Would You Wear It for a Dress

Would You Wear It for a Dress

Happy Saturday, ladies…welcome to Would You Wear It for a dress?

On this day, my friend Jennifer and I post fashion displays which make us wonder what you would think of the styles.

We ask that you tell us if you would or would not wear it as displayed, and explain your answer In constructive thought.

These comments are helpful to many women.

Would You Wear It for a dress

So, please look this display over with your best fashion stylist eye, and tell us personally……………………………………….


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More navy blue dresses:



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Now, make sure you comment on the mannequins, then go over to A WELL STYLED LIFE to see Jennifer’s display, and always make sure you…..


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was provided product for this post to review, and the words are my own.


  1. I love the look and the color of the dress. I would definitely try the dress on, probably with a different belt or sash.

  2. I like the color but prefer a more tailored style. The neckline is flattering. There’s just a little too much fabric here for my personal taste. But it is a pretty dress for the right person.

  3. Do love it’s color and neckline, however for myself an emphatic ‘no’ due I seldom wear dresses anymore and those that I do have are more fitted/tailored in cut. Also to stretch my wardrobe I now prefer two pieces (co-ordinated top and bottom) that when when combined, give the illusion of a dress yet can be mixed for more versatility. -Brenda-

    1. I like the color and silhouette, so I would definitely try it on. I like the V-neck. However, I am only 5’2″ so I suspect the sleeves and hemline might make this unflattering. I often alter items as needed. I do not love this enough to invest that energy. I am being a bit more critical about purchases these days. While I have a few more years to retirement, I am purchasing few work clothes as I have plenty. I like dresses but like others I wear slacks and jeans more often. I do like having some dresses in my wardrobe as some occasions call for a dress. I am curating my dresses to the few that I love and look flattering.

  4. I don’t wear many dresses anymore but this one caught my eye. First of all I just love this blue. I wear a lot of dark navy but this is brighter and Inthink might look good with my coloring.
    I like that it’s not a long long midi that I’m seeing everywhere and don’t care for. I like the shorter/ longer hem and other than the waist sash (might change that) I could wear it. I also like the sleeve length. Yes to this dress!

  5. Beautiful dress, I would wear it for church, when weather gets little warmer. I am a busty straight body shape, so this would create a waistline for me. The color is flattering for both warm and cool skin tones. The v-neck is great, not too deep. Thanks for posting.

  6. I think the dress is very pretty with the added scarf, and gives off a care-free vibe. I am not sure I would look as great in it as the mannequin because of my waistline. But a girl can still dream!

  7. I love a blue dress but would pass on this. I like the color and the neckline. The fullness of the skirt and sleeves are too much. I don’t like the scarf belt either. It looks odd. Happy Saturday.

  8. I like everything about this dress. The color is great and I do like the way it is accessorized. I would need to try it on, as I think the fullness of the skirt might be too much for someone who isn’t quite 5’1″.

  9. Although I love the contrast of the soft pastel accents of the necklace and scarf around the waist on the mannequin against the navy dress, I wouldn’t wear this outfit. I have an apple shape so I don’t accentuate my waist, and I have thin, toned arms and like to accentuate them, so those sleeves would be a no.

  10. Since I retired, I haven’t worn a lot of dresses. However, this is is a very simple dress that I could wear for casual or more dressy occasions. I would probably skip the sash and wet it with a wide leather belt. It would look cute with black sandals but I would also wear it with my favourite flowered Keds (from their Rifle paper collaboration). I would also had a scarf or a silver necklace.

  11. On first spying this I would check it out further, but then seeing the dolman sleeves would pass on it. I do like a fitted shoulder. Everything else about this is gorgeous, the sleeves, the swishy skirt and even the option of a fun belt. However, I am in love with the blue Boden dress in the slide show, and will have to check that out. That is what I already love to wear, below the knee and in a soft fabric. Add some soft colour ballet flats and fun earrings and off I go.

  12. I find the big top over big skirt just too much. I’d prefer a narrow top over the big skirt. Also, I’m very short and any dolman sleeve makes my top half appear much larger. (I know many women think it’s flattering because the fabric falls away from the body, but I believe a more structured, set in sleeve gives more definition to any shape body.)

  13. Oh, makes me cry for travel. Looks like a perfect travel dress that would pack easily and be easily changed up with different belts, scarves and jewelry. Would also accommodate those extra pounds that often seem to attach themselves. It would have to come in petite though for me to try it on.

  14. I love the look of this outfit (and navy is one of my basic colors) but would have to try on the dress: the deep V of the neckline, the high low hem and length of the side slits would be determining factors. I like the accessories (chunky necklace and scarf belt) shown here but this is a dress that could be dressed up or down for a wide variety of occasions and I’m a big fan of versatile pieces in my wardrobe.

  15. What a very lovely dress! Navy is such a wonderful color and is such a fresh change from black. I’d swap out the scarf for a navy belt or gold belt — I think the scarf belt would be too much for my style.

    I really like the necklace here — I think gold and navy is such a classic combo.


  16. I don’t wear dresses much anymore, but I would try this one. I like the navy blue & V-neck. It has a very feminine look. I would change out the printed sash for a more structured belt perhaps in red or another color.

  17. Yes, I would wear this dress if it comes in petite. I like the sash for a change over the traditional belt. Love to wear navy blue! I think there would be various possibilities for shoes, flats, 2-inch heels, or come spring a simple sandal.

  18. I’m surprised at how much I like this dress, considering I rarely wear them & never wear blue except for denim jeans. But the neckline on this one is lovely & I even like the colour as it shows on my computer (more of a deep primary blue than navy, which I dislike). I’d trade the sash for a pretty belt & wear it with pumps & a statement necklace & even though I have absolutely no where to wear it these days, it nevertheless looks refreshingly (dare I say it??) elegant 🙂 Great date-night dress for dinner out (I vaguely remember dinner out . . . sigh).

  19. I’d definitely wear it, the scarf belt is so pretty and you can’t bead a classic navy dress! 🙂

    Hope that you are having a wonderful weekend 🙂 We are off to the park later today 🙂

  20. I don’t wear dresses too often anymore. I do like the neckline of this one: flattering and good for jewelry. There’s a lot of material in this item, so it would have to fit my 5′ 2″ frame precisely, otherwise I think it could look frumpy.

  21. Yes to the dress. It has so many possibilities and it just reminds me of spring. I also liked several of the other dresses shown.

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