Soft Surroundings Beauty Updates and Jane Iredale All Natural Makeup Products

Beauty Department at Soft Surroundings on over 50 Feeling 40

I stopped by my local Soft Surroundings at The Shops at La Cantera just in time to learn of some new updates with their beautiful beauty department and highlights on the Jane Iredale All Natural Makeup.   Soft Surroundings has been faced with changes just as all retailers due to the pandemic.  Their in-store beauty department will no long have a beauty consultant just for that area, however, all of the sales associates have been properly trained to help you find the right shades and products.  They also will no longer be able to hand out samples, or allow customers to test the products as before.  

The good news is that Soft Surroundings still carries high quality products.  Like the Joan Rivers GREAT HAIR DAY, root touch- up.  I recently needed some new touch up now that I have gone to a lighter shade, and I was not surprised to discover that GREAT HAIR DAY had the best match.  The others were too light and not a true dark blonde.

Joan Rivers Great Hair Day on Over 50 Feeling 40



I have been purchasing Jane Iredale All Natural Makeup for years at Soft Surroundings.  According to her website:

“Twenty-five years ago, Jane envisioned a makeup that was good for the skin—equal parts clean ingredients and simplicity to help women enhance their radiance and their lives. She revolutionized the beauty industry in the process. jane iredale—THE SKINCARE MAKEUP® has grown into a full line of clean, skin-nourishing makeup and skincare, giving women high-performance formulas without sacrificing healthy, luminous skin.”  The products are cruelty free.

So, I was pleased to try a few new products (new to me anyway) and wanted to let you know what I had tested and found to be good products for our age groups. 



Jane Iredale provides the sales associates a skin tone chart like this one to assist with finding the best color.  I have been pretty loyal to this brand with several of the products.  The ones below are some of my favorites.  I am a huge fan of the Circle/Delete Concealer…you can see my fingerprints in it…it is great for dark circles under the eyes.  I have used all of these products for several years.

Jane Iredale Concealer on over 50 Feeling 40



Jane Iredale Lip Gloss on Over 50 Feeling 40


All natural Mascara at Soft Surroundings on Over 50 Feeling 40



Charlene asked in an email for more specifics about my closet…what type of hangars I use, etc.  I so hate to disappoint, but my closet is not glamorous. As I explained in THIS POST, I recently purged and it is way. more inviting now with less stuffed in there, but my closet is very small.  If it comes down to spending money on a fun accessory or on nice hangars, I am going to go with the accessory every time.  If I was gifted nice hangars, of course, I would rejoice and use them and now that I think about it, would consider them to be quite elegant.   All of my hangars are these plastic ones.  I like the way I can hang tank tops on them with the little indention area, and I like the grooves which keep some of the cardigans and nicer blouses from slipping.  You will find one or two really nice hangars in the mix which were handed down from my mother-in-law.

All of my shoes are in the original shoe boxes, but I do write in marker on the end of the box so they are easy-to-grab the pair I want and go.   Maybe someday, now that I am home more, I will have a “Glam up the Closet” moment and see what I can do to make it more of a destination than a function. Thanks for the idea, Charlene.  That will go on the to-do list…for now, please don’t judge me for not spending money to make it nicer!

Today’s slideshow features more fun items from Soft Surroundings Beauty….I will see you tomorrow…and 



By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was gifted product to review for this post, but the words are my own.



  1. The Joan Rivers root touch up is my only go to now. I have had such a hard time finding a white one and this one is perfect for what I need. My hair is a bit thinner in the front, and this totally hides the pink skin showing through in spots. There was not another brand I could find that had white. and now I am thinking of getting one of the grey ones to use for eyebrows, as these don’t usually come in grey tones. I find the lack of testers and samples very frustrating, but I can see the reasoning. However it makes the guessing process that much more difficult. For now my makeup use is drastically reduced and am focusing on skin care and cleansing since the masks make me sweat under them. Not a pretty detail, but true. Focusing on my eyes has been stepped up a notch and is fun.

  2. Amazon sells very inexpensive velvet hangers in a variety of colors. They don’t take up much space in the closet, and the velvet prevents items from sliding off the hangers. These will instantly improve the appearance and functionality of your closet!

  3. Container Store sells foam or velvet adhesive strips for your plastic hangers. Great for avoiding slipping or stretching out shoulder areas.
    I also photo each shoe and color print it; then tape it to the end of the shoebox.

  4. When I went to Sam’s Club on Friday I found a box of 50 black velvet hangers for $12.98. I knew that was a much better price for the quantity than the bundles I’ve bought at Home Goods. I already knew they saved space but I was still surprised that my closet is visually less crowded.

  5. You’ll have to do an article on how you use your beauty products, especially the two toned concealer. My problem is under eye bags and unfortunately concealer doesn’t help much. If you know of any product that helps shrink these puffs I’d love to know about it. They make you look tired even when you’re not. Ugh! And yes! Do invest in nice velvet hangers for your closet. It doesn’t have to break the bank and will make you’re closet so much more organized and enjoyable. I also bought clear shoe boxes years ago at Walmart (a couple at a time) and labeled them. A strange aspect of this virus is people cleaning out and organizing, which is a good thing. Take care! Oh, and I couldn’t find your slide show.

    1. Thank you Sharon…don’t know why the slideshow fell off, but it is there now. The best product for under eye puffiness, hands down, is
      It really turned my eyes around and I have used it faithfully every day for almost two years. I use the under eye concealer, by putting the darker one on the darker circles of my eyes and the lighter one on the outside of the eye. But, the Genucel Eye product I have for you here is exceptional.

      1. Thanks, Pam! I just ordered the eye product, and they had a buy one – get one half off. Most of the reviews sounded amazing! I can’t wait to receive it! If this works I’ll try their neck and jawline products as well. It’s pricey but cheaper than plastic surgery. And yes – I see the slide show now. Thanks again!

        1. You are welcome, Sharon. My esthetician comments on the improved tightness of my skin since I began using Chamonix products. I have been faithful to this one skincare line for almost two years and I really believe in it. Can’t wait to hear what you think.

  6. What can be done about getting rid of dark aging spots on the face and hands? Is it best to see a dermatologist? Thank you.

    1. This product also from Chamonix does help, Jill.. But my dermatologist says good nutrition is helpful as well. I know that the Chamonix product will lighten things up a bit and there may be procedures that help. I have never been able to spend a lot of money on it…though I definitely have them. When they have become too large, I have had them zapped at the Dermatologist. Sorry I do not have more answers…but perhaps some of the readers do. I like the Chamonix product for lightening things up!

  7. Soft Surroundings stopped shipping to Canada about a year ago…..which seems odd to me because it really is not a big deal. I need to borrow someone’s USA address to get the things I want 🙁 I really must love the item to go to the trouble of shipping it twice

  8. I also use the thin velveteen hangers. They’re very inexpensive an do save space. I picked up a tip not long ago to take the pull tabs off soda cans, hang one hole over the neck of one hanger and hang another hanger from the second hole. It’s amazing how much space that frees up!

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