Functional Fashion and Fabulous Friends

Happy Thursday, everyone.  Today I am discussing Functional Fashion and Fabulous Friends!

I have not really elaborated on my medical issues over the past year, but it has been interesting.

With weekly doctor’s appointments, I have learned how functional fashion works best for me!

The official definition of functional fashion is:  “an area of design where clothing and accessories result from a process of designing that is dictated by the user’s specific requirements: functionality, wearability and desirability.”


Functional Fashion and Fabulous Friends

Last summer, I went through my second sinus surgery in two years.

Our lovely San Antonio is one of the worst places in the country to live if you have seasonal allergies!

The first surgery was a four hour removal of a major blockage.  The second was sinuplasty.

I looked at the doctor and said, “How can I avoid this again?”

He said…”get allergy tests and shots!”  Something I have avoided due to my busy lifestyle, but this time took the advice.

The first month of shots was done in clusters.  They shot me six times in one visit for six visits with everything I am allergic to.  I had to stay at their office for several hours with my epipen and wait to see if I over reacted.

Then, I developed (on the back of one arm) a place which was removed this week for a possible skin cancer.  

I was so glad when they allowed me to keep my sleeveless top on and not wear one of those “paper-didies” for this little procedure!

Functional Fashion and Fabulous Friends

Basically, after multiple weekly shots, the flu vaccine, the pneumonia vaccine, and now a skin cancer removal…the backs of my arms look like a strainer.

I am really surprised that when I drink water it doesn’t come out the backs of my arms!!

My functional fashion has become complete styles with either leggings or denim, sleeveless tops, and a topper.   That way I can always just quickly pull it down, get the injection and go on my way.

I see many women enter the office in garments which require complete undressing to get a shot…I have learned…for time and ease that function in these cases matters.

I purchased the tank I am wearing today recently in Chico’s first warehouse sale.  It is a keeper for moments like these and the colors will see me forward through summer. 

I am also wearing my Chico’s Girlfriend Jeans.  My slideshow features fabulous, functional finds at Chico’s!  Through March 6, there is 40% off when you buy three garments; 30% off of two; 25% off of one!


Functional Fashion and Fabulous Friends

With all of these injections happening, I was not rushing to get the COVID vaccine.

What is so wonderful about my friend Leigh Ann is that she cares so deeply for the people in her life and is an amazing accountability partner.

Basically, she would not allow any excuses and helped me get set up at a CVS HealthHub to get the vaccine… and then went with me!

The first vaccine is done!

Functional Fashion and Fabulous Friends

I do want to add that I was very impressed with this new format at CVS.  It is worth you time to check out the Health Hub and see if there is one near you.

Function Fashion and Fabulous Friends

I really want to be the same kind of fabulous friend that Leigh Ann is…someone who is always there to help out in any situation.

She was the best workout friend when I was going to the gym. She would not let me stop, but gently and confidently pushed me forward.

I hope all of you have a friend like that in your life….and do make getting the vaccine a priority.  Thanks to Leigh Ann….I now have done that!

Feel free to share stories of your fabulous friends here or your own functional fashion ideas….then make sure you always….


By Pamela Lutrell


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