How to make 2020 holiday time a season of joy

Season of Joy on over 50 Feeling 40

As I said yesterday, the next 61 days are going to hopefully help us all conclude this horrible year with a smile as we transform out of it, and celebrate a season of joy!

It begins with a purposeful choice…choose to begin each day with an optimistic attitude and focus on your silver linings.

If something or someone is robbing you of joy, then cease to spend time there…for example, the news! There is an OFF button.


Pamela Lutrell wearing Nordstrom Rack on Over 50 Feeling 40

It is just a fact…whether you stay home, work at home, or work outside of home, your attitude and day will go better if you wear something you love!

The minute you walk into your closet, choose to select a confident style.  Staying in the cozy robe all day just doesn’t help our attitudes.  Maybe one day a week…but not every day!

Pamela Lutrell in shoes from Nordstrom Rack

Today, I am wearing wardrobe pieces I love and which make me smile.  My shoes and jacket are from Nordstrom Rack, and my jeggings are a new favorite from Talbots

I have errands to run today and this is a perfect, confident, joyful look for me.  What will you select for yourself today? 


Autumn Stuffed Acorn Squash

SILVER LINING:  This has been a great year to learn more about cooking and expand your recipes.  That is what we have been helping you do with recipes Leigh Ann and I recommend. 

Even if the only person you cook for is you, make it special…delicious…memorable…

So, Leigh Ann has a seasonal Autumn Stuffed Acorn Squash for us today!

She found it at Vegan Huggs and says it is delicious.   Here is the recipe: Stuffed Acorn Squash.


Holiday gifts at Marshalls


What do your gifts say about you?  I am always discussing what your clothing choices say about you….but what do your gifts say about you?  

SILVER LINING: With many of us at home more now, we have more time to ponder what our gift giving will look like. How can we bless others?

However, the challenge the pandemic is giving us is that with so many not going out to shop, we need to shop earlier than ever before.  The delivery services will be slammed.

I am going to feed you daily ideas and hope that some of these will help!  Please ask if you need ideas for a specific person. 

Make sure you send an entry to my RECIPE CONTEST!  Easy to enter….and a fun prize for two of you!

Huge Sales on Over 50 Feeling 40

Keep an eye on these brands for great sales going forward…many have already started Black Friday Sales!!





Eileen Fisher





Nordstrom Rack







Rack Room Shoes

J Crew Factory

Eloquii (for Plus Size)

NEST Fragrances

Art of Tea



TJ Maxx


World Market




Anthropologie Home

Crabtree & Evelyn

Artfully Walls


Bed Bath & Beyond

Pottery Barn

Williams & Sonoma

Macy’s Home



Nordstrom Rack

West Elm




  1. This is good advice Pam. It’s easy to become overwhelmed and there goes the peace! I like the outfit you are showing today. Columns of color are always so flattering and classy – you will feel great running your errands today. I will remember your advice about considering our attitude to begin each day. It really is important, and we do have a choice!

  2. “Start each day with a positive attitude.” Such a simple statement but one I need to remember. It seems I am feeling overwhelmed with just about everything! Not a good feeling. Thanks for reminding me to look for the silver linings. By the way, your smile can always brighten my day.

  3. Thanks to you and Leigh Ann for the acorn squash recipe and the link to the vegan blogger. A good friend of mine recently decided to go vegan for health reasons, so I will enjoy having some ideas of what to serve when she is over to dinner with us.
    I typically love to give and receive experiential gifts – concert tickets, etc. – which just isn’t going to work this time around. I will be looking forward to your gifting ideas. Have a terrific week!

  4. Excellent advice Pamela and so agree, that attitude with focus on a silver lining is so important. As to you running errands today; as of late when I do mine I am determined to extend an act of kindness when out and about. For example the other day while in the grocery store I observed a poor woman who obviously was close to a melt-down as couldn’t open one of the plastic bags that are often found in the produce section. Though it took less than a minute to give her a crash course; she thanked me several times but more importantly it was amazing how her entire demeanor changed from that of stressed to calmness and grateful. -Brenda-

    Tip: For those wondering how to open those darn bags, grasp each side at the top and give a simple stretch.

    Footnote: Where I am, we’ve been under very rigid pandemic regulations going on for seven months now so the side-effects of them are beginning to show.

    1. I love this Brenda! My favorite encounters are when I am out and about…even with a mask on! Hang in there…sounds like you have the right attitude! And thanks for sharing today!

  5. Thank you for being a bright spot in this season of COVID fatigue & for me, political fatigue. I keep having to remind myself about those off buttons. Not just for the news, but for social media as well. These may not be the holidays to which we are accustomed, but they will occur, & it is up to us to make the best of them. Blessings to all.

  6. Great reminders for us to push STOP on ourselves as well as on our TVs & computers when we start to feel overwhelmed or harried. I’ve been crazy busy all fall setting up new laptops for myself & husband, a new accounting system for his little-hobby-that-grew-into-a-business & a bunch of tech upgrades & repairs for friends & family who seem to think that now I’m retired I have nothing better to do. I don’t mind helping people but it’s gotten to the point I have to start saying no or have no time for my own projects.

    I found this post really resonated with me with its call to start with joy. Indeed. And thank Leigh Ann for her new recipe. I made her pesto!!!! And wow. I thought I’d have pesto through the winter but we’re eating it on practically everything so it’s not going to last to even Christmas. And my basil plant is still alive & thriving, although it’s looking a bit tired. Poor thing. It’s been growing its heart out all summer & now it’s in the sun room & doesn’t know it’s November & time to quit 🙂 . Thanks for the continued inspiration, Pamela. I look forward to the next 60 days. And here’s wishing you well in tomorrow’s election: I hope it goes smoothly & peacefully & with less drama than has been suggested. The year’s been fillled with more than enough drama already!

    1. Thanks so much, Janet. I am going to make another round of the pesto…it is great on so many things! Thanks for being here.

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