Today’s News for Women Over 50

Todays News for Women Over 50

Good morning, ladies and welcome to Today’s News for Women Over 50!

I look for lifestyle headlines which may be of interest to this audience, and curate those sites into this one site for your reading pleasure.

Seems many of you liked the FRONT PORCH news from last week’s report, so I am curious to see if any of these articles strike a chord with you today.

Please feel free to comment on any or all of these stories below……so, snuggled down, get a warm beverage and let’s get started!


Today's News for Women Over 50 on Over 50 Feeling 40

This article is written by a young woman about her style icon, an older woman!  See what you think of “I’M 39…and MY FASHION ICON IS 78…”


Sustainable Fashion is for everyone, however, this article addresses directly plus size ladies…”HERE ARE 28 BRANDS DOING ETHICAL AND SUSTAINABLE PLUS SIZE FASHION IN 2021.”


Todays News for Women Over 50

Scarves are in style more than ever before…and I don’t think we can own too many!  So, here is a little inspiration….HOW TO STYLE A CLASSIC: SCARVES!


Today's News for Women Over 50

Recently, I shared with you HERE IN HYGGE HOME that I am researching the Danish lifestyle, Hygge, particularly for my home decor.  I liked the ideas in this article, HYGGE DECOR: 5 TIPS TO HYGGE YOUR HOME.



Today's News for Women Over 50

From Economic Times, comes news about FALLING GOLD PRICES BOOSTING JEWELRY SALES…this was news to me! This article is based on the hope of COVID going away as a result of vaccines; however, it does come out of India.


Today's News for Women Over 50

Let’s end today with a little fun…if you are thinking of painting a room for a new beginning in 2021, then you might enjoy this article from Southern Living….8 INTERIOR PAINT COLOR TRENDS YOU ARE GOING TO SEE EVERYWHERE IN 2021.

See anything you like?  Please share!

The Wednesday mannequins were not well received this week.  I do attempt to find displays that will spur interesting conversation, so join me and Jennifer tomorrow for another Would You Wear It and see what is showing in the stores these days. 

Mark you calendar for 9:00 AM (CST) on Monday, for an amazing sale announcement on this blog!  You will not want to miss it!


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. Having a large scarf collection, I’m glad to see they are still so fashionable. I have heard they can be aging, and I don’t agree. Always on the lookout for new ways to style them. The hygge concept has captured my attention since I’m going to be moving and will have an opportunity to go in a different direction with decorating. I have bookmarked some articles for reference. I’m glad you brought this to our attention!

    1. I am enjoying reading about it as well, Karen. I want my home to be cozy all year but not over done. Thanks so much!

  2. We are getting ready to build a new home (downsizing) so your post about paint color trends and Hygge caught my eye right away. I love to wear scarves, but am in desperate need to update my collection! I love the Front Porch News format! I missed last weeks so now I am off to read what you posted. Thanks for the time and effort you spend on your blog. I hope you enjoy extra blessings today!

  3. I love scarfs. The shawl scarf over the shoulder looks great. I will have to try that. The scarf with the diamond pin in it? Would you really poke holes in an expensive scarf? I sure wouldn’t.

  4. I found 3 of your topics interesting to me and looked at the sites.
    I found the scarf examples to be very dated. I think all of them were in a book I have from the eighties. I think many of the ways would attract looks these days but not in a good way. I did however enjoy the review links at the end of the site which covered fashions at the inauguration. Some stunning looks there. Not sure if you post other sites but a good one for how to tie more modern styles is
    I also enjoyed the decorating links on hygge, a new term in my vocabulary, and colours, which looks like 2021 has a colour pallet for everyone.

  5. These are all great today Pam. Not so fond of the first one, since I am not a fan of so much black. I am always on the lookout for new scarves, especially at thrift where I can pick up numerous ones to change up a look. Also always trying new ways to tye them. Plus size articles took me off track for too long, and the hygge ones to go back to later. This could keep me totally absorbed for the whole day if I let it. Another great selection, and thanks for the hard work.

  6. Thank you for the pointer to sustainable plus size fashion. Plus size fashion is difficult to find that’s fashion forward. You’ve introduced me to several brands I’ll be following.

  7. The styles in the first article were a bit too dramatic for my taste which tends to be classic & simple. I found the article on plus size fashion interesting as I float between an XXL & 1x. I did enjoy the article on hygge. I am planning to pick up a couple of the books mentioned in your original post.
    A side note on Wednesday’s Would You Wear it. I couldn’t find anything positive to say, so I kept silent.

    1. Thanks Becky for being here. I think it helps others to hear why looks are negative. I am not looking for mannequins everyone will love.. I look for ones that will generate helpful conversations about the styles. Your negative comment might save someone else some money! I appreciate all viewpoints on Would You Wear It days!

  8. Using my husband’s iPad today (as my desktop computer decided to crash) so unable to view all entirely but super reading material of that what I could open. Re Hygge is very interesting but admit when it comes to its
    interior design concept, I also find the practice of Feng Shui has its merits. As to the article on scarves, I have read similar before but something I will be avoiding is wearing one as a head covering as long as wearing face masks are mandatory due I already have transition eyeglasses, so for sure my neighbors might not even recognize me … Lol! -Brenda-

    1. So sorry about the computer, Brenda. It never happens at a good time. Thanks for finding a way to join in!

  9. What a delicious collection of reading material for my weekend, Pam, thank you! Wonderful article on fashion icons. While I admit there is nothing there I’d wear except the moto jackets (LOVE moto jackets & have a closetful & wear them a lot, often while ON a motorcycle), I found the creativity & fearlessness shown by these young women completely refreshing. I get so tired of society telling us women what we “should” do, say, think & wear that it’s a breath of fresh air to see these particular women expressing themselves through fashion. I’m not a scarf person myself but love them on other people & found that article interesting as well. Now on to the rest . . . have a great weekend!

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