Develop healthy discontentment

Yes, we should develop healthy discontentment. 

And, beware of “discontentment” which destroys good health.

In my desire to lead a more balanced life, I recently pondered two types of discontentment so prevalent these days.

Healthy Discontentment

Healthy discontentment

Often, it is discontentment with a situation which will spur us toward healthy changes.  We may be discontented with our weight, our financial situation, our style, relationships…a number of things…and these situations may lead us to create new answers which bring greater contentment and joy!

I have been impressed with the small business owners who have made changes to their business plans and adapted in such a way as to continue making a living in a pandemic.  They have been motivated to survive as best they can.

It takes strength, courage, and determination to make difficult situations work.

To create lemonade out of lemons.

Healthy discontentment turns lemons into lemonade


And, it takes hope of better things to come…and hope to see silver linings.


The unhealthy form of discontentment

Discontentment can be unhealthy


However, if we allow discontentment to roll in and stay… to shut us down…it can…and will destroy us.

Severe discontentment will rob us of joy…will cause judgmental attitudes to flourish…will grow anger…will create victims…and ultimately will seep into our bones and take our health.

I witnessed it first-hand with my own mother.

 I still feel a deep saddest from watching her give discontentment permission to ruin her life and then living as a victim and not an overcomer.


Difficult days

Overcome discontentment


These are difficult days for all of us and even more so in America. The new year has not wiped out the challenges.

 We must be aware of both types of discontentment and not allow the unhealthy one to reign in our lives.

May we all be overcomers.


How to avoid discontentment


I focus on the positive…on constant hope.

I focus on living one day at a time and making a “smile discovery” every day.

That simply means I look for moments, people, or even things that put a smile on my face and remind me that I am blessed.

I am thankful every day and motivated during this time to find contentment in each situation.

That is the mentally healthy way!  There are challenges…there are things that need to be fixed…but I choose not to allow them to defeat me. 


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Please comment on today’s topic about balancing our discontentment in healthy ways….and I truly desire all of you will….


By Pamela Lutrell


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