Would You Wear It – Athleisure

Would You Wear It - Athleisure

Though a day late,  this is the Would You Wear It – Athleisure pop up for mid-week.

Thank you to everyone who commented on the kindness post and for your understanding.

First, please allow me to introduce you to my youngest son, who stopped by last week to check on us during the storm.

Would You Wear Athleisure

After I was flooded with gratitude that he would rush to check on us, I looked at him and thought…he looks cool!

Lately, his go-to retailer has been Banana Republic and that is where he found this modern sweatsuit and coat…he says, “at amazing prices!”

I think this is why, days later, I noticed the display in Nordstrom the minute I walked in…I actually went over there after the restaurant review because it is right next to it.

Would You Wear It Athleisure

Sending everyone home last year, elevated athleisure wear in a big way. 

Would You Wear It Athliesure

So, please look my family of three over…and tell us (personally and constructively, of course)…………


Here is an athleisure slide show for your enjoyment…….

Thanks for joining in and make sure you always……………………………………….



By Pamela Lutrell



  1. nice looking young man, great hair! i loved Banana Republic when I was younger, they do have nice quality items for civilized prices. like everyone else ive lived in my athleisure, which my husband and i call our new uniforms…i seldom wear it out, however my nail lady appointments are at 830am, and that is sometimes what she sees…lol.
    to think i use to leave the house at 5a, fully office suitable done up…seems like another world now.
    i like the leisure pants to have open bottoms though, im not fond of this years trend of elastic at the bottom, unless its like a legging style. the coat in the middle is not for me, looks warm, but i dont think i have the styling skills to make it make it work.
    the floral pant and sweater i would love for around the house or a walk around the neighborhood and the set on the other side the same in maybe a different color…

  2. I find that “athleisure” is one of the most difficult trends to wear. It can go from casual to sloppy very easily because of the fabrics used and the oversized cut. I do not think that the print pants will be flattering – remember that the mannequin is probably a size 0! I am tall, so the crop top is out. The middle jacket looks warm, would probably look OK with jeans and a tee for running errands. The third outfit is a no for me. I just don’t like browns and the jogger pants are not my favorite. Sweatshirt fabric tends to stretch out, so after a short time, I think that the outfit could cross over to sloppy.

  3. Hey Pam! Good lookin’ young man you got there! AND he checks on his mama and daddy…..that’s a keeper, ladies! 🙂 I really like the looks of these – nice colors. I’ve seen a lot of that shade of brown/tan this year – gave my daughter and DIL similar Koolaburra by UGG outfits for Christmas… they loved them! As for me personally, the outfit on the left looks comfy-cozy, but no longer wear the elastic ankle pants anymore – I feel sort of “frumpy” in them. I prefer the yoga style for my leisure wear now. Jacket in the middle looks cozy. Green sweater on the right is a pretty color, but much too “young” for me now…I like my tops to “cover” my tummy, thank you very much. LOL This was fun! Have a great day!

    1. Aren’t our kids a blessing, especially when they show their concern for us! These are all fun! I usually go for the warmest things I can find, but I love these fresh looks. I am rather tired of just about everything in my closet. Tired of the cold weather and ready for spring. Pam, we’re these from the same store?

  4. What a handsome young man!

    I have been going to work so I haven’t been wearing athleisure but it does look comfortable. I think I would definitely like to try the brown outfit, it looks very comfortable without looking too casual. I also like the fleece jacket. The rest of the outfit and the floral one seem a little out of my comfort zone. What type of shoes does one wear with athleisure wear?

  5. I would definitely wear the one on the left and right. The left looks very polished for athleisure. The outfit on the right is a little young, but since it’s athleisure, I think I you can get away with it at any age. The shorter top with the joggers is a cute slimming look, even for hippie girls like me. I don’t care for the one in the center. I don’t think it would look good on me.

  6. I love the jacket. I am short with an apple body shape, so the look would make me look shorter and rounder. I think someone taller would look great. The crop top is out because of age and body shape, but my granddaughters would look great in it.

  7. I don’t do athleisure, as I prefer comfortable, even oversize, but “normal” clothing. But I would look at the top on the right. I am short-busted, thus it might be “not cropped” for me (hopefully). It is difficult to find rather short, not cropped, tops and they may be more flattering for me in terms of proportion.
    As for your son, waouh ! He is certainly handsome, of course, but also very stylish : I like the way he mixes casual pants and sweatshirt with a structured coat (and also the combination of colors).

    1. Handsome son….how wonderful when things come full circle and our kids show concern about our welfare..( of course we never stop being moms and concerned about them).

      I would wear all three tops…especially the cropped one. I’m short, and carry my weight in my hips and legs, so I’m always looking for short tops. In deference to my age, and a bit of a muffin top, I always wear a cami, or man’s stretchy, sleeveless tee shirt (cheaper and more comfortable) under it.

      I don’t wear pants with elastic at the ankles…uncomfortable and unflattering.

  8. You have one handsome young man there. I would definitely wear the outfit on the left. The solid, neutral camel/caramel color is one I enjoy wearing. The joggers and hooded sweatshirt are so me for around the house…I would even wear this out and about since the bottoms aren’t skin tight. Each piece could be worn separately with other items making it very versatile. Oh how I wish I could wear shorts, but my legs are better left under cover. And if it’s warm enough to wear shorts, why the Sherpa jacket? I do love the jacket, though. The outfit on the right is not my favorite. I have a hard time wearing patterned bottoms and the top is too cropped for me. I am such a neutral, solid color gal.

  9. For home and home gym I really see myself in the outfit on right. I seek out Vee neck tops always And the geometric yoga pants are really cute! Yes!
    The other two outfits are nice enough but my taste just goes to the outfit on right!

  10. I have fallen in love with athleisure wear because it fits my lifestyle as an active retiree. I would wear all of these pieces except for the short tee on the right and the tee in the middle. I prefer my tee’s to cover my stomach and hit my hip. Although brown is a difficult color for me to wear with my gray hair I would like to try the outfit on the left. If it was navy I would definitely go for it. I bought a Sherpa jacket from Talbots in a beautiful raspberry pink and I wear it with athleisure wear, white pants or jeans. You raised a good man who checks in on his mom & dad!

  11. Your son is a handsome young man and he looks like he came out of a magazine!!!! Isn’t it nice when our children do such thoughtful things that we don’t expect.??? It makes me think that I did something right all those years! I would buy the brown outfit as it looks like something I could wear and be comfortable. I don’t like the elastic cuffs on the pants on me because I am short and feel like they don’t look good on me. Funny because brown and yellow are two colors I avoid but I think the outfit is adorable!! Thank you for continuing the series!

    1. Your son is very handsome and kind!
      Personally, I am just not into athletic wear except for my Zumba class and coming and going to my water aerobics. I have tried joggers at home and I just feel like I am wearing pajamas. Once home from exercising, I prefer to change into my jeans or slim pants with a sweater or other top. So can’t see myself purchasing any of today’s looks.

  12. Your son is darling and a thoughtful person. My son and daughter in law wear Banana almost exclusively. I used to until I gained a little too much weight and veered once again into plus sizes. Low and behold, at some point BR added a bigger size! I watched a gorgeous green jogger outfit go on lower and lower sale till it …sadly …sold out. I like the matching jogger trend, and the brown one on the left I like a lot. Someone asked about shoes. Obviously you could wear a fashion sneaker (they show a white one which I like), but the brown outfit would look great with leopard flats. I’m not a fan of these looks with heels, but many stylish women I see out are wearing them this way, especially with the cuffed style pants. Pam, I’d love to see a white leather fashion sneaker review as I’m considering a purchase of ones from Tory Burch, among others. Maybe a shoe dept try on at Nordstrom?

    1. I had a slideshow in yesterday’s kindness post at the bottom of sneakers! Readers might check that out…there were some cute new styles out. Thanks Linda!

  13. My first thought when looking at your son was, he’s learned style from his mom!

    At 5 ft. the pants in the outfits may be just the right length for me. I have also been known to buy cuffed pants and then pulled them up my leg and let them hang, Thus I don’t have to shorten them. Some at leisure materials don’t react well when you try to cut and resew them. Unfortunately for me not much athletic wear comes in petite.

  14. My personal preference is bottoms without elastic ankles so, a no to both jogging pants. Also, not a fan of drawstrings at the waist as the tummy area is not something ‘I ‘ wish to draw attention to plus fail to see their purpose when the waistband is already elasticized. As to the pullover hoodie; wore them on occasion when younger however now due to my age prefer such with a zipper which also could serve as an overlay. As to the other pieces they too are just not my style choice.. (Do like the Chico Zenergy leggings featured in your slideshow. The black ones with just a tease of white tye dye at their ankles.)

  15. When I’m actually exercising I wear leggings and a T-shirt that’s tunic-length or somewhat oversized, but beyond that I’ve never been able to carry off this style. Even when I was in my teens and twenties it made me look and feel slovenly.

    In the slideshow, there’s one outfit, the all white one, that could work for me, if it were in one of my colors. In that outfit, the pants are trim (neither too tight nor too loose) and the sweater is fairly traditional, so I think it would work on me — would let me feel both comfy and tidy.

  16. Your son is so handsome and stylish! You must be one proud Mama! Hope you folks are thawing out in TX.
    While I enjoy athleisure clothes, I prefer more “classic” pieces like black leggings and simple, body-con jackets. The tie dye leggings are out of my comfort zone. The brown jogging suit is too boxy, bulky for my frame.

  17. I love athleisure for around the house, but I would not wear the middle or left outfit outside of the door! Way too sloppy and casual. For the one on the left, the lighter color for the kangaroo pocket in the camel one would just emphasize the tummy and no one needs that. For the middle one, the bike short trend, imo, flatters no one. For the one on the right, the patterned pants are not my style, but I can see how they could be dressed up with a longer black top and a moto jacket. But I have to say I dress better than all of these around the house!

  18. Looks like your son learned great fashion sense from his mama!

    I tend not to wear athleisure wear as I like my clothing to be a bit more structured, but it’s definitely the trend these days and I might have to give it a try. I love the colour of the outfit on the left and the fabric looks so comfortable and cozy. If the pants were longer and not elasticized at the ankles, that’s an outfit I could see myself wearing.

  19. Your son is a very handsome & thoughtful young man. Thanks for sharing his picture with us.
    I wouldn’t wear any of the outfits pictured today as they are just not my style. The tan outfit is also not a good color for me.

  20. Your son resembles you very much, Pam! Good looks, a kind heart and so stylish… what a very nice young man!

    I just purchased my first athleisure outfit this week. I work, so this new outfit will be for the weekends and when I take my walks.

    I like the tan outfit a lot and think it would look great in black or navy. The other two outfits aren’t for me, although the jacket would probably me very comfy.

  21. I love all three looks!! As a former competitive runner and swimmer, I adore athletic apparel. I’m so glad athleisure is being elevated to a fashion statement. I’ve been retired for 10 years, so casual athletic apparel has been of interest to me for at least that long. Technical apparel isn’t always comfortable for anything other than working out so new options are highly welcome in my book. Those tie-dye sweatpants are the bomb!! I can see them with a white tee and flip flops when the weather gets warmer. I’m 70 and I would wear all of the looks.

  22. How nice to see your son, and of course, I noticed the dog immediately!! Isn’t it wonderful when they show concern like that? The athleisure outfits on this display are not things I would wear, but they are certainly fashionable. I’m just not an athleisure person, but my sister does this style very well and she loves it. One reason for me not adopting this style is that with stretchy pants on, I tend to not be very controlled with snack consumption!! If I’m wearing jeans, they are less forgiving and keep my snacking somewhat at bay! I do love my leggings though!

  23. I wear my T-shirts and sweatpants a lot, but I haven’t really upgraded to “athleisure” outfits. I’m happy to have the chance to wear some of my favorite T-shirts. I would consider the matched outfit on the left in a different color like blue, and I would like the sweatshirt even better with a zipper to make it easier to add and remove layers as the temperature changes over the course of the day. I don’t generally wear shorts anymore and the middle jacket looks warmer than what I usually wear for exercise or walking outside. For the outfit on the right, I might consider the sweatpants if they are not cropped; I would try them. I like the color of the top and would try that color to see if it works on me, but I would prefer a longer style rather than this cropped top.

  24. Your son does look cool — he obviously inherited his mom’s style gene. Love how he’s coordinated the whole look without going matchy-matchy or contrived.

    As for the display: I absolutely love the colour of the tobacco brown outfit & I’d wear it for our daily walks IF the legs were full-length, but I wear walking shoes with socks & they’d look silly with chopped off pants. I’d never wear the outfit for shopping or running errands because while casual jeans & a tee is my style, leisurewear definitely is NOT (although I would wear the hoodie with tan or wheat-coloured jeans). The middle outfit doesn’t appeal in any way except to pull on in the evening to watch TV or read with a cat in my lap (she’d LOVE that fuzzy jacket; I don’t) & while I like the neckline on the sweater on the right, I’m well past the age where my midsection is smooth & taut enough to benefit from a crop top!

    I know designers are doing their best to get us to wear leisurewear out & about but to my eye it rarely looks smart or pulled together & more as though the woman wearing it is run off her feet with a house, husband, pets & kids & hasn’t time or energy to get dressed before going out & needs nothing more than some sympathy, a foot rub & a few hours sleep. Mind you, my mother’s generation was horrified that MY generation was going out in jeans, so maybe it’s just a generational thing & in a decade leisurewear will be the norm.

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