Home Decor Update with blue and white

Happy Monday!  This is my home decor update and I need your advice.

Like many of you, I came home from my professional life in March 2020 to work and to spend the majority of my time.  That was when I first began to look over my home decor with more scrutiny.

I was too busy over the summer dealing with transitions to ponder much and my kitchen remodel was imminent. 

The remodel was followed with fall and Christmas…my two favorite decorating holidays.

Then it all went away….and my cozy, wonderful decor looked….sad!

Home Decor update

I knew for sure that I wanted to capture that cozy, inviting feeling my Christmas decor spoke and create it all year long.  That was when I discovered the 19th century lifestyle,  hygge.

Hygge decor is simple, harmonious and joyous.  Their homes are styled to foster togetherness and hospitality.  

I believe some of what they do is achievable for me…I just have to learn balance.

I am focusing on the hygge recommendations of:

  1. Greenery (plants and faux decor)
  2. candles
  3. twinkle lights all year
  4. neutral bases

It is similar to my wardrobe.  I love the strong neutrals with accessories to add the fun….but again with both I am learning how to balance and not go overboard.

Home decor update with blue & White

Today, I am going to update you with the breakfast room.  This is a good example of what I was looking at after Christmas was down.

Mr. B & I kept several Ethan Allen pieces his parents owned, and this China cabinet is one of them.

The dishes belonged to his grandmother….they are English Village from Salem, England.  The Salem China Company, Olde Staffordshire.

Shortly after we moved into his grandparents house, I discovered these tucked back in a cabinet, out of sight.  I knew they were special and needed to be seen.

Upon pondering them further in January, once the walls became a neutral color, I decided I would use blue from the breakfast bar through the family room as an accent color.

Home decor update

This is the update on the breakfast bar.  The crock is from my grandparent’s East Texas farm…I have several of these.  

Home Decor Update with blue and white

Mr. B purchased the large blue & white platter in Mexico from a family there which survives on making pottery.   

For weeks, I have been looking over faux greenery and found the ones around the platter recently at Marshalls…they looked real…so I grabbed them.

Also, that day at Marshall’s, I found the butcher block lazy-susan on a clearance rack.

I found locating faux greenery which looks real to be more of challenge than I thought.  But I finally found these two and love them.  

The blueberry pie is a wedding gift…over thirty years old and is sitting on a linen…also sewn Mr. B’s grandmother.

Home Decor Update

In the window sill, I brought two succulents from outside in, and placed them around the “cutest cardinal watering can” given to me by my friend, Leigh Ann. 

Oh yes, and there are two baskets full of pine cones near there on the floor.

Home Decor Update

I am no decorator…but I believe I need a round rug under the table to warm the area up and make it cozier.

But I am not sure what colors…and as of yet, I have not found the right rug.   (Feel free to make recommendations!)

I am looking at this rug in navy and round. Should I go lighter?  This rug matches the chair pads?  Thoughts?

But, I feel like with this area I am almost there.  Also, on the other side of the china cabinet hangs my farmhouse sign with one word on it….JOY!

Home Decor update

I have started the family room.  I move things around constantly…like we would move around a scarf and necklace to see what is just right.

I am not completely set on what to do, but will not take out winter decor until March.

Home decor update

Wave to Mr. B…..Now, you can see there is a touch of blue in this rug.

Also, my fireplace pictures both have blue.  Half of the year, I hang the Thomas Kinkade which was gifted to me by dear friends.  

I know he ended up a controversial artist, but I love his work with light…it fascinates me.

The other half of the year, I hang a bluebonnet painting which was my mother’s. 

The Ethan Allen tea cart is another piece from Mr. B’s mother.    I am considering putting this lamp there.  What do you think?

I also have a springtime garland with lights on the way, and another piece with lights.  If I keep them, I will show you later.

Home Decor update

I saw these burlap flowers in Hobby Lobby. and thought them perfect for this cake plate which stays empty except when family is over for special occasions.

It has helped me so much to have a goal now and understand what I am going for.  Before, I just threw pieces together and tried to do it budget friendly.

Now, I understand it is possible to achieve harmonious, simple, and joyous living all year long with purposeful direction.

Beyond Pinterest, these are the places I have looked for inspiration, ideas and purchases:


Southern Living at Dillard’s

Anthropologie Home


Hobby Lobby

Home Depot

Ballard Designs

Pottery Barn


Thanks for the help, ladies!!  How am I doing so far?  Let me know about the lamp and the rug….stay warm….and


By Pamela Lutrell

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