Hygge style at home and with clothing

Hello, friends….this post is about the Danish lifestyle called hygge, and how I am implementing it in home and clothing.

I told you earlier in the week that I have been “studying” the word cozy.  

Why?  Because, I desired to keep my home cozy after Christmas went away.  There are two decor styles I like and will discuss more later.

But, while looking over these design trends, I happened upon the word “hygge.”

The more I read about this Danish lifestyle…the more I thought…this is so me!

Hygge Cozy home lifestyle on over 50 feeling 40

The most informative, overall post I found on hygge is from 2017, and on this blog ELBOW ROOM.

They answer the basic questions, but I am drawn to creating a home and personal style that reflects: “a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.” 

The challenge for me is that I would like to create that feeling not just in the winter, but throughout the year…in a warm climate!  That is a challenge.

It is much easier now and the reason, I have kept some Christmas lights up without seasonal decorations. 

To me this is a joyful, welcoming aesthetic and one that is needed when we are home more often.  I desire to create it all year long.


Hygge Style in clothing

I do not believe hygge style means that I walk around in a faux fur outfit, or bundled up to my hairline.

For me it means, a cozy casual life where I am comfortable, confident, and joyful in what I wear.

Today’s outfit is a good way for me to say those three things and I can easily throw on a topper if I desire.

This color makes me smile…I love it!

Chico's cozy casual style in winter clothing

This Chico’s Zenergy Neema Button Front Shirt in Imperial Blue is a current favorite. I would love to own it in the Ultra Pink as well.

I work in it, relax in it, and smile in it.  The necklace is also Chico’s from a past clearance sale.

Clothing that makes me smile is my kind of hygge all year long!! I have a new slideshow below…



I really want my home to be inviting and warm all year long…so I will continue to look at lifestyles like hygge for ideas…

Was anyone else familiar with hygge?  Please share or how you keep that cozy inviting aesthetic all around you…. our lifestyle should be huge reason we



By Pamela Lutrell

Choose Joy for a cozy life




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