continue through tomorrow and are worth checking out…….have fun with looking over the great deals.

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Please feel free to comment on any or all of the stories I have shared with you today.  I will be back tomorrow and hope you will be too.  Until then…….

KEEP SMILING!! (and Stay Safe!)


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By Pamela Lutrell



  1. AARP article — no we don’t all look great in flirty skirts, tiered sundress and blazers. No, no and no to that. Whenever I see an article with a title like that, I roll my eyes. How can everyone look good in something?

  2. Pam, good luck on your next chapter in your journey. I appreciate all AARP does, but I wish they had hired you to write this recent article. Some bright colors are cheerful, but I often prefer your style of neutrals, or “column’ look with a bright scarf or shirt.

  3. I say no, no to the fit and flare dress and the shirtdress–especially the shirtdress. I don’t think they look good on anyone!

  4. Really informative articles as usual. Sandy Linter is amazing, and I kept following links there as well. The list of risk levels was good for everyone to read. As for the clothes lists, even though I do enjoy her writing, I think everyone has different tastes and should pick items they like. All in all, I have finished my pot of tea and need to get away from the computer now. Fun ‘chat’ this morning.

  5. You could school them on using age appropriate models too. They never got the memo…

  6. I read the AARP article. I like colorful tops and slim fit pants. I also like wrap-around dresses. I look awful in traditionally cut blazers! The only blazer style I’d even consider wearing is the red one. The cropped length and shawl collar would probably flatter my shape I’ve never been a fan of shirtwaist dresses. I’ve always liked skirts in general and I like swingy skirts, but these days I’m very aware that my waist and tummy are bigger now and I’m careful about adding any volume. The sundresses shown would not work for me. My casual summer dresses have straps wide enough to hide bra straps. I have two jumpsuits. The one that looks best on me has a top that camouflages my waist and tummy. The other was an impulse buy at Marshall’s and while it’s comfy it’s not as flattering. I’m looking forward to your blog on posture! How you carry yourself makes a huge difference in how people see you.

  7. Thanks for the informative articles today. I would agree with the previous responses. Not everyone looks good in everything pictured in the AARP article. We all can pick and choose. I am all about comfort and personal style these days. Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend!

  8. There are several clothing items that would not look good on me. The tiered sundress & the wide legged jumpsuit are two. The description of “slouchy” on the V-necked sweater was turn off as well. Slouchy equates to sloppy in my mind, & that is definitely not my style.

  9. Great articles, as usual, Pam! I especially like the shoulder workouts/ posture article. Since our gym closed, again (!), I’ve been looking for upper body workouts using weights. Those are perfect! Have a blessed Sunday!

  10. Huh. Makes you wonder how old the author of that AARP piece is, doesn’t it. And couldn’t they find a model over the age of 15? I’m OK with some of their ideas, not so much with others. I like a bright top now & again but usually stick to white or black. I love “relaxed” V-neck sweaters with snug jeans — that casual look, with jewelry & good shoes, is very much my style. Ditto to slouchy blazers with a tee or cami underneath, sleeves shoved up, good leather bag & boots, everything relaxed & casual (structured, tailored clothing just doesn’t rock it for me). Yes to slim pants. And as for skirts: I rarely wear them but when I do, they’re swirly midi or ankle length with lots of movement to them & I wear them with with sandals or boots. As for the rest, I’ll pass.

    Yes, Pam — please write that article for them! And thanks for an interesting newsletter, lots of goodies to check out.

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