Would You Wear It for Cozy Casual

Happy Saturday!  Welcome to Would You Wear It for Cozy Casual with me and Jennifer!

We have the craziest weather in Texas sometimes…one day snowing, or sleeting and the next day sweltering heat!  Thankfully, this time of year is usually in between.

Here are my grandsons from earlier in this week in West Texas…then the sun quickly returned….

Cozy Casual in the snow

I am just in a cozy state of mind these days and will have more about that tomorrow.

For, now. this is the day you look at the displays Jennifer and I have found around our communities, and tell us what you think.


Would You Wear It for Cozy Casual

Please explain in detail if you would or would not wear the clothing and tell us why.  The comments are read by most and we learn from one another.

Make sure you are considering your body type, colors, and what you would like to say about you with the clothing you wear.

Would You Wear It for Cozy Casual at JJill

Now, look my two lovely ladies over and tell us………………………………..


Featured selections today….

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Also, remember to go to A Well Styled Life and check out Jennifer’s display for today.  But, the most important think is that no matter what…remember to


By Pamela Lutrell

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