Would You Wear It Over 50 with Pamela and Jennifer

Over 50 feeling 40 with Would You Wear It

Let’s celebrate the first Saturday of September with Would You Wear It over 50 with me and my chic friend, Jennifer.   On this day, you are the stylist and make the call about what works best for you!

Would You Wear it at Chicos on over 50 feeling 40


We ask that you look over our fashion displays, and answer if you would or would not wear it with constructive comments.  Why exactly does it work or not work for you?  This helps others who devour these comments and learn from them.  

Please do not simply say YES or NO…tell us why…

So, here we go.. look over my group of three with your best discerning eye and comment on one or all three……………………………………………….



Fall Fashion on over 50 Feeling 40

We began the week with Reality Check Monday, and discussed the promises of fall…from our wardrobes, to our homes, to our attitudes!  2020’s Reality Check Monday: We need a little fall, right this very minute!

Fall 2020 Talbots Poncho with Pamela Lutrell on Over 50 Feeling 40


Next, I headed over to Talbot’s to continue my search for what my style will look like in my new life away from the professional world.  In search of my new life-style at Talbot’s.

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Chamonix on Over 50 Feeling 40

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By Pamela Lutrell



  1. I would wear the one in the middle, black pants and the neutral top. And the off-white pants. I’m so tired of seeing so much animal print and don’t go near it myself. They have really overdone this one. So I’d pass on those outfits. I do like the twisted top in the middle though. That’s a fun styling point and I do like the color. Happy Saturday Pam!

  2. Something I noticed when studying the display but neglected to mention, when I’m looking at it at length, I notice that with all that’s going on with the two outside outfits, the one in the middle actually gives my eye a place to “rest.” It’s like a reprieve from all the busyness. I think that is what draws me to it. And the color of the top. I see the one in the middle as elegant and classy.

  3. I would wear the middle top and pants for sure. I might wear the “kimono” top but I would wear it over matching, not contrasting top and bottom. I like the look in the smaller photo showing the olive separates. As for the third option – too much contrast for me. I do wear printed pants but in a looser, flowier style. Nice picks for this week!

  4. Like the ruana print, but don’t wear those-too much fabric for my taste. I feel like i am flapping around! Like the other two outfits,in fact have a pair of Chico’s leopard pants that I wear lots with a black shirt. Still too hot for a jacket! I am enjoying your posts searching for a comfy way to dress at home and still be chic.(I would say presentable but hey who’s counting?)

  5. the middle one, would get a stop and look..however, i went nuts last year with sweater sales and since i unexpectantly retired this year, i would need to keep walking. the outfits on either side, are nicely coordinated, but i also avoid the animal prints. i do like the length of that ruana, just right.

  6. I like the middle outfit . Print too big on the left and pants too short. No to leopard pants but would wear with another plain pant. All of it is rather drab in color. Needs a pop!

  7. I would wear the black pants and the black jean jacket. While I like the sweater on the middle mannequin, olive green is not a good colour on me. I wouldn’t wear either the white or animal print pants – we’re moving quickly into fall and crop pants look silly with socks😀

  8. Agree with Karen, these animal prints are over the top!! No to all these animal prints, pants OK. These black/beige nuetrals? would wash me out also. However,
    after studying the kimono, if the same print were done in a cobalt or merlot that might work fort me (with relief from the floral mix). I am very disappointed in Chico’s current collection!!

  9. I would wear the sweater in the middle if it was navy. The green is too drab for me. As for the other outfits, NO to animal prints. I was hoping that fad was over. I don’t get the appeal.

  10. The ruana has way too much material for me; i have yet to find one I don’t feel like I’m drowning in. Don’t care for the floral/leopard print. Leopard pants are just not for me; kind of a one and done look in my opinion. I like small doses of leopard; shoes, purse or maybe a blouse. Like the style of the middle top but not the drab color..

  11. It certainly looks like animal print is a large portion of the fall looks. I am rather over it by now and have too much from precious seasons. I do like the middle look, and the top looks to have enough grey in it to be able to accessorise it with a brighter colour for me. Perhaps an eye colour neckace or light scarf would work. I also like the fact that the pants are a straighter cut. Yes to the middle one. I would stop and try it on.

  12. I rarely wear long over short because that is my build (long torso, short legs) and it is very unflattering. You couldn’t bury me in a pair of crops. Might wear the leopard pants with the short jacket (definitely shirt tucked!), depending.

  13. I like the style of the middle top, but the color isn’t attractive on me. A tiny bit of animal print goes a long way, so I’d pass on those items.

  14. I’m with Linda in liking “small doses” of animal prints, mostly in accessories, so these outfits are not for me today. I do like the solid color pants though, and have found ankle length styles are flattering on my moderately tall frame (5’8″), and here in southern Oregon I can wear them nearly year round. Maybe even inside boots come winter?! 😊

  15. The kimono on the left doesn’t fit my style adjectives, and the print mix does not look elegant to my eye. The middle outfit is fine, but I have things in my closet that would duplicate it (so yes I would wear it, but I wouldn’t buy it). The outfit on the right fits my adjectives (polished, confident, interesting, creative and aware) and looks great on the model, but the pants would not flatter a larger body as the print is too big a contrast and bright (though it would make a great jacket). The black denim jacket is actually in my closet right now, so, yes, I would wear it! Like the reader above, my retirement was sudden and I had already hit the clearance sales in March. Only window shopping for now.

  16. For myself, unfortunately nothing here ‘that jingles my bells’ …. ☺ … in style, color or patterns though did browse their website and there are a few contenders; however sadly our Cdn. $ is pretty low right now so shall have to pass. -Brenda-

  17. I would wear the middle outfit if the top was a different color. It’s too drab for me. I really like the pants. This year I’m limiting my animal prints to shoes, scarves, and purses so no to the other two outfits. Happy Saturday! 😎

  18. I also need smaller doses of animal print. The middle photo looks very nice. I would need to try on the top as I’m not sure about the color. As I have aged, colors I never used to wear look good on me.

  19. I really like the center outfit and would wear it as is, including the necklace. I would maybe just tweak it slightly…The drab olive top is not the best color for me, but not my worst either. I love the style of the necklace , but would change it’s color to contrast more with the top. Maybe a darker brown or even black. I like the outfit with the kimono, but would change it to long pants instead of the cropped light color. I love animal prints and have several but I prefer the prints on top for me personally. So that outfit is a no for me,

  20. First, both of those outfits look lovely on you! Now, the mannequins: The middle outfit is 100% me, I would wear it as styled. I’m most comfortable with animal print in accessories: belt, scarf, shoes, earrings… so, while I like the overall outfits, I would look for another pattern or color in the kimono on the left and pants on the right. My body shape is a pyramid so I hardly ever pair a dark top with a white/light bottom

  21. I’d wear the outfit on the right in a minute…I have all the components so first day it cools off, I will be wearing that. Not so good in the high nineties. The center outfit is very nice. As is the matching necklace The color is not for me, but it would be great on you Pam. I like the idea of the outfit on the left, but somehow I never seem to like leopard with florals. Maybe a solid color, a floral or the leopard alone. Prefer longer pants

  22. I would try the outfit in the middle. I normally bypass knotted tops, but the longer length & placement of the knot make it more interesting to me. I’m not sure it’s my color, but I would at least try it & the brown pants. I wouldn’t wear the ruana as I prefer a more structured look & am not a fan of the leopard pants, just too much animal print for me.

  23. I think I’m in the minority but I love animal print and I really like those pants on the mannequin on the right. The pant style is straight and simple and works — especially with the classic white shirt.

    I’m also a fan of olive so the sweater really appeals to me. I like the twist and how it sits lower than most twist tops. This is definitely a serious purchase to think about!!!

    The print on the kimono jacket is too busy for my taste. I think the animal print with floral is too much of a good thing!

  24. I would wear the sweater outfit but I’d change up the colors. The sweater comes in Jasper and that’s a much better color on me. I’d pair it with black pants. I’d wear it with the long necklace shown with the jasper sweater on Chico’s website. I would not buy animal print pants. Too trendy for me. The print ruana/kimono doesn’t speak to me. I’d wear the outfit under it! A t and slim pants are one of my go-to looks.

  25. I’d definitely wear the outfit on the right, which is upping my game a bit as I don’t usually wear patterned pants or leggings. I love leopard print & will continue to wear it regardless of how in or out it is — I’d add simple black flats (well, 1″ heels which is as flat as I get) & big black wooden hoop earrings. The middle outfit: the round neckline & dull taupe (?) of the sweater make it a no for me. At first glance I thought I might wear the top on the left over a black top & pants with high-heeled sandals & plenty of jewelry — I like a flowy over-sized jacket over a slim top & pants if it swirls & moves with me — but a second look tells me it might be too heavy. As well, it’s just too beige & bland, even with the leopard print, & would do nothing for me either in terms of style or colour. That print blouse on the upper display rack right behind it would certainly get a second look from me, though, as well as that goldenrod blouse on the back display in the first photo.

  26. I love the olive green top in the middle….olive green matches my eyes and this colour makes my eyes stand out….which is good above a mask 🙂

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