Home Decor Update and need your advice

Home Decor Update with blue and white

Happy Monday!  This is my home decor update and I need your advice.

Like many of you, I came home from my professional life in March 2020 to work and to spend the majority of my time.  That was when I first began to look over my home decor with more scrutiny.

I was too busy over the summer dealing with transitions to ponder much and my kitchen remodel was imminent. 

The remodel was followed with fall and Christmas…my two favorite decorating holidays.

Then it all went away….and my cozy, wonderful decor looked….sad!

Home Decor update

I knew for sure that I wanted to capture that cozy, inviting feeling my Christmas decor spoke and create it all year long.  That was when I discovered the 19th century lifestyle,  hygge.

Hygge decor is simple, harmonious and joyous.  Their homes are styled to foster togetherness and hospitality.  

I believe some of what they do is achievable for me…I just have to learn balance.

I am focusing on the hygge recommendations of:

  1. Greenery (plants and faux decor)
  2. candles
  3. twinkle lights all year
  4. neutral bases

It is similar to my wardrobe.  I love the strong neutrals with accessories to add the fun….but again with both I am learning how to balance and not go overboard.

Home decor update with blue & White

Today, I am going to update you with the breakfast room.  This is a good example of what I was looking at after Christmas was down.

Mr. B & I kept several Ethan Allen pieces his parents owned, and this China cabinet is one of them.

The dishes belonged to his grandmother….they are English Village from Salem, England.  The Salem China Company, Olde Staffordshire.

Shortly after we moved into his grandparents house, I discovered these tucked back in a cabinet, out of sight.  I knew they were special and needed to be seen.

Upon pondering them further in January, once the walls became a neutral color, I decided I would use blue from the breakfast bar through the family room as an accent color.

Home decor update

This is the update on the breakfast bar.  The crock is from my grandparent’s East Texas farm…I have several of these.  

Home Decor Update with blue and white

Mr. B purchased the large blue & white platter in Mexico from a family there which survives on making pottery.   

For weeks, I have been looking over faux greenery and found the ones around the platter recently at Marshalls…they looked real…so I grabbed them.

Also, that day at Marshall’s, I found the butcher block lazy-susan on a clearance rack.

I found locating faux greenery which looks real to be more of challenge than I thought.  But I finally found these two and love them.  

The blueberry pie is a wedding gift…over thirty years old and is sitting on a linen…also sewn Mr. B’s grandmother.

Home Decor Update

In the window sill, I brought two succulents from outside in, and placed them around the “cutest cardinal watering can” given to me by my friend, Leigh Ann. 

Oh yes, and there are two baskets full of pine cones near there on the floor.

Home Decor Update

I am no decorator…but I believe I need a round rug under the table to warm the area up and make it cozier.

But I am not sure what colors…and as of yet, I have not found the right rug.   (Feel free to make recommendations!)

I am looking at this rug in navy and round. Should I go lighter?  This rug matches the chair pads?  Thoughts?

But, I feel like with this area I am almost there.  Also, on the other side of the china cabinet hangs my farmhouse sign with one word on it….JOY!

Home Decor update

I have started the family room.  I move things around constantly…like we would move around a scarf and necklace to see what is just right.

I am not completely set on what to do, but will not take out winter decor until March.

Home decor update

Wave to Mr. B…..Now, you can see there is a touch of blue in this rug.

Also, my fireplace pictures both have blue.  Half of the year, I hang the Thomas Kinkade which was gifted to me by dear friends.  

I know he ended up a controversial artist, but I love his work with light…it fascinates me.

The other half of the year, I hang a bluebonnet painting which was my mother’s. 

The Ethan Allen tea cart is another piece from Mr. B’s mother.    I am considering putting this lamp there.  What do you think?

I also have a springtime garland with lights on the way, and another piece with lights.  If I keep them, I will show you later.

Home Decor update

I saw these burlap flowers in Hobby Lobby. and thought them perfect for this cake plate which stays empty except when family is over for special occasions.

It has helped me so much to have a goal now and understand what I am going for.  Before, I just threw pieces together and tried to do it budget friendly.

Now, I understand it is possible to achieve harmonious, simple, and joyous living all year long with purposeful direction.

Beyond Pinterest, these are the places I have looked for inspiration, ideas and purchases:


Southern Living at Dillard’s

Anthropologie Home


Hobby Lobby

Home Depot

Ballard Designs

Pottery Barn


Thanks for the help, ladies!!  How am I doing so far?  Let me know about the lamp and the rug….stay warm….and


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. thats a tough one, because ive made so many mistakes in decorating, and continue to do so…..
    but hey opinions are free right, lol.
    i like the lamp that is already there, it looks like it belongs there with the fireplace screen. and the one i clicked on seems really big…but again, ive sure made some lamp mistakes, and dont get me started on trying to buy replacement shades….i plain suck.
    i love the breakfast area…the idea of the rug that matches the chair pads is safe…but i look forward to what the other ladies say…

      1. I also love your present lamp on the tea cart…just perfect. Some of the things I have done with a china cabinet, and yours is beautiful, is to reduce the amount of pieces in it. Your blue china is perfect, or you could rotate items thru when you do your seasonal changes. I find it difficult to strike the balance between cozy and more minimalistic which the younger generations favor, and seems to give us a more updated vibe. Good luck …you have some beautiful belongings.

  2. A rug would certainly warm up that space and be beautiful. However, I have a love/hate relationship with rugs, especially under tables. How does one keep them clean? How do you easily slide your chair? It’s so much easier to just use a broom to clean up than get a vacuum out. Sorry to be a downer!

    1. I agree with you, Julia and it is a consideration. Grandchildren usually eat there. Thanks …. you are not being a downer.

    2. I like your rug and the lamp. We have decorated with items from our military assignments in Southeast Asia. I still love everything we have. When we downsized from a larger home two years ago, we did some culling out, though. I change out my large floral dining arrangement 4-5 times a year along with accent pillows. I also change out the duvet cover in the master bedroom 4-5 times a year to give the room a new look.

  3. Your home is beautiful Pam, and it seems like you have a direction you’re going by recognizing the blue and white accents. As I’m facing my move next week, I have pared down considerably, also did a major closet purge. Family china was donated, along with many things inherited from grandparents and aunts that I can no longer tote through life, and they were mostly boxed up anyway. Moving into a smaller place was my motivation. You have the room to use and enjoy your treasures, and that makes them worth incorporating into your decor. Since I’m living in chaos currently, I feel unqualified to think through decorating choices (this is a temporary at problem!!), but I agree with you, a rug under the table would anchor it to it’s space and be a cozy addition. I’ll be interested to hear what others have to say, but for me, I’m in crazy mode this week and can’t think past my next step! You certainly do have a beautiful place to work with!

  4. I seem to be the one in the family that curates all the old stuff(which none of our children want). Anyway suggest if you have old pitchers or candle sticks,use them on top of the hutch on either side of the platter . The platter looks s little lonely by itself. Otherwise wait and see what other readers have to say. Best. Hope it’s not too cold. I am still purging the collection and haven’t gotten around to the rest of our home, yet!

  5. Good morning Pamela, Thanks for sharing your home decor update. I love hygge vibes in the home, possibly because I am Scandinavian! You have beautiful classic pieces in your home with lots of stories attached and that resonates with me too. I think adding cream/white accents in each of these rooms will help achieve the hygge vibes you are looking for. This will lighten up the rooms and make your blues pop. In the breakfast room, a very light jute or cream carpet(no other colors in it), cream placemats, cream vases, cream florals and cream curtain toppers might be the answer. Or, even cream airy drapery panels on the outside edges of your corner windows to make that corner cozy might be an idea. I believe its exactly the same touches needed in the family room. Just add cream accents, a cream garland with light airy soft color petals for your fireplace, very light hydrangeas, cream colored wreath, jars, candles will all help create hygge. Scandinavian homes ,hygge inspired tend to be very light tones. Please show us again what you have decided to do. Its so fun updating home decor for spring! I enjoy your posts every day. Thank you.

      1. First off, your home is wonderful. I think a round blue braided wool rug under the table would be attractive but your floor is beautiful so maybe you don’t want to cover it up. I’d maybe put a blue checked tablecloth on the table, a square one not round and change the valences to either match or coordinate in a blue print or change completely to a patterned shade. I love the blue china and platter. I’d take the figurines out of the cabinet. And maybe put a large handled basket of red geraniums (faux) on the top of the chest. I love the items you have there but they seem too small and don’t balance out all that is going on up top. I think those pots up top are too small. Maybe you have some substantial brass candlesticks, which you could put there and also move about and use on the table when the kiddies aren’t around. I like the lamp….and would definitely have a coffee table, maybe a large square one. Just some ideas. Have fun.

    1. I totally agree with Darlene about cream airy drapery panels. I am not a fan of window toppers, except on smaller windows. I love that you have displayed your sentimental blue dishes and crocks. Mr B’s purchase is beautiful and complementary. I am not a fan of carpet under tables but the Pottery Barn rug would look great with your traditional hutch. I don’t get plates on a wall except in a dining area, so maybe switch the “joy” piece with the plates in the family room. I think that a small lamp (maybe brass or ceramic with blue) would be a lovely accent on the tea cart and provide mood lighting . Maybe add a plant in one of your crocks. Your kitchen redo is lovely and bright and Darlene’s suggestions to include more cream accents would extend the theme to your breakfast area. I am sure you will be very pleased with the results. You have a keen eye for seasonal decorations which I am sure will assist in your decisions.

  6. Good Morning Pamela, Your mention of Ethan Allen brought back memories of perusing their catalog when I was a young bride , hoping someday to be able to purchase a piece, but by the time I could the quality was not what it used to be. How wonderful that you inherited some pieces!
    I like the braided rug for your breakfast room. To me braided rugs always add a coziness to a room.

  7. Everybody has an opinion. Blue and white is right up my alley. I would look at Overstock.com for a rug. I have bought two there and have been happy with both. They run sales frequently. I also bought one of my rugs from Nebraska furniture Mart. Those are online resoures and often we want to see and touch those things that go n our home.
    I would personally put different, larger, chair pads on those chairs that have a more pronounced print. Also, have you considered changing out the valances on those windows with a blue print? That is what I would do. I love the china!
    Bottom line. I don’t even know what hygge is, but fill your home with the things you love to surround yourself with. That makes it right for you.

  8. I love the lamp Pam, but I noticed you use the table for drinks, books, etc. Just make sure it’s base isn’t too big to still use the convenience of the table. I think it might work but check the dimensions. I would say no to the rug although I love it. It is wool and will shed, the colors are great, but the white under that table would get dirty. I removed mine because it gets stuck on the chairs. The tile is beautiful. I would instead focus on getting a solid blue or simple geometric in royal or navy thick, large pads to cover the chair seats. I would remove the beige valances and put in blue or cream, (solid or pattern) full length curtains (not sheer to add cozyness) that don’t cover the beautiful windows but instead hang between them and on the sides. A beautiful pitcher or vase similar to your gorgeous collection on top of the lazy susan that Mr. B keeps filled with flowers or greenery for you. I have blue willow and also collect similar pottery. If you like, you can also pull more pieces into your family room with lamps, vases, etc. to go with your plates. I switch out vases in front of my fireplace mirror–one or several. Those pieces you have are beautiful.

    1. Oh, I forgot. I would put your cute greens on the hutch next to the pie and add some tall blue pottery vases and jugs on each side of your platter. Some cute blue and white pottery candle sticks placed in pairs could be on the hutch shelf or on top maybe. I only seperate them when they are on in use. Also check out Home Goods (great lamps and decor items) and TJ Max–all the same company. Sorry, to add so much but it’s a hobby of mine and I have fun sharing it with my friends…

  9. Pam,
    As Lorraine said a lighter rug would be better. You already have a busy pattern there in your tiled floor and adding that dark patterned rug would not be restful/calming. However, I am loathe to put light under a table due to spills, so check and make sure it is easy to clean. And Scotch-guarded.
    Buy it large enough so the chairs don’t catch on it everytime you push them in or pull them out and that the four legs sit on the rug while dining at the table. And the round shape is definitely the way to go……..you have lines in the tiling, the hutch has lines on the doors, as well as the obvious rectangles needed for drawers and cabinets, and the chair backs have criss-cross slats in the back. Using a round rug would help the rounded shape of the backs be more prominent.

    Have fun……I love fixing up my house!!

  10. Love your decorating changes you’ve made so far, Pam! When I saw that hutch with the blue and white dishes, my heart went pitty-pat….I’m looking for a vintage hutch like that for my own home! My granny had one that went to one of my aunts and I always LOVED that thing! I knew I would never have a chance at it, so I’ve been secretly on the hunt for one. 🙂 I have a question and I know that people either gasp in horror when I suggest it or say “hmmmm…never thought of that”…. Have you ever considered painting all that brick around your fireplace? I used brick the same color in my house when we built 36 years ago and can not get my husband to agree to paint it…yet! I think an off white/antique white color would really brighten things up and set off the blue that you are using… would look great with that rug, too! After I retire in April, I have so many projects!!! I get so excited thinking about all the things I’ve put off for “one day when I retire”…. Have fun with all of your decorating!!!

    1. Hi Shirley, lots of people counseled me to paint the brick, but I love it red. I talked with a friend who is a decorator and she said if I loved it, to keep it. There is also red brick on the breakfast bar and the outside of the house. It is a traditional style I really love.

      1. Sounds good – we love what we love! Yours looks lovely and homey. We have a rustic “wood” home with a green tin roof – more of a “log cabin” look. That is the only brick I have in/around my house so I guess that is why I was never hesitant about considering painting. My husband loves his red brick, too! 🙂 Keep posting those home decorating updates!

      2. I think that your fireplace looks like a “real fp”, not gas. I would not advise painting the brick – I think it would be constant maintenance with a light color. I would also consult with a painter – it may involve more cleaning and prep then you thought.

        Someone also mentioned sanding and staining your china cabinet – with that too I would consult with a professional. If you just go “at it” yourself, it can end up looking like a homemade job and then cost way more in the long run if you then have to have a pro “fix” it.

  11. I think your home is lovely, Pamela. Really classic. Perhaps as another has suggested, adding touches of cream or off white will brighten things slightly, while not diminishing the blues. I like the ideas if a large off whit pitcher or leaning platter and of white hydrangeas as someone previously mentioned and twinkling lights .
    I’m thinking too of adding a white/gold or white/rust striped window valence where you have the solid rust valence in the breakfast area might be fresh and nice too?

  12. I just want to mention that I had a gorgeous rug under the table, and like mentioned, the visits from grandkids and everyone actually did not help the condition. Also, moving the chairs in and out was not easy so out it went, actually to the porch due to the lasting stains. Now I have rugs everywhere except under the tables. I do like the ideas given by Darlene if it is the hygge look you are going for, and may steal a few for myself. I have gotten a few more little tiny string lights and am loving the look. I love that platter you got in Mexico. I know you will not be doing anything like this, but I took and older corner cabinet and painted it cream and love the look, but that was to go with the cream cabinets and light blue walls in the kitchen. Good luck and keep us informed.

  13. If you found a lighter color in an indoor-outdoor carpet, it could be cleaned easily but either wiping up the spill or taking it outside to wash it out with your hose. Also, I have a round jute braided rug under my round breakfast table and we eat there all the time, and spills are not a problem. Blotting up spills quickly usually resolves any issue. A towel will draw out the liquid and jute often hides dirt and crumbs. Just a thought.

  14. I had that exact Ethan Allen hutch, inherited from my grandmother, for many years too, until we moved to a home which would not accommodate it. What a well made and storage-laden piece it was. As the unkitchen trend grows, maybe people will appreciate these pieces again. As an amateur but involved decorator who follows many decorating blogs, I would counsel against the round rug. They are often in the way of the chair function and can look a little odd. A general rule is that a rug should match the shape of the room, not the table. I once had a carpet cut to order and made octagonal because the corner of a rectangular rug would have stuck into the walkway of our open plan home. It was so successful the buyers of my home put it into their offer. You can get carpet cut and bound to any size, often cheaper than a ready made rug, and can have prints and borders if desired. I suggest you look at Maria Killam’s blog. Your decorating styles don’t match, but she is a wealth of knowledge with a good search engine.

  15. I do think a rug is needed under the table. It will warm up the area and some color would brighten things up. I think I would go lighter than navy, though. I wouldn’t worry so much about food and mess under the table. In my old house I decided not to get an expensive rug in the breakfast room so I didn’t have to go crazy about spills. I have also started bringing in some real houseplants to my rooms, something I had an abundance of back in the day but seemed to fall out of style. I have many faux plants but nothing is the same as real. Just a pop of something green and living makes the room so much cozier. I love your choice of blue accents. I really like that lamp but not sure that’s the right place for it. The thing that makes your decor so wonderful is that every piece has a story or a memory. That what makes a home special!
    I have a small hutch in my living room and have started putting a battery operated candle inside the top behind the glass and I love the glow it gives in the evening.
    I’m anxious to see what else you do with the space, especially once your winter decor gets put away! Keep us posted!
    Have a great day!

  16. Your home is beautiful Pam! Think about the Ballard rug in a square or rectangle, they look great with a round table and will freshen up the space nicely! Think about painting the inside back of the China cabinet a soft white or a less permanent peel off wallpaper. Love the Ballard lamp and will update the fireplace room with texture and some light reflection off the base. Stay warm and safe in Texas! Hugs…

    1. Sharon – I love the idea of painting or papering (removable paper) the back of the hutch in either an almost white to white color or a navy. Either will make the dishes stand out beautifully. Because hygge includes lighter woods, both the hutch and table/chairs could be sanded and lightened with stain. OR painting them white/cream would definitely open the room up to more blue accents, i.e. blue braided rug, simple white sheers, blue print tablecloth. I think hygge follows the KISS rule: keep it simple!

  17. Good morning Pam,

    I’m a firm believer that rugs are always a good idea 😊 They seem to cozy up a space faster than anything (to me at least). I suggest you check into indoor/outdoor rugs. They’re easier to clean and should be easier to slide chairs across. (You used to be able to purchase small pads that go on the bottom of chair legs to make them slide more smoothly. Not sure if they still sell those but I would guess they do.) Visually it would add warmth and still be practical.

    I also like Connie’s idea of adding full-length drapery panels. They make a room feel more finished.

    Good luck with your projects. You’re so right—it’s much easier when you have a vision for how you want your room to look.

  18. Change is often a trial and error adventure. I am in agreement with Darlene Hegel that for a hygge feel I would lighten things up. I love the blue dishes in your hutch but they seem a little too heavy a block for the lighter feel I think you are going for. I would take out at least one and put your lovely white ceramic pieces together in an area to highlight them as they would then pop against the dark wood of the cabinet. Perhaps put some crystal in another section to add that twinkly light feeling of hygge. My eye would also like you to try putting the pie dish on one side of the buffet and the candle or I seem to remember a light coloured pitcher from your kitchen reveal on the other side. This would then pull your eye down from the lovely blue platter on the top to make a triangular view, don’t know if that makes sense to you. I would also choose a solid lighter coloured rug, perhaps close to the colour of your walls. I agree that it needs to be large enough to be able to pull out your chairs and they still be on the rug. I would choose a square one to let the round table shine as a focal point. I will admit that my home is very white with navy accents, I have a dish I’m sure is by the same Mexican company as your platter, so none of these ideas may give YOU a hygge feeling.

  19. How fascinating to read everyone’s advice for you this morning! I love the look of the new lamp you are considering, and like some of the other ladies have suggested, I would continue with that theme by adding a touch more cream or bisque here and there. I am in the no-rug under the kitchen table camp. I have had rugs under my dining spaces for decades, then went without while looking for just the right one several years ago . . .and found living without one rather liberating. Not only does it simplify cleaning, but I am enjoying that nothing competes visually with whatever tablecloth I choose (and I am tablecloth obsessed!). BTW, I love your hydrangeas and think they are a great homey touch in any season. Also love catching a candid glimpse of your cat there enjoying Mr. B’s lap. If that doesn’t shout H💗ME, then nothing does!

  20. I’m not really familiar with hygee decor, so I checked Pinterest. So many pretty ideas, but Darlene is correct that the colors are mostly creams. The woods are lighter and more streamlined, too. So maybe pull in the hygee vibe with cream candles and accents, twinkle lights, and more greenery. Keep the rest in your traditional style.
    If you think you want a rug under the table, try the one that is in your family room first. See if you like the way the chairs move on carpet, and how many crumbs it collects. Any dining room area rug needs to be big enough that the chair legs aren’t half on/half off. If you slide the chair out to sit down and the back legs go off the rug it is really hard to get them back in place while you are seated.

  21. Re a carpet for under the table; IMHO you might wish to consider the following. a) Its maintenance and b) its sizing. The latter which should extend at least 24″ beyond the table to allow chairs to be pulled out and when in place sit stable. If larger; an 8″ – 10″ optical border is often the norm between it and contrast flooring.

    With above said; another alternative to create some coziness in this area might be; the addition of substantial chair pads that have some loft and the addition of some celing-to-floor stationary side panels in a natural fabric. i.e.: Cotton gauze or linen …plain but textured in weave. (Ikea may have something at a reasonable cost as well as appropriate hardware for the corner.)

    As to the lamp which I love BTW , I did check its specs and am wondering if it will supply your needs perhaps for reading plus for a cozy ambience. Rule of thumb for such based on a surface height of 23″- 27″, a lamp between 26″ – 31″ in total height is often the choice. Also one with a three-way switch will do double duty.
    *Note — the measurements given above are just guidelines and not ,’written in stone’ ….😊.

    In closing; do agree with many of the suggestions given you and apologize for being so long winded.


  22. I love your breakfast room just the way it is. Your flooring is lovely and there’s lots of warmth in your colours, so I wouldn’t add a rug. I agree with those who have already suggested that it would make it more difficult to move chairs in and out and that there would be the additional worry about spills. I do like Connie’s suggesting regarding a change in window treatment. Personally, I like the lamp that you already have in the family room and I’m glad you decided to keep the brick!

    1. Here’s my advice – if this table is used everyday, don’t put a rug under it for practical purposes.
      For practical purposes & comfort,
      I would change the chair pads to square solid color ones that tie on- and they need to cover the entire seat of the chair. Hygge, scandi style is light and airy, not heavy so grab a box and temporarily remove the items on the window sill, the pinecones & basket on the floor, the garland on the mantel, the plates & holder, the items on the cabinet closest to the fireplace, remove the Joy sign, & just try it for 2 weeks and see how you “feel ” with less decor. The teacart/table between the seats serves a function. What you have decorated the china cabinet with is fine as is. Vignettes are created in odd numbers 1, 3, 5. From what I observed while visiting my Danish family in 5 different homes throughout Dk, there is simply more cleared off surfaces in their homes because they appreciate the visual calm vs visual noise/abundance. Most do not have curtains that look out to the backyards as they want the light and be able to enjoy nature. Yes, they have candles that are lit nightly, yes, they read books & leave it on the table next to the chair. One cousin does have a plate gallery above her sofa in the living room. She collects a plate from her past travels. The other cousin, who lives in the city, has cinderblock walls so there isn’t much on her walls. The cousin that lives in a farm house with a thatched roof has few pictures on her walls, yet a blanket on every chair to relax with except dining chairs. Yes, the older ones showcase whatever the grandchildren made for them and display it on a surface but they really do not have nicknacks like we do. Some people like all the stuff out in the open with visual abundance. Some people need visual calm. You do what works for you. You’ll learn by trial & error how you want your home to feel now and reflect this new you.

  23. I would agree with Sharon on using a rectangular rug under the round table. One of my nieces did that with her round table, & it looks more interesting. The rug is not braided or very thick. It is cream & a very light denim blue. She has three children, including a three year old. If you’re concerned about stains, perhaps it could treated to be stain resistant.

  24. I’m not sure about the hygee thing, but I’d put the carpet under the table on hold and go with a round tablecloth on the the table. It gives you pattern and you don’t have the issue of the chairs and the edge of the rug. They’re very easy to switch in and out, and when your Grands arrive you can put an oilcloth and wipe up easily. You could try one for not much money and if you weren’t happy then spend on a rug.
    I’m with the others who’re thinking about changing the window treatments. What about a fabric shade that could come down the shield against a hot sun and be pulled up on lovely days?
    I bought a faux plant for a spot that needed some greenery but wasn’t light enough to support a real one at the Pottery Barn. My guess is that Marshall’s/Home Goods/T.J. Maxx gets things from a similar supplier so just keep dropping in!

  25. I agree with the white/cream colors. Would definitely make the blue stand out. It would make the entire room very inviting!

  26. OK – here goes, in the breakfast area – loose the window toppers – they serve no purpose, either have no window treatment or have cream colored roman shades made with blue tape trim. A rug under the table would work only if the chairs can be moved easily on the rug, otherwise, skip the rug. If you do a rug, consider a quality indoor/outdoor – very easy to clean and durable. Make sure that the chairs are still on the rug when pulled out for seating otherwise, it will look like a tiny island.
    I would not display the pie plate – it looks very dated. The watering can is cute – group it with the plants, not separate items. What is the purpose of the pinecones in the basket? They can go. Overall, I see too many faux greens and flowers – they should be used very sparingly.
    In the family room, loose the plate rack. The china cabinet needs to be edited – the focal point should be the blue and white plates, not the glasses and other trinkets. In the larger picture of the china cab. – you have three focal points – the top, china and pie plate – too much for the eye.
    The lamp on the table looks dated and too short, the proportion is off – a new simple lamp would be an inexpensive switch.
    You could repurpose the tea cart as a bar with a tray holding a decanter, a couple of bottles and nice glasses. Move the cake stand to the kitchen or breakfast area – could display on the china cabinet, on one side or the other – not the middle.
    I would get out your blue/white crocks and use them for kitchen tools, but group them with all of the same type – all wood in one, all metal in another, etc.
    Lastly, I would consider hiring a professional decorator. Find someone who will come in and advise you of changes to make and do a one day accessory re-work – you would be surprised at what a difference it can make. The price is often less than you may expect, but the change can be well worth it!

  27. Sharon – We are of the age when SO many things are sentimental to us, but how do we incorporate them into our decor? Hygge says to keep decor simple but cozy and use things you love/have sentimental values. My only guess would be to change out items throughout the year, rotating in and out. This also keeps them more special.

    I love the suggestion someone made about removing everything except the china and the top of the hutch decor for 2 or 3 weeks to see how you respond to it. You might also find other places for the “removed” items that you like better. This also allows your “eye” to think about where you could incorporate more blue.

    I also responded to Sharon as follows: I love the idea of painting or papering (removable paper) the back of the hutch in either an almost white to white color or a navy. Either will make the dishes stand out beautifully. Because hygge includes lighter woods, both the hutch and table/chairs could be sanded and lightened with stain. OR painting them white/cream would definitely open the room up to more blue accents, i.e. blue braided rug, simple white sheers, blue print tablecloth. I think hygge follows the KISS rule: keep it simple!

  28. Your blue & white dishes are beautiful! I am going to throw out some suggestions for minor changes since you asked. First, I think I would remove the Joy plaque and use the plate wall rack in that location or you might want to add the two plates from the wall rack next to the large platter on top of the hutch. Collections of similar items are more impactful when near each other. If you have more crocks in the white and blue, group them together near each other on your breakfast bar, maybe add some utensils in a crock. Think small groups of 3 or 5 similar items. As for the table and chairs, it does need something to soften the area. First, the chair pads are too small for those chairs and the braiding design competes with the complex design of the beautiful plate collection. I would suggest solid blue square chair pads that cover the entire seat with ties, of course. You might want to add a square tablecloth in a solid cream color to lighten up the table, not too large, just big enough to have 4 corners slightly overhang but still allow some of the wood to show. I understand the practically of the wood lazy susan, but it looks lost on the wood table I would move the blueberry pie to the lazy susan and put your entire collection of succulents on the hutch where the pie is now. I would also remove some of the smaller items in the hutch. How about moving two of the plates now inside the hutch to display stands on the board of the hutch near the succulents? Then you could put the Crystal together in one area of the hutch. Another area would hold some of the other pieces distracting from the plates.
    The fireplace area in your family room does needs some lightening up. If you love the red bricks, keep them red! The plate rack looks lost where it is on the wall next to the fireplace. I would leave the red bricks bare except for the Kincaid above the mantel. I love hydrangeas but maybe there would look better somewhere else in the room. They seem to compete with the foliage on the mantel. How about moving the hydrangeas down on the opposite side of the brick hearth? I would move the lamp on the table to the chest next to fireplace . Then get a different, slightly larger solid cream or blue colored base lamp for the tea cart between the chairs. A lamp on the chest next to the fireplace would also bring light to the darkness of the brick wall. I would consider adding some tall cream colored or glass candlesticks to the mantel, they would complement the foliage and twinkle lights, Your rug is beautiful and very similar to one my daughter has in her dining room. You do need some more blue or cream to this area of the room. Maybe a new chair throw or pillows.
    I know I have suggested many changes, but most are small changes without much expense. Decorating has always been one of my passions and at one time even considered it as a possible career, but other things took priority. I have helped many friends over the years with decorating decisions. Using what you have with a few mini additions is always fun. Keep what you love, feature loved collections and have fun!

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