5 Simple Touches of Elegance in the Everyday Life of Women over 50

Chicos Top on over 50 Feeling 40

Happy Friday, ladies!  This is the day we focus on learning elegance in our everyday lives, and today I have for you 5 simple touches of elegance in the everyday life of women over 50.   Remember, elegance is all about simplicity and sometimes just a touch will do.



Casual Chic on Over 50 Feeling 40

I know there are many of you who do not like to wear black in the summer, but it is amazing the way something black can take a pair of light-wash jeans to a new level…add a pair of black ballet flats and you are at casual chic.  This is an older Chico’s top and it is very lightweight and comfy for my new lifestyle.  I am a huge fan of black with denim…of all washes.  I also believe that navy blue has the same power to upgrade a simple look. 




James Avery Bracelets on Over 50 Feeling 40

All I did to accessorize my casual chic style today, is to add a simple small brooch and my silver bracelets.  The silver cuff bracelets are from James Avery, and the other one is a gift from Mr. B, five years ago on our 30th anniversary.  



Remember, for elegance simple is the way to go.  I have several small brooches and I plan to wear them more often with my new lifestyle.  It seems when I am out and about that they always receive a complement or two.  






When I was sent home to work because of the pandemic in March, I made a personal goal to keep fresh flowers on my desk and in the house.  So far, I have lived up to it and to my surprise, Mr. B likes to have them in the house as well and has participated in picking up bouquets.  This little vase was from my grandmother’s farm in East Texas.  I have several items from that farm that I really like for vintage, farmhouse, French country type decor.  I am so glad I kept the pieces and hope to pass them down to my children….the ones who want them.  I love how elegant simple flower arrangements make a home feel.


Bath and Bodyworks Candles on Over 50 Feeling 40


During the early morning hours or late evening hours, you are likely to find candles glowing in my home.  I love them and the atmosphere they help to create.  There is just something elegant to me about a place with candlelight and fresh flowers.  My favorite scents are all fall related, but I have no problem with having them shining all year long.  One of the joys of working at home has been to have candles and flowers in my office.  I set the rules and those are the rules!


Teaching grandsons on over 50 feeling 40

Good manners are so simple and so elegant.  Good manners tell others that you care about them…more than yourself.  Good manners should never be controversial.  When I was in charge of three of my grandsons last week, I began to teach them some good manners.  I realize some of you may take issue with this, but with one granddaughter, their cousin, also present, I began to teach them LADIES FIRST. 

We will gradually move into opening doors for others, and pulling back chairs for others.  We also worked on not interrupting a conversation until one person is finished.  We are to practice good manners with all people.  We can dress really well and look amazingly stylish, but without good manners our outside doesn’t matter at all. 


Would anyone like to add to the list?  Are there simplicities you find in your own life to remind you of an elegant lifestyle?  It is not about income or fancy things…but so much more.  I hope you will share and also enjoy today’s three slideshows! 



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Sun Basket on Over 50 Feeling 40


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By Pamela Lutrell


  1. All really good points! Especially the manners. I do like your black shirt with the jeans. Just something about black… and like you said, navy has the same effect! A few more ideas on elegance: Listen without interrupting, keep nails manicured, be positive, don’t gossip, give sincere complements, don’t boast, accept complements graciously. I’m actually writing things down to re-read until they become more of a habit. I’m taking notes on these posts!

  2. Have you seen Heidi Daus pins? Beautiful and some really fun designs. I recently purchased the banana. She also has cords you can put the pins on to wear as necklaces.

  3. Your grandchildren picture made me smile, remembering those fun-filled afternoon, playing around the sprinkler. I laughed to think how often our little boys would end up naked, running through the water with such delight! To begin teaching your grands some common manners which seem to be disappearing in today’s society is a wonderful things to do. We must set good examples since they often copy our every word and action. And I so loved your list of Elegant Little Things. I’m going to make a copy, and post on my mirror to see daily. I am gradually adding to my concept of elegance, thanks to your blog.

  4. The grands were having a grand time! Kudos for teaching them manners, not that their parents aren’t already doing that. Sometimes the littles learn better from someone other than a mom or dad. Go figure! I bought a book on manners for my granddaughter when she was very young. I think she is a very considerate young lady at fourteen.

    Love these posts on elegance! I am so happy you are writing on this subject. It has been a boost while we are still confined to think on elegance and how to attain it. As I sit here in my housecleaning clothes, I can still be elegant, right? Ha!

    Adding a brooch to an outfit is a sure sign of elegance. We watch Father Brown and I love Sorcha Cusack who plays Mrs McCarthy. The show is set in the mid 1950’s and the costuming is fabulous. Mrs M, as they call her, always wears a brooch. And a hat but I’m not sure those will make a big comeback. Although back in the early ’90’s, I had quite a collection. It is interesting what clothing or accessories ladies consider elegant.

    1. Thanks for sharing Donna! I am now familiar with Father Brown, but you have made me want to check it out!

  5. When I was teaching high school, I was playfully coaching the guys (with purpose of course!) about dating. When I emphasized how they should hold doors, etc. and treat their dates like princesses, the guys said no way would a date want all that “fluff.” The ladies in the class went absolutely nuts, yelling, “yes, we do!”

  6. I like all of your comments. I would add to the list “A fresh cup of coffee in the morning, alone if possible, and outdoors when practical.” There is something about being alone with that first cup of coffee in the morning that gives me a peaceful feeling and sets the tone for my day.

    I’m all about manners and my kids are good at instilling it in my grandchildren because it was important to me raising them. My grands actually take the lessons better from me. (big surprise).

  7. HI Pam,
    I really agree with you about manners, we have two children (now adults) and it was very important to us they were polite. We taught them to always say thank you to whoever did the cooking and when they left the table, and help with the clean up and this always impressed others’ when they were in someone’else’s home. I get so mad at how children can behave in restaurants and how the parents don’t tell them to “sit up straight, say thamk you, behave yourself you are somewhere nice, don’t crawl under the table, and keep your voices down please.” We would take the child out of the place if they misbehaved and not take them socially with us if they could not be trusted. Now as adults they both comment on how much they appreciated that and how having good manners has helped them in their careers. So elegance to me is to be very cognizant of others’ and to practice that behavior daily, and recognize the importance of social kindnesses and respect.
    You look wonderful today Pam love the black and denim! Happy weekend!

  8. I love your list! I would add music to it. There is something about having soft music playing while I read, write in my journal or even pay bills that makes the process so much nicer. One of my goals for the year was to have fresh flowers all the time. I haven’t done very well with that the past few months & need to start making more of an effort to do so. I always light a candle at night to chase away the stale smells & freshen my bedroom before sleeping.

  9. Manners were very important in our household. My husband was really helpful in this. One evening when the kids were in their late teens we went out to dinner and there was a young child sitting behind them that was completely out of control (so bad the restaurant clapped when they left). Both of my children told their Dad and I thank you for teaching them manners. And their kids were taught manner also.
    Loved the pictures of the little guys and the sprinkler. Fun memories for sure.

  10. What a terrific post today, Pam.

    I love having fresh flowers in the house and it is rare for me to not have them around. I enjoy having the varieties throughout the seasons. I am fortunate that our grocery store carries a wonderful selection. It’s an indulgence but one I allow myself (and my husband who also enjoys them).

    Good manners — that should be on the top of the list!!

  11. Thank you fir this uplifting blog. Today was especially inspiring as you touched on manners, flowers as decor, and how much even the simplest touches transform summer dressing- a touch of black bringing elegance and simple yet beautiful jewelry adds a glow. Loved today’s blog!

  12. Loved today’s blog, Pam, and enjoyed all the comments ! May I add setting a pretty table? I hope I didn’t miss reading that somewhere! I love placemats and cloth napkins and I have many for each season, along with seasonal dishes as well. I love setting a nice table with candles and/or flowers. Just makes the whole meal more enjoyable, it seems! Thank you for your many thoughtful entries about elegance. I never realized that I have been working on that my whole life. So many things you mention are things that have been important to me over the years. My husband truly appreciates my efforts, too! So, thanks again!

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