Would You Wear It Over 50 with Pamela & Jennifer

Over 50 Feeling 40 with Chico's display on Would you Wear It

This is our last Saturday in July…can you believe it…and time for Would You Wear It Over 50 with me and my friend Jennifer!  August 1 will be our next Saturday, but honestly, I am one who is always glad to see summertime move right along! 

If you are new to these posts, this is when we go around our respective communities and find fashion displays which make us wonder what you would think of the styles as presented.

Would You Wear It ove 50 on Over 50 Feeling 40

Jennifer and I look for displays which make us want to know what you think…we do not go for ones we like or hate…these posts are about YOUR point of view.  Please tell us if you would or would not wear the styles and explain why…evaluate the style, the colors, the fit, your lifestyle wardrobe needs etc. 

Please say more than simply yes or no. 

So let’s begin…look over my two mannequins above and tell us, ladies……………………………………….



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Thank you so much for your participation.   Make sure you go by A WELL STYLED LIFE to comment on Jennifer’s display.  


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  1. i do like the duster, but, its a bit too long unless your 6 ft tall, and its pretty fancy, so im not sure i would pair it with jeans, especially light wash. the jacket on the other side i would try on, i like it, but im not sure how it would be on me. i also wouldnt have paired it with that outfit, i think they should have stayed with beige, brown, or black if they insist on the animal prints, which i am patiently waiting for that trend to go away, again….at my age, im afraid the 30 something males would run in fear, lol if they saw me coming.

  2. I like the display and especially that straw bag. I’d like to wear the long shirt like they show it, but would have to be very careful with proportions since I’m not tall. I’d try a petite size if available. I like these shirts because they can also be worn belted as a dress. But it might swallow me up! I like the jacket on the other mannequin, but again, would have to be careful with proportions. The handbag is something that would be lots of fun to have for summer! If we had mild winters like you do in Texas, I’d be looking forward to it too.

  3. The lace duster is really cute. I like the length, pattern, collar and color. I would wear it with just about anything. I would trade the jeans for a straight full length dark wash, remove the white tshirt and add a navy one, remove the big necklace and the purse. The purse is cute but those handles drive me crazy. The jean jacket is too long for me. I prefer a regular waist length. The linen pants are fine for a hot day, and I don’t wear animal prints so no to that top.

  4. I wouldn’t wear either of these outfits. The duster is pretty but not practical for my lifestyle. Beige is not a flattering colour on me and I prefer more fitted jackets.

  5. I love both looks and covet that round straw bag. I like the duster look on the mannequin and when I see it on others but haven’t found one that feels/looks quite right on me. The search for one that works for my body continues.

  6. I like both, and would wear both. Good summer outfits, but still having arms covered for when inside. Now closet shopping to see if I can put together a similar outfits.

  7. I do like the basics of these two mannequins but there are things I’d change. On the Kent is an adorable jeans outfit but isn’t the sheer duster a tad too long? Maybe if it were more ruana length with an open sleeve? I do love the way it is styled, otherwise.
    The outfit on the right is very cute. I like the linen pant, , animal print blouse, but Id prefer a shorter white jean jacket rather than this long one. All in all, I do line today’s mannequins. Thank you, Pam!

  8. I love both of these outfits! I like the contrast of the pretty duster with the jeans. The duster is my favorite bit of both these outfits, but I’d have to try it on to see how the length would work. Same for both pairs of pants. I’m 5’4″, so crops sometimes just look like I’m wearing regular pants that have shrunk up!

  9. I love the white duster! I would wear with a white tank and white jeans. I DO NOT like animal prints!! Tired to death of them. I don’t care for long jean jackets either…prefer the short version. Gave up linen pants. I like pants that hold me in a bit. Overall, this display is very DRAB!! IT’S SUMMER! Let’s have rich saturated and bright colors.

  10. I like the duster too.
    Between working from home and the heat I think I would layer it over a modest slip and turn it into a dress. For home I would skip a belt, if I were going out I might consider belting it.
    When things return to normal and we go out it could come back as topper.

  11. I think the outfit on the left is fabulous. Always up for some skinny capris and a white tank. Can’t wear the lace duster though. I’m way too short for any long style like that!

  12. I would wear parts of each outfit. I like the duster, but I’d probably leave it hanging on the closet. I’d wear the linen pants with the light tee, and I really like the round purse.

  13. A yes to the blue jeans, leopard top and white T-Shirt (as IMHO one can never have enough in their wardrobe of the latter) and perhaps the handbag whereas the other pieces a no. For example; though I do like the fabric and style of the duster I know I would find it annoying wearing it open, as would be concerned about its hemline getting soiled when in the seated position and/or if worn as a shirt dress finding a slip because of its sheerness. (I like my clothing to do double duty if possible.) Whereas the linen (?) pants I personally don’t care for tie waistbands unless they are a wide-legged cut. As for the jacket; the only summer one I own is a jean jacket as have a tendency to avoid such for summer since the climate I live demands a variety of jackets during our colder seasons, so prefer to invest in them. -Brenda-
    Footnote: In lieu of casual summer jackets, I opt for different style and fabric weight sweaters.

  14. The display is nice and summery, and I’d love to add the white duster to my summer/travel wardrobe. For me right now though, I’m beginning to long for some good old back to school/FALL fashion! Bring on the plaids, textures, and boots!

  15. After going gray I wear very little beige. Just feel i need a bold color even if it’s a bright white near my face. I don’t care for the cuffed jeans; too trendy for me. The duster is way too long and I would need to belt it. I own a similar jacket and I like the style. A long sleeve blouse with linen pants seems incongruous to me.

  16. I really like the duster, but the problem is that no one I see in our little town wears that sort of look and when I have worn one, feel rather uncomfortable. I did wear duster type tops and kimonos on vacation, but alas that is not to be this year. I am a purse person and that is an intereating one, but for the past few months I only wear small crossbody bags so I don’t have to set them down on anything. For some reason I am falling into the not so fond of animal print catagory lately as well. Good thing we all have different tastes.

  17. I wear wear the outfit in the left but cut 6 inches off the duster length.
    The outfit on the right is too sporty for me. I prefer more elegant lines in my clothes.

  18. Yes I would wear it! Well, the outfit on the left. Love the linen duster as it would cover my arms for modesty but would not be hot or look too heavy. Love the light-colored straight leg jeans, but would swap out the white tank for something non-white — maybe blush. The long lean look really works for me, and the necklace adds to that look.

    So Pam, where can I get that duster and the necklace?

  19. I love both outfits, especially the duster! I’m not sure about the drawstring waist on the pants on the right, but I’d try them on. As others have mentioned, the duster would be great for travel.

  20. I love everything except the linen pants for me. They look best with a tucked in shirt to show the tie, and my waist yells NO! I own the white duster and bought it to wear over white pants and tee with pearls for cruising. I like it with the jeans too. The white jacket came yesterday 🙂 I had never thought to wear an animal print styled that way, but I would do it with the same colors but with fitted slacks. The purse is a winner and I would have bought it if I didn’t already own a round straw bag. This one is nicer than mine! Love Chicos!

  21. I love everything about both outfits. They are mature, classy and well put together. I can see interchanging the pants, one for the other, for different looks. These pieces have so many possibilities. They are lightweight for hot summer days/nights but are still modest. Love the long length of the duster. It could even go for a more formal occasion with the right pants and top, such as a lightly sequined off-white tank and some silk pants. Voila! Wedding attire! Oh, wait that was for years other than 2020. The solids on the right would go with anything. Great choices today!

  22. Oh my goodness — that duster is just gorgeous!!! Every so often I’ll see a piece of clothing that totally catches my attention and that duster is one of them.

    I’ll find a way to make it work! Do tell where this can be found!

    I like the light color denim paired with the duster — it seems so perfect for summer.

    I like the outfit on the right, but for my body type a short jacket would work better.

    Wonderful post today, Pam!

  23. The outfit on the left is no for me. The long duster would overwhelm my short figure, & I am not a fan of the light washed jeans. I would wear the outfit on the right with the exception of the drawstring pants. I would exchange those for a pair of pants with a traditional waist. The bunching of the drawstring wouldn’t be flattering for me. It would be a nice outfit for running errands in the spring & early fall.

  24. It is at Chico’s, Beth!! Just go to the bottom of my post and click on the Chico’s link! Thank you!!

  25. I like how this display was done. It shows that we can mix shades of white, and something special with something casual. It appeals to me, but I’m still getting used to ankle pants. I love the duster, and I’m tall enough to wear it.

    Lately we’ve been getting tornado warnings. Last summer it was smoke from wildfires. Last might, it was damaging hail that turned house exteriors into shrapnel. I hear you. Summer can be brutal.

  26. I like both outfits and might wear them with modifications — full length jeans and slacks (with short legs crops just make them look even shorter), an animal print that is not brown/beige or a different top altogether, and a more practical bag (although I like the one shown I prefer crossbody bags). I like the white jacket but would be more likely to buy it in a darker color that could be worn for more of the year.

  27. Anytime that I can add that third piece, it’s a win-win for me! I like both of these looks and feel the pieces would be very versatile. Using a neutral color palette, you can then have fun with accessories.

  28. I like both outfits, although I don’t wear beige usually, especially since letting my hair go grey. I do like the jeans & white tee — an absolute classic look I wear a lot. I often roll up my jean a turn or two in hot weather. But while I like the look of dusters, I’m too short to carry the look off with panache so would pass on it. Love the necklace, but I can’t abide a handbag I can’t throw over my shoulder. The second outfit is terrific, too, with a couple of tweaks: I love animal prints & will always have a few in my closet & will wear them until I’m 100, but I’d pair the blouse with slim tan or khaki pants instead of the drawstring ones & while I have about 8 jackets similar to this, I’d buy another one, except I’d want it in a tobacco brown. I’d add a natural leather bag & loafers or low boots.

    And I’m enjoying the flowers, Pam! I knew I was in love for the long haul 27 years ago when my now-husband came home from a motorcycle weekend with his buddies with the saddlebags on the Harley FULL of lilacs. He’d ridden by an abandoned farm where the lilacs had gone wild & had stopped & cut armsful of them for me. Even if I hadn’t already been head over heels with the guy, that would have done it 🙂

  29. I love the duster, the long necklace, the purse and the animal print top. But I do worry about the length of the duster. I am a plus sized shortie and I might have to have it altered but it is lovely, although I’m not crazy about it with jeans. Linen pants are always a good thing in East Texas.

  30. I really like the overall look of the outfit on the left. It just was calling to me. The length of the duster is great for me, I would wear it with dark leggings. Hey I have just turned 76 and latex in the leggings is a good alternative for heavier stockings. Love the necklace too and the purse . I have enough in my closet to do my version of this outfit. I am 6 ft tall and find that handy for outfits like this.
    The outfit on the right, I would wear as a shorter jean jacket with white jeans. Animal prints are my favorite.
    I don’t like the shorter pants in either example. .

  31. I like the top 1/2 of both. I think they would help to camouflage my mid section. I’m not a fan of capris, I would pair both outfits with jeans or linen pants but that’s just me. I like animal prints but not on me so the jacket over the leopard would help tone it down.

  32. I think the display is Chico’s. I find they serve the over 50 woman. I would probably wear both outfits the problem is over 50 who wants layers of clothing in the summer. I need a breeze!

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