In Search of My New Life-Style at Talbots

Fall 2020 Talbots Poncho with Pamela Lutrell on Over 50 Feeling 40

It’s September, and today, I resume my search for what my new personal style will be during this new phase of life and I made a stop by Talbot’s.  So far, I have tried on different looks at Chico’s, Eileen Fisher at Dillard’s, Soft Surroundings, and now Talbots.  Last week, I tapped into my creative side and today, I am looking closer at my classic side.

I tried on several different pieces, however, I missed the most recent collection and will need to return to check out more of the fall styles.  While I did not make any purchases at this time, I did love this Ribbed Linen Blend Poncho that I have on in the first picture.  You can find it in the slideshow below and I keep thinking about it!


Pamela Lutrell in Talbots Jeggings on over 50 Feeling 40

In this picture, I am wearing the Talbots’ jeggings…which I loved.  The fit and the comfort is great…probably the best jegging I have tried on in a long time.  Now, I want to own them in other colors as well as this dark denim….I did see an eggplant purple online!!

I could see me living in these jeggings throughout fall and winter, and maybe add a pair of these…

Pamela Lutrell in Talbots straight leg jeans on over 50 feeling 40

As with the jeggings, these straight leg jeans are super comfy with great fit.  They were both very flattering and I was impressed with how comfortable they feel.


Pamela Lutrell in Talbot's Safari Jacket on Over 50 Feeling 40

Yesterday, I showed you that I have a military green jacket similar to this in my wardrobe, but I would love to add this Talbots Safari Jacket in Indigo.  One of my goals for fall is to add some navy blue to the closet and this little jacket would get a lot of wear.


Last week I had so much fun tapping into my bohemian side, but when I put on these looks at Talbots, they felt like me.  These are looks I feel very confident wearing and would wear often.  So, I am learning that my new life-style will need to have a little bit of classic and 

a little bit of boho.  I believe there is room for both.  But, again…the jury is still out until I decide who I will be in this new phase of life.  Below is a slideshow featuring some of these pieces and more from Talbots.  Let  me know what you think…you had a lot to say last week.



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By Pamela Lutrell


  1. hmmm, im thinking i might try ponchos again…when working, they interfered with desk work. that color is really nice. i did not know Talbots had physical stores, i thought they were completely on line..i will check it out and see if they are in my area…

    1. Pam – I hope you bought that poncho in the Spice color you are wearing in the photo! That is definitely one of YOUR colors! I may have to use your link and get me one! 😉

  2. This is definitely in my wheelhouse! This is my most frequently shopped store! That poncho you are wearing is beautiful. I like the drape at the neck…it’s not just flat but has extra style. And the color is gorgeous. Their jeggings are great. I have a pair in a gorgeous, rich powder blue for summer. Mine aren’t pull-on, so I’ll be going back to look for those. I appreciate the lack of hardware in the front, and the pull-on styles are gaining popularity, which is good. You look great in these outfits Pam! I do like that navy jacket. Combining classic and boho is such a good idea and allows you to indulge your creative side – you do creative so well that it would be missed if you didn’t bring that into the mix! The two can definitely live happily together! You have me thinking about that poncho now….the season here for it would be so short since they aren’t very easy to wear under a coat or winter jacket, but it’s just so beautiful…..

  3. That poncho looks fantastic on you. The angles of it make for a flattering fit, you look stylish and modern. That color suits you well- it looks like your skin is glowing. Hope you buy it 🙂

      1. Well, I have worn it that way before and loved it. But, now that I am trying to stretch out hair appointments to save money, I am going to stay on the blonde side…it doesn’t show gray as much. Thanks though.

  4. You look great in all of these outfits, but particularly the poncho — if you’re still thinking about it in a few days, most definitely add it to your closet. Thanks for taking us on this journey with you.

    1. The poncho looks great on you. I, like others, may have to get it. I went into Talbots on Friday to check out their jeans. I have heard so many good things about them. I brought home the high waisted straight legs and love the fit and feel. I also plan to get the barely boot cut and a blazer. Thank you for going with the classic look.

      1. The poncho is so lightweight and not cumbersome at all. I know I can wear and work here at my desk. I highly recommend and all the colors are pretty ones.

  5. I totally agree that classic style with the flair of boho is the way for you to go. I’ve been doing it all my life and it keeps my classic clothes from looking to prissy and my boho clothes from being overwhelming. I’ve been enjoying how you and your readers are analyzing each set of try-ons. Even though I have a totally different body shape ( very very short with a straight body), I learn so much. So thank you.
    I also like the non-fashion conversations, especially about elegance. They have broadened my view of what elegance is. And that’s a good thing at age 70!

  6. You look wonderful Pam! Love the indigo jacket on you and the pop of red underneath. I bought a pair of skinny black jeans from Talbots recently when they were doing 40% off for 2 items and I love them. I recently bought the blank Spanx leggings in the Nordtsrom sale that many faishon bloggers were raving about -and looking forwrd to seeing what they are like. I like the look with a boyfriend plaid shirt. Happy Fall 🙂

  7. I can attest to Talbots jeggings as I literally live in them. The pull on style is great for at home, but they make some with zippers and pockets that look exactly like regular jeans. These I used to wear on casual Fridays at work, they appeared so polished (but are so comfy). They last forever too. Pam, I liked all these looks on you, and agree that that indigo jacket would be easy to style and would be worn for years. I loved the color of the poncho. I seem to remember you saying your color season was winter, but I think you look amazing in autumnal colors. I’m glad spice and olive are having a moment. I am considering adding some plum and eggplant to my olive this year. Great picks!

  8. Love, love you in the jeggings. I may have to try them. I too like pull on pants because they kind of hold everything in and don’t have extra bumps and buttons and zippers in the middle front. I wonder if the jeggings are long enough for someone 5’9”.

    1. Good morning. I don’t know whether you have a follower count or anything, but I lost you over the weekend. I got Saturdays email, but dropped off after that. Anyway, I resubscribed this morning. I just wanted to mention it since it may have affected others. I don’t know what happened.
      Anyway, love me some Talbots and those jeggings are the bomb. I have 4 pair and I am thinking that same eggplant pair for fall. Have a great day

      1. Hi Mari, I have been working with the mail company to fix an issue and hopefully it is fixed. Thanks for letting me know…it helps. I am dreaming of those purple jeggings!!

    2. I love, love them too! I think they would be long enough. I am 5’8″ so I believe they would work for you, Sue.

  9. That poncho color is amazing on you. It’s the perfect example of the difference the right color makes! The red blouse is great, too.

  10. You look great in all the outfits, but that poncho is just WOW! There is a Talbots in my town and it’s my go to place to shop.

  11. The poncho looks so good. I recently tried on a top in this color and it looked terrible with my coloring! Bummer! I don’t think you have to narrow down to one style. I have classic and bohemian in my closet. I enjoy wearing different type styles. I would be bored if all my clothing was the same. I keep my bottoms neutral then one day wear a classic top, then another time a peasant top. By the way you have nice thick hair! I noticed in the pictures today that the sides were off your face . This shows off your beautiful face!

  12. I love seeing your shopping expeditions and how you put outfits together! Talbots is my favorite store for classic style and well made clothing. I have several of their jackets, but I’m surely going to try those pull on leggings. Boho styles are fun although I don’t seem to get as much wear out of them, and it’s hard to find petite styles. I really like your hair now that it’s gotten a little longer.

    1. Hi Mary, so sorry that I left it out. Click on any picture to go to Talbots website and then in the search bar type pull on jegging and you will have it with my link!

  13. First of all your hair is looking very youthful in today’s post Secondly, you wear that poncho better than the model. I think autumn colors suit you.

  14. I am a big fan of Talbots. I am all about their classic looks, & occasionally, there will be something with a touch of whimsy that catches my eye. I appreciate that their clothing lasts forever. It makes the cost per wear incredibly low. I will have to check out the jeggings. I might be more comfortable with them than a legging.

  15. I am late to the game here today, but wanted to echo others who complimented your chic modeling of the autumn toned poncho. Glad to hear you did purchase. How about a photo shoot where you pair that with a couple other outfits from your closet? 😉 Please dredge up some blouses in that same color – I had a silk blouse that color eons ago which was so flattering, and would love to add it back into my rotation. I used to wear it with a navy skirt, pearl necklace and mid-height navy pumps and felt so grown up and glamorous. Ha!! Now I would pair it with slim cut dark jeans, carmel suede booties and a cream vest. Also wanted to thank you for one of your recent interviews. That ended up introducing me to the Vivienne Files and from there to a Canadian jewelry designer Lynx something . . .anyway, I have several of her bracelets headed this way and I’m excited to put together some outfits based on scarf and bracelet designs. You are expanding my fashion world and enjoyment!! Also, received my two new cardigans from your notice on the Nordie’s sale (oatmeal heather, like BUTTER!, and the berry/merlot which I wasn’t sure I could wear near my face – but it’s fantastic!). So, again, lots of thanks Pam!

  16. Love your try-on sessions! Please keep them coming. And I love Talbots! Over the last three or so years, I have purged and converted to mostly Talbots clothes. They fit well and are made well and are not too terribly expensive when taking advantage of sales. I have blue denim and gray denim pull on jeggings and love them as much as everyone else has reported. In my purging and shopping over these past years, I find I am drawn more and more to classic styles. I just feel the best in those styles. I will think a boho or trendy something or other is cute, buy it, and then take it off every time I try to wear it. So I am learning….the hard way, I guess. I draw interest with statement earrings and other pieces of jewelry, to stay current looking. You looked great in everything you tried on and I am so glad you treated yourself with the poncho!!

  17. I too love the poncho on you Pamela (very chic) but overall do prefer the slimmer cut bottoms on you rather than the straight legs. JMO with no intention to offend as you do have great style. -Brenda-

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