Would You Wear It Over 50 Mid-Week Pop Up with Pamela & Jennifer

Would You Wear It on Over 50 Feeling 40

Happy Wednesday, ladies, and welcome to the Would You Wear It Over 50 Mid-Week Pop Up with me and my friend Jennifer!  We bring to you fashion displays we have located around our communities to see what you think of the styles.

What we ask is that you look the displays over and then give us in constructive comments your verdict…would you or would you not personally wear what we are showing in our posts.

Would You Wear This Style on Over 50 Feeling 40

So, let’s begin.  Please look over the above display that I found and either comment on one of the mannequins or both……………………………………….


Flowers from Trader Joes on over 50 feeling 40

The display reminded me of sunflowers, so I just had to throw some in there!    Also, remember there is a slideshow of Fabulous Finds below………once you spend some time here, make sure you head over to A WELL STYLED LIFE to tell Jennifer what you think of her selection. 


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale on Over 50 Feeling 40

Many readers have probably already seen promotion for this year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale since the previews have begun and this popular sale is on the horizon.  I found a jacket and boots last year that I just love and will be wearing with my denim this year.  It is also a great place to pick up Christmas presents and beauty supplies at an early discount.  You may have wished for items last year that will still be available this year…so take advantage and plan now.

Early Access: 8/4 – 8/18

Nordstrom cardholders have the opportunity to shop the sale during Early Access. The date to start shopping Early Access will be determined by your Nordstrom cardholder status.  Yes, you can get this access by applying for a Nordstrom card HERE.  Start you list now…I have a few early picks for you and will be bringing more….of course, this is the first time new items for fall and winter go on sale and many take advantage…also, many sell out quickly.  I lost out on a couple I really wanted last year by waiting too long.

All Shop NordstromAnniversary Sale on Over 50 Feeling 40





Summer 2020 has certainly been a roller-coaster ride for me, but I am so enjoying more freedom and working full time on this blog!  In case you missed any of these, here are the top five posts from Over 50 Feeling 40 so far this summer…we might as well start with the one that changed everything!








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Mr. B and I love our meals from Sun Basket!

Sun Basket on Over 50 Feeling 40


Sun Basket is a delicious, easy, fun home delivery meal plan


My Complexion Loves Chamonix…My esthetician says my complexion is super tight!

Chamonix on Over 50 Feeling 40

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By Pamela Lutrell



  1. I like the tote bag, the shoes, and your sunflowers! While I love yellow (even to wear!), the yellow top just isn’t something I’d bother to try on. Maybe it’s the shade, or the print, but something seems off. The ruffles on the sleeves aren’t helping. I do like the black pants on that mannequin. The black outfit is just so blah to me, and looks more like a costume. Not sure where you would wear something like that. I also like black and have quite a bit in my wardrobe, but I’d be passing right by this display. For me, the black outfit is just kind of depressing, AND being a jumpsuit is just a no-go for me from the start. The flowers are beautiful!

  2. I like the purse and shoes and the black pants. Would wear the yellow top if it were not so fussy. Longer sleeves to the elbow and a v- neck . Your flowers are beautiful!

  3. Is that a jumpsuit with spaghetti straps? Pass. I like the sheer topper. I would not wear the yellow top because large grommets, flutter sleeves and yellow! The sandals are cute but yellow! The tote is cute but yellow and the handles would drive be crazy. I prefer hands free crossbodies and shoulder bags. Happy Wednesday!

  4. I would pass on both outfits. Yellow is not for me, and neither are jumpsuits. The jeans in the background with the detailed hem? I need to see those. What store please?

  5. I liked the black outfit very much, but cannot think of any occasion when I might wear it, unfortunately. The yellow top and black trousers outfit is fine, but very mundane – not unlike what I am wearing today for just around the house. It’s true that you need ordinary things for every day wear, but that’s what sales are for!

    1. I really love the sunflowers, the tote bag …..but not the clothing shown today….really don’t care for either mannequin outfit. The blouse looks dowdy as displayed though perhaps on the right woman to fill it out, the blouse could be okay. The sheer sleeved black and white outfit just doesn’t speak to me at all.
      Sorry to say…..

  6. I’m really trying to shop my closet and clean out and purge, etc., etc., so I am not even considering anything new right now in the area of clothing…..BUT I love love love that tote! Can you share any info about it? And the picture of your sunflowers was so fun and happy. I buy lots of flowers at Trader Joes and sunflowers are always in the rotation! Thanks for all you present to us every day, Pam!

    1. You are so welcome, Sharon. Yes, these sunflowers are from Trader Joe’s! Would You Wear It is not about need, it is just a fun exercise to comment on current fashions and ask if you would wear them if given the opportunity. This was taken at Stein Mart.

  7. I don’t wear yellow so the top is a no. I’m not sure about the flutter sleeves. Jumpsuit cute but not for me. I like the black topper. I really like the jeans in the background. What store?

      1. Hi, I really don’t like. The yellow top even though it’s my favourite colour. The grommets are a real turnoff!
        The flows over shirt is just delightful!
        I think I would buy it then decide where to wear it!

  8. I love the yellow bag & the black sheer duster! My eye went to the rack of clothes to the left of the mannequins – ha! I think there is a yellow dress I would try on!

    I loved the photo from yesterday where Pam is standing with her arms wide open!! It captures the essence of who Pam is! I also loved the photo of Pam with her son’s – so precious!

    The article about smoking is excellent! I grew up with smoking parents & relatives. Consequently, I have never smoked.

    When my dad was dying of pancreatic cancer, he could no longer hold a cigarette safely so when he asked for cigarettes, I told him he had quit smoking. He grinned widely & was proud of himself, telling others he had finally managed to quit!

  9. Hi Pamela, greetings from Ireland! Love both the outfits you’ve shown, although being five foot nothing and slender I have to be mindful jumpsuits can be difficult to wear! Love the yellow colours too. Great choices!

    1. Hello back, Eileen! What a beautiful country to be living in! Love Ireland! Thanks for telling us where you are!

  10. I like the shoes and would try them on, but I think the yellow top would be too strong a color and the black outfit would not suit me because it is a wrap top and I am big busted. Not a fan of see through dusters.Love the sunflowers Pam they are so uplifting!
    Happy week!

  11. Happy Wednesday Morning! 🌼 See, now this is why I wish our little town had some retail shops in it!! I have never even seen a Steinmart, but once in awhile catch a television ad for them. I would be dashing in to grab the tote bag and sandals if possible – those are right up my alley! I prefer a pale, buttery shade of yellow in a blouse though so would pass on that and the black outfit is not for me. Too much allover pattern, and black is not my friend unless I have a bit of a tan.
    I will go back and read the article regarding smoking. Like another reader, both my folks also smoked as I was growing up and that served to innoculate me against ever desiring the habit. Both quit eventually, but they each suffer the consequences in the form of COPD.

  12. No to both ensembles! Do not wear yellow and this mustard yellow really turns me off. Don’t like the combo of black and yellow either. The all black outfit on
    right is too dark for me, need some color to jazz it up (duster is too long for me).
    Would wear the black pants!! I do like your bouquet even though the sunflowers are yellow, lol.

  13. I’d take the skinny pants from the left and the duster from the right. I would have to wear a light (pink? blue?)color tank for a top piece. I like the style of the shoes and bag, but not in mustard. The way the mannequins are dressed is simply not my style and would add extra years to my appearance.

  14. Love the shoes! I like the tote, too, but never buy purses or bags I can’t put over my shoulder to keep my hands free & I already have 2 good leather totes with handles long enough for that. But what caught my eye were those jeans behind the mannequin on the right with the ruffled hems! We used to do that in the 70s by sewing decorative trim & ruffles onto ordinary jeans. They were cute when I was barely 20 & while I don’t think they’d do me any favours 40+ years later, I’m sure they’re just as cute on someone younger nowadays 🙂 They make me happy just looking at them!

  15. That shades of black outfit is a bit gothic for me, so I’ll pass on that one. The yellow top and black pants would be my style in theory ( V neck, sleeves, nice length, etc) but something about the top seems off – the fabric tie through the grommets? the gentle ruffle at the bottom of the sleeve? So, the only piece I would wear is the black pants. No to the shoes but the bag is cute!

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