Would You Wear It Over 50 with Pamela & Jennifer + A Reader Request

Happy Saturday, ladies, and welcome to Would You Wear It over 50 with me and my friend, Jennifer.  We are going to retire the Wednesday version of these posts for awhile.  It is challenging to get out and find the mannequins right now for two a week.  But, Saturdays will continue and I want to thank all of you for being here.  

Just in case someone is new, Jennifer and I go about our communities and find fashion displays that make us wonder what you would think about them.  Then, we post them and ask you to tell us if you personally would or would not wear the styles.  Women seem to love to read the comments and we all learn a lot from one another about our likes and dislikes, and what works for different body types and lifestyles.  So, keep it personal, but please say more than Yes or No.

Would You Wear It Mannequin on Over 50 Feeling 40


My mannequin today isn’t standing, but I still wanted to see what you think of it.  So, please look this over carefully with your best fashion eye and tell us



Connie asked where I purchase my tights….now, I am not sure if she means workout tights or leggings….so I will answer for both with a slideshow of each.  These are retailers where I have worn the products and recommend them.  It is more for leggings.  I love leggings and have tried them with several different retailers. so I only put in the slideshow the brands I am familiar with. My favorite, most worn pair of leggings are by Joan Vass and were purchased at Marshalls years ago.  I still love them.  Thanks for asking, Connie…I love to talk leggings, especially now that I can wear them for work-at-home!



There are many excellent selections for activewear in the NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE.    The day for everyone to shop the sale will be August 19…please remember my links!



Soft Surroundings at La Cantera on Over 50 Feeling 40


San Antonio, this necklace is located at Soft Surroundings in The Shops at La Cantera

I hope you will join me every day this week for a full week of fun!  I am going to be taking you to several places and introducing you to some new inspiration and ideas.  We will begin tomorrow with updates on the Soft Surroundings in-store beauty departments and a few new all natural makeup products.  Hope to see you then. 


Sun Basket Meal Delivery on Over 50 Feeling 40

Finally, Mr. B and I are still enjoying our three Sun Basket meal deliveries per week, and this week, our favorite was the Green Goddess Chicken Salad Lettuce Cups with Roasted Almonds.  The seasoning was excellent and I am still learning cooking techniques from preparing all the different meals.  Such fun!  Also, remember to re-order GOLI with the link below.

Now, head over the A WELL STYLED LIFE and see what Jennifer has for us today to scrutinize!!



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Chamonix on Over 50 Feeling 40

All natural, plant-cell technology skincare



By Pamela Lutrell




  1. This isn’t for me, but only because of the pattern. I like the tunic over slim pants and would wear it in a different color or print. Love the necklace…SS has such beautiful jewelry! The salad looks wonderful too! Avocado is a favorite at my house!

  2. I would totally wear this look… Tunics are my jam! Love the way the ankle portion was buttoned..Soft Surroundings is my favorite store ever! My daughter and I visited the one in Memphis recently. Their dressing rooms were open and even a nice restroom! They are kinda pricey, but I watch for their sales.

  3. I like this pairing….but would opt for the tunic in petite , as I’m only 5 ft 3 and this tunic appears very very long. I love the leggings with button detail. Very smart! Thanks for sharing this mannequin. It’s given me some ideas!

  4. It comes in petite and is on sale. Just click on the word Top under the second picture!

  5. I like the structure and the decoration around the neckline and bib of this shirt but not in combination with the tie-dye effect. If this came in a solid color, I would buy it. Love the earrings and necklace set!

  6. Mmmm, I love the top embroidery of the item. It is a style I would wear. but and here comes the but, I do not like the splashy sort of tie dye material. The material takes away from the awesomeness of the decoration. therefore, I would not wear it.

  7. Love this total outfit, especially the top. I would absolutely wear this, however as a small woman I find this brand runs really large and can’t wear their clothes.

  8. I can’t decide on this tunic. Tie dye always reads casual to me, so the lace is throwing me off. I love wearing tunics with leggings and if this top did not have the lace I would definitely gravitate towards it. The lace would be lovely on a dressier material which would then elevate the tunic/legging combo.

  9. I really like this tunic with the slim pants. The button detail on the pants adds a nice touch of interest.

  10. The outfit for today is sure to make me stop and try it on. I like the soft colours of the top and the detail is fun. I would not need a necklace with but would still wear fun earrings. The pant with the button detail is something I like and have a couple already, but maybe another, depending on the fit. I like the feel of the store and that would make me linger to try on a few things. As always, I like the jewellery you show, as it is a bit of a statement size and that is all me. I can certainly understand the decision to go back to once a week at this time with having to go out more and less to choose from for us. Still appreciate the effort involved for us.

  11. i do like the button detail on the leggings. i would try them on, but i know i would need to be very careful with a top selection. the top is a no for me, my reasons are….too much detail on the front, embellishments like that i find tend to fray up fairly quickly. the print wasnt enough to grab me, and the cut seemed odd with it being not quite an empire. i really like soft surroundings items, very pretty and usually bright colors that i enjoy.

  12. Love this. The colors are perfect for me. I think of the top as sort of like Monet. While I like the button legging, I would probably pair the top with denim. Maybe even that same bottom but in a different color. I like white but I am too messy. Love soft surroundings, but have to wait for sales.

  13. The top has way too much going on and the colors are not something I wear. It looks “baby doll” and that’s not for me. The pants would be fine without the buttons detail on the leg. That is unnecessary.

  14. I would definitely wear this! The button leggings are so cute and I like the juxtaposition of the tie-dye and lace with what looks like sequins. The tunic would hide a multitude of sins…ha!

  15. Yes, I love the tunic. The combination of decorative embroidery and tie-die is different and has that Sixties-era vibe that really suits me. I’d probably have darker leggings though, don’t always feel confident in white on the lower half.

  16. For myself re the top; way too much going on as feel the pattern of the fabric only competes with the elaborate trim. Also, the only time I may wear a tunic length top is when paired with leggings. As for the pants; I think I would pass on them as well namely due to the button accents as –
    a) they would have to be of quality (which most nowadays are not)
    b) because if/when I do press my slacks; I normally run the iron up its outer (and inner) seam line so would only consider them a navigation obstacle.
    P.S.: Though I do live in Canada, thank you so much Pamela for the heads-up on the upcoming Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

  17. I like seeing the mannequin posed seated today. I like her leggings, but the top is too busy for my taste. Thanks Pam for the leggings showcase today. By tights I was thinking the old fashioned kind with feet to wear under skirts, but perhaps nobody does that anymore. You got me thinking, perhaps it’s okay to wear a legging under a skirt?! At least if a boot would be hiding the ankle area?

  18. I like everything about this look. I dress very conservative but this appeals to me as a fun and casual outfit to go out with friends (if going out ever happens again in my lifetime). I would buy this and hang it on my closet door as a reminder things will get better and I’ll be ready to go out when they do. Go away Covid 🤬

  19. I love this outfit! It fits my classy, casual style very well. The soft colours and lace give the top a romantic, almost vintage look that really appeals to me and the button detail on the pants lift them above the ordinary. Both pieces would pair well with lots of other things in my closet.

  20. I would not have chosen white pants with that gorgeous top, but it looks really great. Yes to this outfit!

  21. I love long tunics with leggings. The leggings are unique with the buttons. The top is gorgeous with the lavish embroidery, however the coloring on the tunic is too subtle for me. I think I could wear it if it was a solid. I love this feature “would you wear it” and enjoy the comments from others.

  22. I wear tunics and leggings a lot but I’m torn about this look. I don’t like the heavy embroidery on the print. I think the embroidery would be gorgeous on a solid color. All my leggings and slim-ankle pants have either a plain hem or a slit-hem. I like the look of the buttons but I’d have to try them on to see if I liked the feel of having buttons on my leg!

  23. This is my kind of outfit…I like the tunic top (that vintage look!) and the leggings (buttons are a cute style detail). The outfit is casual-dressy (or is it dressy casual?) which is perfect match to my current lifestyle. The necklace in the other photo is very appealing as well. I’m going to miss the Wednesday mannequins” but maybe they’ll return someday

  24. That top — wow! At first I wasn’t sure, but the decorative embroidery is beautiful and very appealing to me. I’m not a fan of tie-dye, but the colors here are muted and that makes this top a win for me!!

    I can picture this top with leggings and boots which would be fabulous fall/winter look!!

    Thanks for the info about leggings … I have become a true fan of them. They really are so comfy and look so great with tunic tops!!

  25. This looks like a soft comfortable outfit to wear at home. The soft muted colors on the tunic appeal to me. I would wear the tunic with different pants to go out, but not the leggings. I am not comfortable wearing leggings in public, especially in a light color.

  26. Looking forward to your posts this week coming! Virtual tours are just as fun in many instances; especially with an expert narrator.

    I’d pass by this outfit—“Hair” vibes. Don’t have a better description, ugh. Maybe too John Lennon-ish *scratching head in perplexity*?

  27. Very pretty although I’m not sure I would try this on. I like the tunic and would consider it if the beading and embroidery were removed. Those items make this into a high-maintenance item to wash. Also I cannot see wearing all that beading to work so it makes the top less useful for me. I like the style of the leggings and would try them but I would prefer a darker color.

  28. I really like the colors & style of the tunic and would definitely try it on to see how it would look on me. My favorite capri leggings are from J. Jill. They wash and wear nicely and hold their shape without knee bagging. Your Sun Basket meal looks very tasty! Glad you are learning fun techniques. Looking forward to this week full of fun posts!

  29. I love that top, it reminds me of the 70’s when I was a a teenager. I wouldn’t pair it with those pants though. I would wear plain plants, in white or maybe pale blue denim. I like the button detail on the pants and would wear them with a plain top.

  30. Love the tunic. Would wear the top with a pair of tights.
    The pants look nice but I would wear them with a different top.
    The avocado dish looks delicious.

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