2020’s Reality Check Monday: We need a little fall right this very minute + SAVINGS ON GOLI

Autumn 2020 on Over 50 Feeling 40

I know the song is not really about fall, but in 2020, I personally need a little fall right this very minute. 

I am thrilled that today is the last day of August.  We are up to 34 days of heat over 100 degrees with more on the horizon before the weather changes.  This is the time of year I am ready to celebrate a new season.

Kirklands on Over 50 Feeling 40

I wonder if there has ever been a personality study that involves the seasons we love.  I have always been a “fall” person…it is my favorite time of year…my favorite colors…my favorite foods…and my favorite fashions and home décor. 

Because I love Autumn so much, I always decorate my house the minute September hits the calendar even with summer full on.  I want the full experience though technically it is still twenty- one days away.  Christmas comes to our house the day after Thanksgiving, so I do want fall to linger until then.

With so much change this year, I need a little fall with its cozy familiarity more than ever before.



Fall Fashion on over 50 Feeling 40


Reality Check posts have been primarily about budget stretching ideas during a difficult time in our economy and about inspiration to persevere on.

We saw on Saturday with Would You Wear It that the military green jackets in several styles are on trend for this fall.   Now, I go to my closet first to see what I have before reacting to a trend and was able to pull out this jacket from my wardrobe.  

Vionic Ballet Flats on Over 50 Feeling 40

I will get much wear out of it this fall, and love olive green with leopard…so my new Vionic Flats I purchased on sale this summer go well. 

Tomorrow, I will discuss these jackets more and also look to other colors since I have the green.  This green is one of my go-to colors, but I noticed on Saturday that is not the case for some of you.  So, pay attention for similar styles in these jackets this fall in navy, merlot and gold.

TIP:  Always go to your closet first after you see what is on trend.




Pamela Lutrell on Being Thankful 

I love to decorate my home for fall.  The sun may be beating down outside, but inside we can enjoy the leaves already changing colors, the aromas of pumpkin spice candles, and all the cozy comfort these items bring.

I have my decorations packed away and ready to come out this week, but perhaps you need a little fall right this very minute like me and desire some budget stretching ideas.  Well, there are cute items at great prices all around you!  I recently found décor at Big Lots, Marshalls, Hobby Lobby, Walmart, and Target for great prices.   I have some of these in the décor slideshow today.

Big Lots Pillow on Over 50 Feeling 40

I begin my decorations with artificial pumpkins and gourds.  Then when the real ones are available, I add them in on the porches and in the house.  I also grab some baking pumpkins to roast and freeze for pies and breads.  My challenge this year is that my kitchen is in limbo as I wait for the contractor to begin the renovation.

Big Lots Fall decorations on over 50 Feeling 40

My family loves the decorations for the holidays beginning with fall.  Even Mr. B looks forward to it. There is just something that says “home” when I do this and it always brings a smile.  This year it offers even more comfort.

TIP: Decorate at least a little for the season….just to brighten your spirits.



Big Lots sign on over 50 Feeling 40


Thank you again for the well wishes during and after my little surgery last week.  The hardest thing for me right now is the recovery time…I have been told to lay low for two weeks and that is hard for me.    

But I focus on the blessings…this surgery was needed and the results should be amazing.  I am thankful for how it all went down and that it is covered by insurance.  I am thankful for family and friends who have checked in and kept an eye on me…and thankful for all of you!

My reality check today is to give myself time to heal completely though I will have to constantly say, SLOW DOWN.

Roasting Pumpkins on Over 50 Feeling 40

Anyone else thinking fall today?  I have a fall fashion slideshow for you from the most affordable brands, and a fall décor slideshow…hope you enjoy them and always ………………………..


I have only recently discovered Kirkland’s and I love this place! Here are a few slides from their site, but there is much, much more.  Sign up to get the emails and coupons!

Now for the rest of the finds:



Taking Juice Plus+ for seven years on Over 50 Feeling 40

There are several ways that I generate income through this blog in order to cover business expenses and give myself much needed income.  Purchases through the slideshow links is one way, ads on the page is one way and a new way is through ordering or re-ordering Juice Plus+ whole food capsules.  Please read my story and information HERE.




Pamela Lutrell and Goli

Another way is through ordering or re-ordering the GOLI Apple Cider Vinegar gummies through me with my GOLI LINK HERE.  Again, if you are not familiar with the benefits of apple cider vinegar, you should speak with your personal physician.  My husband and I are sold on the benefits and I am proud to represent this product.  I am going to leave this at the bottom of my posts so that when you, friends or family would like to order you can use my link.  Thanks for the support.  This is a great product; as well as, the ones below!




Chamonix on Over 50 Feeling 40

All natural, plant-cell technology skincare



By Pamela Lutrell


  1. You are certainly speaking to me today about fall, AND your utility jacket and Vionics! I can’t imagine that many days of that kind of heat. When it’s been in the 90’s here for weeks at a time I start getting really frustrated, even though we can’t change it, so 100 and over…just can’t imagine. No wonder you are thinking fall. I am too, because our mornings are very cool now even when it gets warm during the day. Cool mornings, and it being darker, definitely remind me of fall. I love that season too! I have an olive green utility jacket that I got probably 3 years ago now and I wear it a lot in spring and fall. It’s a favorite shade of green and I’m drawn to it in clothing! But that jacket is a real workhorse. I like your outfit today – that’s what I think of for ‘at home casual’ but still great for running out to do errands or meet a friend for coffee/lunch/shopping. Vionics are another favorite brand. That’s what I think of when I think of shoes made for comfort and fussy feet, yet still very stylish and fun. I have some Vionic flats that I’m trying not to wear out, but they are the most comfortable shoes I have and are taupe so they go with everything. You have inspired me to try a little more for fall with decorating. I’m in the process of getting new flooring prior to selling the house and seriously purging belongings, but a touch of fall here and there won’t be in the way and will actually be a nice change. They have glorious huge pots of mums for bargain prices at the farmers market that I frequent, so those outside the front door bring in some fall also. I’ll have to get some this week. It’s so nice how your family appreciates your seasonal decorating. That makes it more fun! Be sure to rest up and continue to heal. Glad your surgery went well!!

  2. Love today’s look–must find a green jacket! I agree Fall is looking mighty good right now! It’s only 50 degrees here this morning, headed to high 70s which is perfect. And no humidity! Hurray. I’ve got a couple of appointments (eye doctor etc) so will get outside later today to walk and enjoy the refreshing air. And my hair won’t frizz up! Bonus!
    I’m sure you’re looking ahead to cooler too……100s? Unless you’re accustomed to those high temps –it’s draining.
    Love your blog!

  3. Wow you look great in that jacket. Better than the manikin did in hers. I am so washed out in that color, but it is flattering to you. I wear olive leggings with a leopard print shirt , but I just can’t handle it close to my face.
    I can really empathize with how you are feeling when told to “take it easy”. I look around and see thing I want to do, crafts I want to start, etc. I try to do those things that I can see results, even though I adapt my ways of doing things during those slow down instructions.
    I love the Summer heat here in Northwest Florida Panhandle, but am glad when the threat of hurricanes will be over. Fall weather is invigorating though.

  4. I too enjoy the fall decorations. The summer heat is still here, but making the change is good for my soul. I started with apples on my kitchen table, but in couple of weeks will add pumpkins and gourds, etc. Also will look forward to decorating outside the house, our porch is so welcoming with the fall items.
    Enjoy fall!!

  5. You have found your “uniform” with this look. Every last piece is perfect. I second shopping one’s closet first. We frequently can put together similar looks from our overstuffed wardrobes.

    I have to say that I HATE fall. Living in the upper midwest, I know what comes next – interminable winter! Think wearing a parka – indoors!

  6. Yes, I am so ready for fall! I live in Scottsdale, AZ where we have had 50 days of 110 and above degrees of heat! 😳 I can’t even think about decorating for fall when it is still so hot. Question about your Vionic shoes – do you size down in those? I bought some for a trip we took last fall (at my podiatrist’s recommendation) and they ended up being too big and gave me terrible blisters. They were not cheap and I’m sad I cannot wear them.

  7. I am a fall girl, too. I will start decorating the day after Labor Day. I picked up a couple of new items last year at Home Goods to replace tired pieces. I am on the look out for a wreath for my door this year. The one I have is looking rather sad & dowdy. The door is somewhat sheltered, but I need something that can withstand a bit of weather. I love your Vionic flats, very stylish. Take care & try not to over do, hard as that is.

  8. Fall is my very favorite time of year! In a “normal” year there are so many activities and events happening and the weather is perfect. Love your olive green jacket and look forward to wearing a similar one that I have once it cools down here. So glad that your surgery is over and you’re on the mend!

  9. I’m with you – I love fall!! Even though our temps are high (and still will be for the next 6 weeks), the calendar tells me cooler days and nights are on the way – YAHOO!! Hope you recover quickly and completely, Pam.

  10. Normally lean toward blue rather than green however do love the different tones of Olive. As for wearing jackets in the Fall; prefer blazers, wraps or heavier sweaters with substance (bulk ‘n weave) since the former is a necessity (as well as coats) during our long winter season so I try to avoid them as long as I can. With respect to decor; I namely concentrate on the outdoors as the fading of Mother Nature’s Summer Glory, is not ‘ my’ favourite time of year since it is the introduction of winter where I live. (Plunging temps, snow up to the eyeballs, freezing rain, less hours of daylight …. not Hallmark perfect by any means ….. lol!) Do love this outfit on you Pam.

    1. I understand about fall where you are Brenda…I love it so much because our summers are brutal and our winters are mild. It is my season!

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