Hygge home and clothing style

Hygge style at home and with clothing

Hello, friends….this post is about the Danish lifestyle called hygge, and how I am implementing it in home and clothing.

I told you earlier in the week that I have been “studying” the word cozy.  

Why?  Because, I desired to keep my home cozy after Christmas went away.  There are two decor styles I like and will discuss more later.

But, while looking over these design trends, I happened upon the word “hygge.”

The more I read about this Danish lifestyle…the more I thought…this is so me!

Hygge Cozy home lifestyle on over 50 feeling 40

The most informative, overall post I found on hygge is from 2017, and on this blog ELBOW ROOM.

They answer the basic questions, but I am drawn to creating a home and personal style that reflects: “a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.” 

The challenge for me is that I would like to create that feeling not just in the winter, but throughout the year…in a warm climate!  That is a challenge.

It is much easier now and the reason, I have kept some Christmas lights up without seasonal decorations. 

To me this is a joyful, welcoming aesthetic and one that is needed when we are home more often.  I desire to create it all year long.


Hygge Style in clothing

I do not believe hygge style means that I walk around in a faux fur outfit, or bundled up to my hairline.

For me it means, a cozy casual life where I am comfortable, confident, and joyful in what I wear.

Today’s outfit is a good way for me to say those three things and I can easily throw on a topper if I desire.

This color makes me smile…I love it!

Chico's cozy casual style in winter clothing

This Chico’s Zenergy Neema Button Front Shirt in Imperial Blue is a current favorite. I would love to own it in the Ultra Pink as well.

I work in it, relax in it, and smile in it.  The necklace is also Chico’s from a past clearance sale.

Clothing that makes me smile is my kind of hygge all year long!! I have a new slideshow below…



I really want my home to be inviting and warm all year long…so I will continue to look at lifestyles like hygge for ideas…

Was anyone else familiar with hygge?  Please share or how you keep that cozy inviting aesthetic all around you…. our lifestyle should be huge reason we



By Pamela Lutrell

Choose Joy for a cozy life





  1. Good morning Pam, Wow, a word to describe how I want to live my life. In my head I have been living the hygge lifestyle for years, not so much in reality…….Six months ago I switched jobs, although very low paying, it is low stress. I don’t think I’ve worked a 35 hour work week in 20 plus years. I’m really rediscovering how stressfree people live (minus the pandemic of course). Since my job changed, I am not able to shop like I used to and have to wear casual but appropriate clothing when visiting familie. Your lifestyle changes, and this blog, has been a wealth of information for me. Shopping from your closet, who would have thought??? For that I thank you. Have a blessed day! Betty

  2. I’m familiar with the term, just never thought too much about it! Now you’ve got me thinking of how I can incorporate some of these ideas in my new home. A fresh start is, in my mind, a good time to consider new options, so I’ll be looking into this further. I do like a cozy and welcoming aesthetic.

  3. I am learning more about how to have this in my home all year. I will share more soon!

  4. I read your blog often and enjoy your positive upbeat messages so much. Absolutely love this color on you! So fresh and pretty. I have to say I’m not a fan of the larger unstructured jackets (sorry!) But a lightweight blouse with a bit of shape like this is really becoming and youthful. And I’ve heard of hygge — surely it’s what we all need more of now. Looking forward to learning more about how you achieve it.

  5. I have never heard of this word, but I like the way you describe it. Year round I, too, like my home to be cozy and welcoming. In my mind I do this by having candles in my windows (they are battery operated and have timers to keep them lit at night only) and I also enjoy lighting scented candles when I am home. I also think pillows and blankets/throws are an invitation to sit and relax for a while. I will change them out seasonally. It’s important that they are washable because the grandkids love to grab them for snuggly movie watching. Plants and flowers can also bring contentment to a home, but I have a black thumb.

  6. Thank you fir introducing thus term to be—whose ancestors hailed from what is known as Denmark. The soft clear or white lights year round certainly create cozy feelings. Lush but natural fabrics where we relax and rest will do it as would the right feel in our bed linens . Thank you fir a great blog!

  7. I usually have throws and lots of pillows, and baskets of throws in the colder months. There are candles in almost every room, and different scents for different seasons, birch log and pine and amber for winter and prosecco rose or sea type fragrance for summer. I have little white lights with crystal flowers around the bathroom mirror just because it makes me smile, but also as a sort of night light. I did read some of the articles a few years ago when hygge was supposedly a ‘new’ thing but I just realized that many of us are doing it anyway, without a name, just comforting. A cosy spot for reading with a tea, I guess I could go on, but you really made me thing about something that I just take as “me”.

  8. I love the concept of hygge, and a deep dive into reading about it this summer led me to read about all things Danish. It’s a very interesting culture. My summer lifestyle is all hygge at the pool, with certain foods and hanging with friends. In the winter, we use candles and throws and make lots of soups. I make dark chocolate chip pumpkin muffins I consider hygge. We will pick particularly terrible weather (cold, windy, wet) to walk in, just to get that cozy feeling when we return. In decor, the Danish lifestyle has prompted me to declutter so as to have the feeling of tidiness and room to breathe.

  9. I can’t wait to hear more from you on this subject. I have been interested in this lifestyle for some time now and have been reading books about it. Thanks!

  10. Oh, yes, I read all about this last fall when I read “The Year of Living Danishly” – a terrific book, btw. For me, I felt we lived most hygge up in our cedar lodge home in the forest, woodstove crackling, snow softly falling outside, cut off somewhat from the world and snuggled up together safe and warm. I can’t quite capture that exact feel here in town, but do love all the elements which contribute to it. I feel like this home, and indeed my personality, is more looking forward to spring and summer, throwing open the windows to catch a light breeze, hear the birdsong and smell the flowers. I love both, really, but at this point in winter probably ready to throw off my blankets and get outside! 😊

  11. Love the blue blouse. Color is great on you. Fragrant candles, cozy chair. Faux fur throw. Fluffy pillows, cup of tea and a good book spells cozy to me.
    This is off subject, but I was reading through the Velamour add trying to decide what would be the best to help stop my thinning hair but got rather confused. What do you personally use and is it for hair growth or thinning hair? Also wondering if your readers have any feedback on using the Velamour products. I need help.

  12. I am familiar with hygge. The Danish style appeals to me, not just because it is warm & welcoming, but also because it uses simplicity. I read an article last year about using the hygge concept in the summer. I remember it talking about including nature & freshness, as well as spending time outdoors.

  13. You might try: “The Little Book of Hygge:Danish Secrets to Happpy Living” by Meik Wiking.
    And “Hygge-Discovering The Danish Art of Happiness, How to Live Cozily, etc” by Olivia Telford.

  14. Books:
    Soderberg, Hygge
    Johansson, How to Hygge
    Russell, The Year of Living Danishly (not hygge specific but a very interesting book about Danish culture, and hygge is covered)
    All were available on my kindle via the public library, a place where, prepandemic, I used to hygge

  15. I do not have thinning hair, Esther. But on Tuesday I will repeat your request and we will see what readers say!

  16. I encountered the concept of hygge a couple of years ago & love it but, like you, couldn’t quite figure out how to introduce it into summer living until I realized I already do, I just call it boho. I’ve been decorating my home the same way since my first apartment, 40 years & an awful lot of moves ago, & just focus on surrounding myself with what I love & makes me feel good: tons of plants, colour (especially spice & earth tones with touches of red, turquoise, fuchsia, green), texture (wall hangings, textured pillows & upholstery, rugs), more rugs, hardwood floors, light, art (paintings, sculpture, fibre art), pets, wood, wicker, bamboo, lush fabrics, scented candles, incense, shells & driftwood, exotica. I want my senses engaged: sight, touch, smell, hearing (wind chimes, fountains, bells, water chimes, good music). We’re very casual — feet on the coffee table, cat hair on the sofa, rock & roll on the stereo, plants all over the place. Comfortable nooks for reading are essential, lots of table lamps for good lighting, wool throws for cool evenings, soft deep-cushioned sofas. Nothing frou-frou or delicate. We’re not minimalists by any stretch of the imagination but neither of us likes clutter, either, so I translate hygge as “tidy but sensual comfort” 🙂 Two other words I think apply: “soft”, and “ease”. I love seeing other people’s ideas!

  17. Thanks Pamela I appreciate your quick response and help. Just one of many reasons why I followed and enjoyed your blogs for so long.

  18. Thank you Esther…I have it ready to go for tomorrow at the bottom of the post…I hope you get some good answers!

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