Time to get our personal style and confidence back

Now, let’s discuss how it is time to get our personal style and confidence back.

Sunday, we discussed the shopping challenges we currently face and several remarked about body changes during this past year.  Also, we heard the hearts of those who face difficulties as plus size shoppers.  But I hope to offer more inspiration to work through difficulties and develop a confident wardrobe.

Springtime is the perfect time to bloom and return to a confident, healthy personal style. 

You may be one of those who cringe at the words “personal style.”  It makes you think of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, runways, and models…but not your world…no, “I do not need a personal style.  I am not into fashion!”



Time to get our personal style and confidence back

Like it or not, you do have a personal style and communicate messages with the clothing you choose to wear.  I believe you know this is true and see what I am talking about every time you look in a mirror. 

If you control what your clothing says to the world about you, it will ultimately help you to be more joyful and confident.  Always ask the question before you go out…”What does this outfit say about me?”

Regular readers know I control my personal style by dressing with five adjectives in mind.

One of those adjectives is creativity…I want my style to say that I am creative, joyful and approachable….as you see in some of the images today.

Recently, I changed up my adjectives when I decided to stay home to work.  However, a good friend (one who has permission to tell me anything) noticed the change…not in a good way.  She said, “Where is the old Pam?”  The fun one who wore fun accessories and creative garments?? 

Wow…this made me think!

This began to happen when I was striving for elegance and added the word elegant to my list which resulted in a subdued stay at home style. So, I have tweaked my adjectives (yet again in the last year) to be creative, strong, intelligent, joyful and current.  This has been me for the last 15 years. 

Somehow my interpretation of the word elegance was a toned down one. Comments spoke to me of neutral classic styling.  Which I do love and wear, but without the “punch of Pam” just was not me. I am not saying I no longer desire to be elegant…just do it more my way.

Since my reinvention at age 50, I have not been one to shrink from attention, so creative style is a statement about me and who I am.  One stylist called me dramatic…and I guess that does depict me well.



Time to get our personal style and confidence back


Only you know what you want to say about you with what you wear.  So, only you can select your adjectives ….but if you will do that and be true to only wear what communicates those adjectives…I promise, you will develop a personal style that is uniquely you.

I love my accessories…I love color…and I love to make a statement!  That is me!

Time to get our personal style and confidence back

We did something here at the beginning of 2020 which was so much fun and went away as life became more serious.  I asked readers to email me their 5 style adjectives, and I produced slideshows of garments currently on sale which I believe communicated those messages.

I would like to offer to do that again!  Email over50feeling40@gmail.com and tell me what five adjectives you would like to communicate with your style right now in your current stage of life.  Maybe things have changed over the past year!

I will let you know when I feature your slideshow.

If you want to explain your choice of adjectives…please do…but let me know if you do NOT want that shared with the audience. Perhaps you have a friend or family member you would like to have join the blog….this is a great way to get them to participate as well.  I also enjoyed seeing what women wanted to say with their clothing!  We had the momentum and I want it back!



Time to get our personal style and confidence back

Since the inception of What Not To Wear, Stacy London has been my personal style instructor.  Her book The Truth About Style is exceptional. 

One of my favorite Stacy London quotes is: “Style is not about what you have or what you can afford.  You don’t have to be young, rich or skinny to have it. You can be you and develop an incredible personal style that can give you great confidence and allow you to walk through the world with a sure step and feel great about yourself.”

Let’s begin with what we want to say to others about our style in this new world as we are able to enjoy life more, then I will broach how to dress to look smaller. 

Don’t let the retail discussion of yesterday get you down…there are always options!


By Pamela Lutrell

Personal note:  I did another massive closet clean this past weekend and more is gone…either to donations or to sell on EBAY.  Feels great to take it down even more!

Here is a slideshow for those like me who love creative, vibrant style!


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