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Happy Monday, everyone!  Today’s post is about my over 50 life and the many hats that I wear. You know me in my blogging hat, but there are several others and it seems most relate to my roles with family. 

Since we came home to work in March, I have been excited to be able to spend more time with family…without the pressures of an office life.   Well, you won’t see any literal hats here…but let me discuss some other roles I play.


Role of grandmothers on over 50 feeling 40


My outfit- of -the day today is in preparation of taking care of my three grandsons, 7, 5 & 2.  My daughter needs a break, so they are spending a few days with us.  I am ready with backyard toys and arts & crafts.  But I am sure by Friday…I will be exhausted.  It is a good kind of exhaustion because they are precious, and this is the first time that my schedule has allowed for me to keep them without mom. 

This denim top and capri denim leggings are from Soft Surroundings, and I can chase (and catch) anyone in my ECCO sneakers.  Even these three….

Tie Dye Project on Over 50 Feeling 40

The other local grandchildren will be coming over to play, so it will be a lively week!





Over 50 Feeling 40 shares joy at Christmas 

Hello, Mimi, from Gigi!  Mimi is a new reader and asked me for some gift ideas for her University -aged children. She was referencing for Christmas.  I go-over-the-top for Christmas (which Mr. B says will be controlled this year…stay tuned to see who wins!), so  I thought it might help to list the brands that my 20-30-something children love to see under the tree.  I have Lululemon first because the last three years, that has been the top favorite.  Here goes:

Male and Female:


Urban Outfitters.  

Best Buy 


Target  It has to be Target, many young ones do not prefer Walmart.

James Avery Artisan Jewelry


Sephora  (Male and Female but mostly female)

Kendra Scott Jewelry 


Would anyone like to add suggestions for Mimi?  Please do so in the comments!





I am certain most of you are aware of the challenges with the schools right now in relation to safety issues from the pandemic as versus the challenges of online learning for many.  My brother and his wife are music educators and his specialty (since childhood) has been percussion.  I remember him drumming on any and everything in our house!  He has developed an extensive online learning program called Sticks on Skins for teaching Percussion to students.

He writes:  ” This is the only beginner;’s book series that stresses the option of teaching both accepted counting systems for rhythmic identification and let’s the Director/Instructor or parent choose which one.  Both Traditional and Matched grips are taught in the same book.  Lots of performance etudes and exercises to allow a student to play full length compositions.

              These are just a few of the differences but mostly the book series trains beginners at the highest levels of musicality.  Book are 16.99 each and the download for the digital playing supports is $2.00 per book.  To help Directors and Home School parents save time with their administrative paper work, we provided detailed Lesson Plans for free.  In September we will launch an SoS Beginner Percussion Competition for programs who are SoS customers only for their students to take a selected original composition from one of the books and that group will have to score study it and provide that documentation along with a recorded performance of the work and submit that work to SoS.  

There will be a all star percussion judging panel to begin to select the top ten finishers and those top ten will receive awards, recognition at our web site and a fabulous piece of top level percussion  instruments from our sponsors.

             The web site has just been overhauled and prices lowered on the books to help folks during the Covid-19 times.”  Check them out at STICKSONSKINS.COM. If you know of a band director, Fine Arts Department head, a music teacher, a homeschool parent or anyone looking for content to teach music, please contact him at




Well, Batter Up…it’s time for Gigi to get to work, but I will be here every day this week with interesting content just for you, so hang in there with me!




Pamela Lutrell for Goli GummiesThere are several ways that I generate income through this blog in order to cover business expenses and give myself much needed income.  Purchases through the slideshow links is one way, ads on the page is one way and a new way is through ordering or re-ordering the GOLI Apple Cider Vinegar gummies through me with my GOLI LINK HERE.  Again, if you are not familiar with the benefits of apple cider vinegar, you should speak with your personal physician.  My husband and I are sold on the benefits and I am proud to represent this product.  I am going to leave this at the bottom of my posts so that when you, friends or family would like to order you can use my link.  Thanks for the support.  This is a great product; as well as, the ones below!


Mr. B and I love our meals from Sun Basket!

Sun Basket on Over 50 Feeling 40


Sun Basket is a delicious, easy, fun home delivery meal plan


My Complexion Loves Chamonix…My esthetician says my complexion is super tight!

Chamonix on Over 50 Feeling 40


All natural, plant-cell technology skincare


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was gifted items for this post, but the words are my own.

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