How I style camo-print leggings for activewear over 50 from Chico’s Zenergy

Pamela Lutrell styles Chico's camo leggings

I am of the opinion that every grandmother of young children needs a suit of armor, so I am styling camo-print leggings from Chico’s Zenergy for you today!

Tomorrow, my family welcomes grandchild #6 into this world…and all six are under the age of seven.  A lively crew!

Role of grandmothers on over 50 feeling 40

Many in the fashion industry think it is a bad thing to call something “grandmother-style.”  Well, we are not an old version of grandmothers…no mumus here!  

I hope to show the new version of grandmother style…Gigi style!

Pamela Lutrell in Zenergy Camo-Print Leggings

When I first saw these leggings, my first thought was that they are perfect for Gigi duty!  Lately when I spend time with any of my grandchildren, unless we going out, I reach for activewear.

The Zenergy camo-leggings say I am a cool, on trend Gigi, and they also provide a side pocket for the cell phone.  Great for neighborhood walks when hands free are so important.

I highly support the comfort and functionality of this line. 

Chicos Zenergy on over 50 feeling 40

I do draw the line at jumping on the trampoline…which my sweet granddaughter asked me to do recently.  It was too much a recipe for disaster!!

In my professional life, I often selected pieces from Chico’s Travelers and Black Label collections.  Now, as a working woman at home, and as a grandmother, I am more and more drawn to Zenergy! 

The quality, comfort, and designs are excellent. 

I was drawn to the black and grey camo over the traditional military green.  I can mix it up with all neutrals and still feel confident and put together. 


Sometime next month I will travel to see these guys and the camo-leggings will go with me.  But, just like the trampoline…they need to know…Gigi doesn’t do frogs! Hopefully the pockets will stay open for the cell phone!

I can’t wait for the first time we have all six together!  Hopefully that will be Christmas.

Does anyone else like the camo-prints and wear them?  If so, please share how you style yours….then enjoy the Zenergy slide show I have for you below and always



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  1. How exciting about the new grandbaby! Congratulations!! That will be a big day! I love these leggings and will have to go to my Chico’s because these, with the black and gray, really do appeal to me. My grandsons are 15, 17 and 21, so no more crawling around with them, but I sure did it back in the day and ripped up lots of jeans doing “boy things” with them! I treasure those memories just like you are doing! These leggings are nice enough for walks in the neighborhood or the park, and also for running errands. I guess, now that I think about it, I can just buy through your link…..thanks for the inspiration!! And again, congratulations on the new arrival tomorrow!!

  2. Thanks Karen…we are very excited! These leggings are awesome! Thanks for purchasing with my link!

  3. I might have to run to the store to try them on…some said they fit very tight…did you find that to be the case? Tight is fine, but too tight is too tight… you know! I also noticed some in navy that I liked but they didn’t have the next size up available and reviews said they fit small. I’ll go check them out. I can still purchase through your site.

  4. I frequently reach for the zenergy stuff in my closet, some of it ages old, but so often perfect for the day.

  5. In answer to your question, I will not wear camo. I will attempt to explain why. Camo is worn by the military, sometimes in war situations. I do not consider it fun fashion. It is just my personal ethics. I am no doubt in the minority on this.

  6. Congratulations on your new grand baby! I love the picture of you with your grandsons 😍 I bet you are a fun Gigi! I love your blog and all that you share, thank you! Blessings!

  7. I just got my new camo leggings in yesterdays mail. Also got a long sleeved off white top to go with them. Actually, I have the set on right now with a pendant necklace hoop earrings and one of those elastic based bracelets. Pair of New Balance in a neutral color and off I went to the bank and to my favorite place, Lowe”s for some paint. I wear leggings a lot, year round. I like the snug feeling on my legs which tend to feel more tired these days. The weather is great here in No. FL for right now,so I will take advantage of it while I can.

  8. I am in Lily’s camp. With my grandad, father and husband all having proudly served, (U.S. Army, and U.S.M.C.) I choose not to wear camo clothing.

  9. I’m jealous that you will have a newborn in the family and hope he/she will be close enough to snuggle, rock and smell. I love the smell of babies. Best Wishes to all.

  10. At one time I had 4 grandchildren under the age of 5. I always wore my exercise gear when I was helping out because let’s face it, it was certainly a workout! Now that they’re a bit older at 5, 7, 8, & 10 I can dress up a bit more which I do because when I do school pick ups I like to look my best. I appreciate pockets to hold my phone but I’ve come to appreciate a lightweight crossbody bag from MZ Wallace to hold stray toys & water bottles. Enjoy those babies! They grow so fast!

  11. I will have to agree with the others who do not wear camo. Many of my family members have also proudly served including my husband and dad. It is not a fashion item for me.
    With regards to leggings I have never been a fan. Very few women have the trim , fit figure to actually be complemented by this style.

  12. Hi Sonja,
    Thanks for being here. I just want you to know that I live in San Antonio. Our slogan is Military City USA and my husband works for one of the largest companies in the world which services the military. We love and have great respect for the military. Around our town, female members of the military have embraced and enjoy the camo trend. I have talked to them about it in line at the grocery and around town. They love it and do not see it as disrespectful. I would never do anything disrespectful to our military. Just wanted you to know.
    Thanks again for sharing.

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