Functional Fashion and Fabulous Friends

Functional Fashion and Fabulous Friends

Happy Thursday, everyone.  Today I am discussing Functional Fashion and Fabulous Friends!

I have not really elaborated on my medical issues over the past year, but it has been interesting.

With weekly doctor’s appointments, I have learned how functional fashion works best for me!

The official definition of functional fashion is:  “an area of design where clothing and accessories result from a process of designing that is dictated by the user’s specific requirements: functionality, wearability and desirability.”


Functional Fashion and Fabulous Friends

Last summer, I went through my second sinus surgery in two years.

Our lovely San Antonio is one of the worst places in the country to live if you have seasonal allergies!

The first surgery was a four hour removal of a major blockage.  The second was sinuplasty.

I looked at the doctor and said, “How can I avoid this again?”

He said…”get allergy tests and shots!”  Something I have avoided due to my busy lifestyle, but this time took the advice.

The first month of shots was done in clusters.  They shot me six times in one visit for six visits with everything I am allergic to.  I had to stay at their office for several hours with my epipen and wait to see if I over reacted.

Then, I developed (on the back of one arm) a place which was removed this week for a possible skin cancer.  

I was so glad when they allowed me to keep my sleeveless top on and not wear one of those “paper-didies” for this little procedure!

Functional Fashion and Fabulous Friends

Basically, after multiple weekly shots, the flu vaccine, the pneumonia vaccine, and now a skin cancer removal…the backs of my arms look like a strainer.

I am really surprised that when I drink water it doesn’t come out the backs of my arms!!

My functional fashion has become complete styles with either leggings or denim, sleeveless tops, and a topper.   That way I can always just quickly pull it down, get the injection and go on my way.

I see many women enter the office in garments which require complete undressing to get a shot…I have learned…for time and ease that function in these cases matters.

I purchased the tank I am wearing today recently in Chico’s first warehouse sale.  It is a keeper for moments like these and the colors will see me forward through summer. 

I am also wearing my Chico’s Girlfriend Jeans.  My slideshow features fabulous, functional finds at Chico’s!  Through March 6, there is 40% off when you buy three garments; 30% off of two; 25% off of one!


Functional Fashion and Fabulous Friends

With all of these injections happening, I was not rushing to get the COVID vaccine.

What is so wonderful about my friend Leigh Ann is that she cares so deeply for the people in her life and is an amazing accountability partner.

Basically, she would not allow any excuses and helped me get set up at a CVS HealthHub to get the vaccine… and then went with me!

The first vaccine is done!

Functional Fashion and Fabulous Friends

I do want to add that I was very impressed with this new format at CVS.  It is worth you time to check out the Health Hub and see if there is one near you.

Function Fashion and Fabulous Friends

I really want to be the same kind of fabulous friend that Leigh Ann is…someone who is always there to help out in any situation.

She was the best workout friend when I was going to the gym. She would not let me stop, but gently and confidently pushed me forward.

I hope all of you have a friend like that in your life….and do make getting the vaccine a priority.  Thanks to Leigh Ann….I now have done that!

Feel free to share stories of your fabulous friends here or your own functional fashion ideas….then make sure you always….


By Pamela Lutrell


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  1. Good for you getting started on the shots. Better to be safe and in the hospital. Been there done that enough last year.. I do understand what you mean about clothes that function,amazing what some people will wear to the drs. office.The two parts I received were given in a very public space. So wearing a tank and a removable shirt was a big help in getting in and out quickly. I am still wearing a mask. Bought a really attractive on from a site on Etsy@,, I wanted to try one that was more fitted than the blue and white fiber ones. The masks tend to slip up to my eyes which is irritating!> Best, stay safe, even with the pollen!

    1. My knee doctor’s staff have said how smart I am to wear a skirt to those visits. I can avoid the gown! For my Covid shots, I did a tank and cardigan, too! Still wearing a mask, but am so happy my friends are all getting vaccinated.

  2. This is a good reminder that we need a versatile wardrobe to cover all the routine things in our lives. You look put together and classy while still being able to stay mostly dressed while getting your allergy treatments. I have my “doctor clothes” including underwear (a wire-free bra) that I discovered I needed while having a routine EKG, administered by a young man who was no older than my grandson. That’s the last time I ever wore a bra with wires to a doctor! Leggings and knits do work best. This is a great time to go to the Wearever line! We do have a variety of activities to consider, and you have shown how to look great and be flexible and comfortable!

    1. Yes…I love that line! Thanks Karen.. my JJill link is under shopping links at the top of the page.

  3. I hope your allergies improve. I went through testing and shots for many years, and now use a nasal spray and daily allergy meds. I, too, wear a sleeveless top and topper. Works well!

    A question about your favorite jeans. What is your favorite brand?

    1. Hi Anne! I have so many favorites that it is difficult to pinpoint one. I wear often my Chico’s Girlfriend jeans, my INC skinny jeans for curvy girls by macy’s, my soft surroundings jeans, Foxcroft jeans, and my Talbot’s jeggings. It seems I wear one of those every week. I like them all.

  4. I’m getting my vaccine in one hour! Today is the first day open for the 60-65 group in Ohio. Just wanted to add that my husband went through the allergy shots. It’s a commitment, but it resulted in much clearer breathing and comfort to him. Best of luck … you are on the right track. Our health really, really matters, and prevention and maintenance are key to keeping it.

    1. Hope the process goes smoothly for you, Linda with little waits in line. Thanks for the encouragement on the allergy shots…I do see a difference.

  5. Thanks for sharing your personal health story. My Hubbie had good results with allergy sublingual drops. He had to take them for 5 years but it was worth it. I only wear sports bras to medical appts…. more modest than a lace bra! You look terrific in your functional fashion!

  6. Congratulations and thank you Pamela and Linda M for getting & posting about receiving your Covid vaccines! I can’t wait to attend concerts, weddings, travel again!

  7. What a great “real life” post!
    We all have some interesting times as we age.
    So,so excited for you that you got your shot.
    I will wait in line for another month I think.
    Our province is doing it by age increments.
    I can’t wait till more of my friends are vaccinated & we can have visits inside again.
    Masks are going to be with us for a long time.
    Just makes sense!

  8. A little warning to your readers: the Covid vaccines where I am come with a warning at sign-up that no other vaccines are to be given within 28 days of the Covid vaccine, either before or after. Also, no other vaccines are to be given in between the first and second shot. I don’t know if this is standard for all Covid vaccines, but I hope any readers planning to get the vaccine ask this question in advance

    1. Always good to share information! Those other vaccines I mentioned were given to me over the summer. I appreciate you watching out for others!

  9. I received my first COVID vaccine shot unexpectedly. When I made my husband’s appointment, it wasn’t open to my age group. The next week, it opened for me, so my appointment was a week later. I went with my husband for his, & when the administrators found out I would be returning the next week, they cancelled that appointment & gave me my shot then, too. I was very grateful, & thankfully, I was able to push my sleeve up high enough to get it. Next time, I will be wearing a sleeveless top under a third piece. I hope your allergies & sinuses improve.

  10. I get my first vaccine injection tomorrow! SO glad. I lost my dad to Covid in January, so I take this virus very seriously and don’t wish anyone else the pain of losing their loved ones to this.

    Great tips on wearing “functional” clothes. When I donate blood, I always make sure to have a top with sleeves that can be rolled up easily and aren’t too tight.

    1. So sorry to hear about your dad, Beth. I hope all goes smoothly at your injection location.

  11. Oh my! You’ve been a busy woman! Doctor visits! Yes we too are still wearing masks with new covid mutations showing up which doctors here claim are much worse .
    I’ve had a first vaccine shot and will have the second one later in March. Hope you stay safe! And I hope you’ll soon be free of allergy symptoms too!

  12. This post really hits home!We were on our doctor and our pharmacy’s list for the COVID vaccine.I planned on wearing the tank/cardigan combo when the time came.
    I was making supper Tuesday when the pharmacy called- they had some doses left for the day and we could have them if we came in immediately.Of course we rushed in!I was wearing a Tec Gear cowl top.It BARELY stretched down past my shoulder for the injection…Oh well,hope we can plan ahead next time.And I’m so grateful we got the call.

  13. I will be getting the Covid vaccine as soon as it’s available to me. The sooner the better!

    I often have to think about fashion functionality. When my nurse comes to the house once a month, as she did this morning, I have to be wearing a top that ensures that she can easily take my blood pressure. Since the main purpose of her visit is to give me an injection in the butt, I have to be able to expose that area easily. When I go for blood work (at least once every 6 months) I have to be able to expose the crook of my arm. When I go for an ultrasound of my thyroid twice a year, I have to wear something with a fairly low neckline and when I have CT scans, also twice a year, I can’t wear any metal. I usually change into hospital pyjama pants, but I like to wear my own top. That involves choosing something that’s loose fitting so that I can remove my underwire bra and not show off too much. These things are all a bit of a hassle, but well worth it to stay as healthy as I can.

  14. So agree with you Pamela as feel having the proper clothing whether it be for injections, blood or other tests and even something as physio therapy or chropracitic treatments etc. is a must.

    Also happy to learn that you have taken advantage of the Covid vaccination (unlike many of us in Canada won’t have until months from now) as I too like Beth (above) have lost two family members on account of it. (My BIL though very vigilant unknownly contracted it first in mid December and then my sister passed away four weeks later. )

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