Would You Wear It Over 50 with Pamela & Jennifer

Happy August 1, everyone and welcome to Would you Wear It Over 50 with me and my friend Jennifer!  In case someone is new to these posts, two days a week, Jennifer and I post fashion displays we have found around our towns and ask you what you think of the styles. We look for displays which make us pause and want to bring them before you for your comments.  This is how we all learn from one another.

I paused at this one because, typically,Simply Vera Vera Wang at Kohl’s is marketed to women 35 +….I know many women in their 60s and 70s who wear the brand.  So, when I saw this display I wanted you to chime in with your thoughts.  We ask that you give your constructive opinions and explain thoroughly why you would or would not wear the looks.  Again, the comments are popular and help others. Please do not say simply Yes or No.  You may offer advise to the fashion merchandiser or ways to improve it if you are going to wear it.  It is really the mannequin in the forefront that I am most curious about.

So, please look at my display above and tell us……………………………….



It truly did feel like I was in charge of a summer camp all this past week, as we entertained three of our grandchildren under age 7, and invited over the local grandchildren to have “cousin fun.”  We did art projects, legos, swimming, popsicles, field trips, and more!  It may take me all of next week to recover. I went past exhaustion around Wednesday!  But, they were a delight and it was precious to have them for the week and give my daughter and her husband a break. 

I have so many plans going forward and really excited to get back to concentrating on the possibilities here on the blog!  Jennifer and I are asking if everyone still wants to see two WOULD YOU WEAR IT posts a week and if you only would like one, then please tell us what day is your favorite.

Happy Weekend!  Watch the sales…there are good ones!  And, remember the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is on the horizon!  Now, head over to A WELL STYLED LIFE and see what Jennifer has for you today!


Eileen Fisher Big Summer Sale



Soft Surroundings


Nordstrom Rack





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By Pamela Lutrell


  1. I like the shape of the dress. I would wear it in shades of blue but not what is shown here. I like the color of the jacket but not the bagginess. I don’t wear the colors in the top, and the shorts are too short. Today is a pass for me. Happy August!

  2. I like the dress shown. I would like it better in blue or green.
    Please keep twice a week Would You Wear It. I really enjoy what you gals’ find and ladies reasons for like/dislike. I always learn something. For a while Jennifer was blogging the day after with her reasons for wearing or avoiding the outfits. Maybe you both could do that. Vera Wang clothing is cute for the price at Kohls.

    1. I like the dress: the colors, the style, the length…but, I’m cold natured and very rarely wear sleeveless. I like the look of blazers and jackets with shorts on others but usually but don’t wear that myself. The top two pieces look fall-ish to me and the white shirts look summery (and too short for the jacket length, not pleasing proportions for my eye) and I don’t like a dark shoe with a light bottom (I grew up with the rule that shoes match, or go with, the lowest hemline) so no to the outfit on the left. I rarely wear horizontal stripes especially wide bold ones like this shirt. Looks like someone packed for a weekend trip and forgot their shorts or pants and had to make-do with what they brought

  3. I like the dress – it’s a good colour and style for me. It’s casual enough to wear on a hot day but I could also dress it up to go out to dinner, etc. However, when I looked at it on the Kohl’s website, the colour looked muddy and it was much shorter than I like. I would need to try it on to see how it looked on me. I also like the blouse – it’s loose and colourful and looks great with shorts. I don’t care for the styling on the mannequin as the jacket completely overwhelms the whole outfit. Both outfits would look much more seasonal with sandals or flats, rather than black high heels.

  4. Happy August Pamela! Hope you are recovering from your sweet yet tiring time with three little ones! Sounds like a busy week!
    On the mannequins, I’d wear the dress and pair it with natural espadrilles and woven handbag and some natural bangles bracelets and similar shirt necklace, if nit too warm out. The outfit on left is a no for me. I prefer a longer short and do not care at all for the longer blazers . I’m not tall 5 4 only and they look awful on me! Maybe if I were taller? I love the two days of Would you Wear?

  5. I think both of these outfits are cute & I would wear either, with the exception of the jacket. For one, it’s too hot here to wear a jacket and this jacket feels like an afterthought to me. Kind of like they thought something additional was needed & they just threw on the jacket.
    I’d probably wear the jacket with black pants & a patterned top.

  6. Cute, but not for me. Not my colors, I don’t wear shorts, the jacket looks shapeless and I don’t wear sleeveless. But, like others mentioned, I really do enjoy your Would You Wear It posts and everybody’s comments. We are missing having visits with grandchildren this summer because of the virus, so you are very lucky you were able to host your little ones. They grow up so quickly!

  7. I really want to like the olive blazer because it is a color I’m drawn to and can wear. This one, however, has a little too much bulk. I’d like it if it was more tailored. The sleeves are a little memorable too, looks like they are sewn to be scrunchy, but I could be looking at it incorrectly! The dress and the top are colors that don’t flatter me, so I’d pass on those. I like the style of the dress, but would have to see it in a solid or different print/color to be sure. I’m glad to see the fall colors (can’t believe I’m saying this, being a summer person!), because I have a couple wardrobe gaps to fill for fall/winter and what I’m looking for is hard to find in the spring and summer months. Sounds like it’s time to rest up after your busy, fun week! I miss the days of crawling around playing with trucks and Legos with my grandsons….but the memories are wonderful (and the pictures) and they are still my buddies even though we aren’t playing as much these days!

  8. Looking after grand children IS exhausting. We are not meant to keep them that long without a few naps. I was surprised you were able to keep the blog up as well. As for the two vs one day for Would You Wear It, I do enjoy all the comments, but if it is too difficult to get the shots for two days, Saturday would be good again. The outfit you wanted us to speak to, well, not so much for me. The shorts are too short and the jacket too masculine and baggy. I usually like most of the Vera Wang collection, but this seems aimed at a younger crowd than my 65 years. I would use a different shoe as well, lower heel or maybe a nice chunky heel. Get some rest this weekend.

  9. The oversized blazer might work for me. I can’t tell if the scrunching on the sleeves is styling or if the manufacturer added that with stitching and elastic. If so, that always looks fake to me and it would be a hard pass. The top under it is ok. The shorts with this are a miss. In general, I don’t care much for the suit with shorts look, as it’s a little silly to me, too much like those cartoons of people working from home and they look great on top and are in their underwear from the waist down. When I’ve seen it successfully done, the shorts are longer, often made in the same fabric, and tailored more formally. I’m ok with two outfit posts a week, but enjoyed the catalog posts on Wednesday, because then we saw how a professional stylist envisioned the outfit and accessorized it.

  10. I love the colors of the jacket and softly striped top. The print reads as geometric to me, which works for my usual print-aversion. I would try to go down a size or two in the jacket, so maybe it wouldn’t feel quite as voluminous. Not sure what I’d wear on the bottom, but it wouldn’t be white shorts.

  11. Other than the jacket, the other pieces a ‘no’ for myself. As to the former since I consider it a ‘boyfriend’ style (due to it boxiness and tuxedo lapels) would pair it with dark-washed skinny jeans in either a blue denim or black. For choice of a top it would either be a tailored cotton shirt, a camisole or turtle neck sweater and perhaps add a skinny belt to the jacket. Also since to me it is reading on the olive side; for accessories or even in a top I would choose a deep jewel-tone red to add some colour punch to the ensemble.
    P.S.: Sounds like you had a fun-filled week with the grandchildren which is wonderful!

  12. I like the colours in the outfit on the left, but the jacket looks too baggy for my liking. While I like the suits with shorts look that is on trend this season, I’d definitely choose a longer pair of shorts in a darker colour, perhaps matching the jacket. I think the colours and shape of the dress would be flattering on me, so I would definitely try it on.

    I would like to see Would You Wear It? continue on Saturdays. I’m fine with a second midweek post unless you have other content that you’d prefer to share.

    1. Hi Pam, it would be great if you could continue “Would you Wear It” 2x a week. I enjoy learning from you as well as others. I am also excited to see what you have for us going forward now that you have “free time”. I am learning a lot about the art of elegance and have read one of Tish Jett’s book based on your recommendation. I would wear the jacket with leggings, flats and a scarf or necklace in the fall. I bet the kids had a blast at Camp GiGi`s. Enjoy! Betty

  13. Forgot to mention the frequency of “Would You Wear It.” It’s a fun feature and enjoy both days. If I had to choose one or the other, I’d go with Saturday!

  14. Hi Pam,

    I would vote to go back to once a week “Would You Wear It?”.

    I love the idea of rock painting for our 8 grandkids. More ideas would be appreciated!

  15. The boxy jacket would be too overwhelming on my frame. I prefer a tailored, fitted jacket. The dress caught my eye but I would need to try it on. I find dresses with a defined waist often hit me in the wrong area but since my body shape is rectangular I can use a dress like this. Since retiring & moving to SoCal I’ve collected a number of shorts. I prefer them tailored with no cuff.

  16. The dress on the right is gorgeous, but too short for me, and I don’t do sleeveless anymore. I like the outfit on the left, but would size down in the blazer and pair it with dark denim jeans and flat shoes. I enjoy Would you wear it both days, but if you cut back prefer Saturdays. It sounds like your precious grandchildren had a wonderful time with you. Enjoy every moment….they grow up so fast. Our youngest is eight already! Have a restful relaxing weekend!

  17. My short chunky figure would not look at all pleasing in either of these outfits. The loose blousey effect of the top with the shorts — along with the horizontal pattern — is just a “no”. And the jacket would be overwhelming for my height.

    I would prefer only one “would you wear it” session per week because I enjoy more your personal articles, pictures and stories.

  18. I would possibly wear only the top, simply because of the color. I really don’t think the neckline is flattering and would never combine those three items. I do not wear dresses, and would never give this one a second look.

  19. First of all, I enjoy having two Would You Wear it posts a week. I would not wear the shorts/jacket outfit in today’s post. The shorts are too short, the jacket too big and I don’t like the colors on the top. I love dresses but I don’t think the one shown is a color or style that would look good on me. I typically choose dresses that skim my waist so I lean towards a fit and flare silhouette or an empire waist. One of the “adjustments” of aging is coping with the changes to your body. My hourglass shape is much thicker through the waist than when I was younger. It doesn’t help that I’m 30 pounds overweight but even if I were thinner, I suspect my waist would not be as defined as it used to be. If I want to look thinner and feel elegant, fit and proportion are more important than ever. It’s going to be over 100 today so when I take my dog to the groomers I’ll either wear a knit dress that skims my waist or a slim denim skirt and a soft top that skims my torso. Thanks for the inspiration!

  20. Today offers a mixture of yes and no for me!!! How fun!!

    I love the dress — the pattern is lovely and I love the muted colors. For me, though, I would want the length to be bit longer.

    The olive jacket is also quite appealing, however it looks a bit bulky and I would prefer it to be a bit more fitted. I’m not a huge fan of the tie-dyed look, but the top has colors that would work for me and makes the pattern seem more subdued.

    I would not wear the jacket with shorts, though. That’s not a look I care for and it would not be flattering on me.

  21. The jacket would be ok…in a fall look, but not with those white shorts! The shorts/top I would probably wear, would have to see the whole top. The dress is ok but not WOW enough to buy. I am trying to only buy clothes that make me think “wow!”
    Please keep these posts going. It’s fun to hear all of the opinions. If you are wanting to cut down, maybe one by Jennifer on Wednesday and one by you on Saturday?

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