5 tips for how to wear mules as an elegant accessory over 50

Rockport Leather Mules on Over 50 Feeling 40

Happy Thursday, all.  Today I wanted to discuss how to wear mules/slides as an elegant accessory for women over 50 and give you five tips.

Next to my ballet flats, I am enjoying wearing my mules more and more to update my style and take it more into the elegance I seek.  These are shoes which have no back and are covered at the toe.

Here are some tips, I hope will help those of you who also love a beautiful mule….


Aerosole Leather Snake Mules on Over 50 Feeling 40

  1. Pretty Feet are a must. I do get a monthly pedicure for many reasons, but well cared for heels is necessary when wearing slides and mules.
  2. In-between foot care is also a must. I currently love this Blue Emu Foot care lotion and use it every night.  It keeps my heels smooth and has a refreshing tingle to it.  I really like the results.

Foot Therapy on Over 50 Feeling 40

3. Quality leather or leather-like mules are the most elegant. I just love the way they look particularly with skinny denim, leggings, or nice trousers.  I wear them for casual and nicer styles. I did not feel comfortable wearing them in the office building, but now that I am self-employed…Game On!  Also, there are some fun styles on the market that are not in the leather or leather-like area, but are super cute and more casual.

4. Don’t slip slide away. I have run into an occasional mule which slip on my feet.  To help prevent this, try a half-foot sock with a little thickness to it and on the bottom of the shoe a strip of two- sided tape will slow you down if it slips while walking.  The two slides I am wearing today do not slip, so I haven’t had to help them out.

5. Actually, with any new shoe it is a good idea to wear them around the house and practice before going out just to make sure you got a good fit.  But, practicing with a mule is really helpful if you are not accustomed to wearing them. 




Wearing Mules on Over 50 Feeling 40


I find all history to be interesting and love to learn how certain garments happened to be created.  These began as bedroom slippers, not worn in public, all the way back to ancient Rome, but did not become popular until the 16th century in Europe.  It is reported that these were Marilyn Monroe’s favorite shoe…which surprised me.

Of course, with the backs missing, they are more popular in the summer.  But our weather is so mild in San Antonio, I can wear them most of the year.



RealHer Affirmation Lips on Over 50 Feeling 40


RealHer Mauve Lip Trio on over 50 feeling 40


Let’s top our look today with a beautiful mauve trio from REALHER…the makeup which comes with great affirmations to inspire us throughout the day.  I do like this lip trio a lot in mauve and here are a couple of places to locate these products!  Enjoy!


Of course, today’s main slideshow is all about mules (ok, I included one sneaker at the end because I thought it was so cute)…many are currently on sale.  Thanks for being here, and always, always 




  1. Love your whole look today from top to bottom. Would wear everything just as you have shown.. ❤️

  2. Beautiful shoes, especially with the pointy toe…those are so flattering! I can see how mules and slides can be elegant, but of course, that is provided you can walk elegantly in them. You can obviously do this and I think it’s a major factor. There is nothing elegant about shuffling, and that’s exactly what happens when I try these shoes on! I truly can’t keep them on my feet (have tried). I understand about the toe sock and even the tape, but I think sometimes we have to accept that certain styles aren’t going to work for us (like platforms, another one I can’t walk elegantly in!) You definitely look elegant in what you are wearing, including your mules, and lucky you that you can wear them all year! I didn’t know about Blue-Emu for feet…that’s good to know because it’s still sandal season!

    1. I have tried on mules I shuffled in and only purchase the ones I can walk in. I understand it is a problem for some and that is why I offered the tips. For me, I could walk all day in my snakeprint Aerosoles! Thanks for sharing Karen.

  3. Just a few hints for Narrow feet. Many Slides/Mules are simply too wide and you will walk out of them…..or shuffling to keep you foot in the shoe. Sometimes a gel insert under the toes and ball of the foot helps. The other thing that helps is if the top front edge of the shoe comes well up over the arch of the foot (rather than ending just past the toes). Mostly you need to simply try on about a million pairs of shoes until one of them is just the right width and then you can walk just fine

    1. Thanks for the help Lauren. I know I did not try on a million pair and I have hammer toes! But, it is possible to find a great fit in a mule.

  4. I like the Zappos pair of natural color suede mules; they look like they would go perfectly with a suede hobo from Dooney hanging in my closet. 😉 I have developed a problem toe though (a hammer toe also) and wear a wide width shoe, and I see these are medium only. These issues keep me from the shoe wardrobe of my dreams.
    Pam, in an upcoming post I would love a look at tights for this fall and winter. With stores in short supply near me, I will have to rely on online shopping for this staple item and would just as soon do so through your links if it’s not too much trouble. Thanks!

    1. Happy to do that Connie! I love my leggings and tights! I will let you know when I can select some for you!

  5. I have foot issues and can only wear a backless shoe. I’m sure I have at least 20 pairs of mules. I can attest to the fact that if you find a brand or two that fit you correctly, you absolutely can walk in a mule. Aerosoles are great, and I own the Clarks mule featured; they are always good shoes. I find it’s easier to wear a pointed toe in a mule than in any other type of shoe. I buy mine pretty tight to start, as when they stretch, they can get sloppy otherwise. Another brand to check out is Cole Haan. Their leather, sleek elegance, and workmanship is excellent for the price point. My Cole Haan leopard mules are my favorite shoes.

  6. I too loved your look today, and the different styles of mules. I responded recently that because of having polio as a child, I struggle to keep different styles of shoes on my feet. However, mules and clogs with higher heels and arches work much better than the flatter styles. Your foot is forced down into the shoe, and you do not walk out of them as some complain of happening with lower heeled mules. About one & 1/2 to two inches seems to be a very comfortable heel height for me, and may work better for some. Another aspects of mules…they cover up ugly toes! LOL!

  7. You totally rock that black & grey outfit w/ the snakeskin mules, right down to the necklace! Classy, classic & — dare I say it? — elegant as heck 🙂 Mules aren’t my favorite shoe. I tend to “flap” in them like I do when I wear flip-flops (which do as their name implies on me). I also dislike flats & rarely wear them. But, that said, two of my favorite shoes are mules: a pr of black Perry Ellis slides w/ a closed toe & a pr of red Liz Claibornes w/ an open toe, both of which I bought on sale at Nordstrom in Seattle many years ago, & both of which have 2″ heels (does this make them a “slide” or a mule, I wonder). As Celia says upthread, having a heel makes all the difference: neither pair falls off my feet or “flaps” when I walk. They’re insanely comfortable & as old as they are, they’re still stylish & going strong (I’m down to about 50¢/wearing by now). I think my biggest problem with mules, though is that to my eye they DO look like slippers 🙂 Now I’ve read your post, I see why!

  8. I love a mule and the ones you are wearing are spectacular. I have a narrow foot (I can always count on my feet and ankles to be skinny regardless of the rest of my body). Most mules only come in medium so very hard to find for me.

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