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Happy weekend morning, everyone and welcome to Today’s News for Women over 50!  This is when I curate news headlines from around the globe with you in mind…trying to find articles of interest which may have slipped by your radar and are note worthy to be found in one location!


What better way to start our day than dreaming of breakfast in Paris.  The Today Show recently shared a recipe for smooth, silky French scrambled eggs and it sounds so good.  I have not tested it yet…but I am going to.  See what you think about:  What are French-style scrambled eggs? 



I am always looking for new ways to make salad, so this article from Self Magazine with a plethora of ideas caught my attention.  Like me, you might enjoy, 45 Summer Salad Recipes Packed With the Season’s Best Ingredients.


I am always interested to learn more about the power of what we eat, and the importance of a healthy gut.  This article from Livestrong discusses a new angle.  Check out How to Ferment Fruits and Veggies at home for better gut health


A healthy gut can help with shiny, thick hair, and then there are some DIY haircare tips we can learn from Home & Family.  I am learning from this as well… From Kym Douglas, here are Secrets to Thick and Shiny Hair


I know many of you want to know how to upgrade your style when wearing a mask.  This report from Good Morning America has several ideas.  Admittedly, some seem for the younger set, but I thought some of you might get ideas from it. 

I just am not sure about the chains!  Let me know what you think after reading Face mask accessories you didn’t know you needed until now.  


We began this post with breakfast in Paris, so let’s end today with thoughts of home.  The house above it nice, but it needs something…don’t you think?  For those of us working on our homes right now, here is an article from Southern Living, with ways to enhance the curb appeal.  

Enjoy: 10 Great Plants for the Front of Your House

Please feel free to comment on any or all of these articles and thank you so much for being here.  Remember if you are working on your home to check out these retailers in order to show some support for this blog…I appreciate it so much.


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  1. I’m always interested in ideas for different salads. Salad is dinner for me 4 – 5 days a week, and new ideas are always welcome to avoid getting into a rut. I’ll have to try some of these!

  2. Now that Mr. B is also into salads, I am also looking for ideas. Happy Sunday, Karen!

  3. I have found my comfort zone for salad by omitting greens; I enjoy the veggies more: sweet tomatoes, gourmet cucumbers, avocados, yellow squash. I start the plate with avocados and tomatoes and add anything else that looks good at the store. I add tuna, rotisserie chicken, shrimp, etc. This or fresh fruit salad is what’s for dinner during the week at my house. It’s good for my health and weight; my husband enjoys it too.

  4. French cooking is usually something I would enjoy, however the eggs cooked like that are not to our taste. I guess growing up with them whipped then cooked with added grated cheese is just to pressed into my memories. The salads, I will have to go back and take more note of new ideas. As for the masks, I would think the chains would weigh down the bottom and make it feel like it was falling off. That trend I will pass on. I have been looking to change the look of the front of the house landscaping but we are a much cooler zone than recomended by southern living. It is fun to keep doing research though. Hair…now there is an interesting topic these days. I am so frustrated with the grown out look that I am getting a major cut and change next week. I have so many products in the cupboard that it will be interesting to see what I actually need after the big chop. However it turns out it will be a help with this killer heat and humidity. Lots to read again today Pam, thanks.

  5. Mmm. Yum. Great salad ideas, thanks — we live on them. I disagree with Albouze about there being a “right” & “wrong” way to cook eggs, though. I think there’s just whatever way you prefer to eat them (I like mine overcooked slightly). That said, I agree with him about the benefits of fresh eggs if you can get them. We get ours from friends with a farm & I know the hens who lay them by name — & can tell which hen laid which egg by the size, shape & colour. I save our table scraps for them every week & they repay us by giving us at least one double-yolker per dozen 🙂

  6. My husband is no cook put he has perfected French scrambled eggs, our favorite & hard to get in many US restaurants. We learned from Jacques Pepin many years ago – had them this morning – yummy!

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