How to wear black in the springtime

How to wear black in the springtime

Today I want to discuss how to wear black in the springtime!

And, look for more fun here including a “cool” necklace and a style slideshow for one of the readers!!

Let’s start with black in springtime.

How to wear black in the springtime

I do love black and wear it all year long.  Today’s polka dot blouse is from the Gibson and Latimer line at Dillard’s I introduced to you yesterday…..however, I got this top last summer on clearance.

I like the way it has a V shaped neckline and flows nicely over the middle (always a plus for me!)

To up my game for an event, I can toss on my  Eileen Fisher black jacket (also from a Dillard’s sale) and I am good to go.  

I will wear jackets like this throughout the summer heat with sleeveless tanks of different styles underneath….especially when I need to look a bit more polished.

These new Downtown Straight Leg Stretch White Jeans from Foxcroft….and a new favorite!  Black & white is classic style for spring!


How to wear black in springtime

Some of you may say….”It is too hot to wear black in the springtime and summertime.”   Well, meet my new best friend….Hot Girls Pearls!

How to wear black in the springtime

The necklace I am wearing above comes in this special pouch which is tossed into the freezer!  You put them on right before going out in the heat and VOILA ….they help keep you cool!

how to wear black in the springtime

You are looking at the bracelet version.  I decided to test the necklace and wore it out in mild 70+ degrees on Saturday.  They stayed cool for well over an hour.

There is a very good chance you will see me wearing them while doing yard work!  I will be the fanciest gardener on the block.

Seriously, these are perfect for a warm weather, outdoor event like a wedding and perfect to help those going through menopause cool down!

Check them out at HOT GIRLS PEARLS for ice cold cooling relief.


On March 15, I wrote once again about how to use five style adjectives to help you develop your own unique personal style. 

This is the second time since January 2020, that I have offered to put together slideshows to demonstrate how readers can look at garments with the five adjectives in mind.

Each time I do this there are women who want to play, so today we begin with Penelope.  She sent along a picture to me and she is petite and lovely.

Her style adjectives are bohemian, elegant, feminine, easeful and colorful.  She finds that it is possible to marry elegant with the other four adjectives.

Since this spring is a huge season for light, airy, colorful, and femininity, I decided to begin with choices for Penelope.

Please note:  I just looked for clothing which spoke these adjectives to me…I was not taking into consideration sizing or if the brands carried petites.  Also, keep in mind, I am looking at the garment and not at the way the retailer styled the garment.

Now, for whatever reason, the program would not allow me to include these pieces in the slide show, but I believed they were worth listing here:

Floral Sheer Burnout Blouse by IC Collection

Blouson Sleeve V-Neck Printed Peasant Top

Blouson Floral Print Scarf Top

Floral Embroidered Tie-Front 3/4 Flare Sleeve Top

Johnny Was Sunrise Silk Scarf (on sale)

Penelope, I hope this gives you some inspiration!  Let us know what you think.  If anyone else would like to send me their adjectives, please do send to and I will add you to the list and let you know when your time is coming up!

Please share any thoughts that come to mind today on hot pearls…style adjectives…wearing black…anything from the post!  And always…..


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was provided a sampling of the pearls for review and the comments are my own.


  1. As you’re demonstrating here polka dots are my favorite way to wear black in the spring. It’s refreshing and fun and can be dressy or more casual………

    1. Thanks Carol! I am enjoying polka dots and florals more now that I have left professional-office-building-life!

  2. Love those pearls!!! I’m going to check those out! Your outfit really speaks to me with the black and white and the polka dots! I wear black all year too, and look for summery black when I’m shopping. I got the black gauze pants from Soft Surroundings and wear them often in warm weather. You look so polished in this outfit! Did you size up in the pants, or are they thick enough? White jeans can be tricky I’ve found. Yours look good, so I wondered!

    1. Hi Karen, the weight of these is perfect…not too thick or to light. I was able to stay in Misses sizes with these but did size up to an 18. They are a very pretty white pant.

  3. I’m a polka dot fan also. You look good in your outfit! I’m curious about the necklace. What length are you wearing? They remind me of the pop bead necklaces my mom had in the fifties. If they are cool, that’s an added bonus in summer! One more question for you. I’m looking for comfortable flats and yours look like they would fit the bill. Do you mind sharing the brand? Thank you.

    1. They are Clark’s and I got them at Macy’s a couple of years ago…I hope that helps a little!

  4. I recently bought a black linen knit, very light sweater to replace one I had literally worn out. I wear black with white, ivory, red, coral, pink and powder blue all summer long. A black tee with white crops still reads summer, especially with big, colorful earrings or brushed gold and some toe-baring footwear. It’s all in the accessories. And black looks surprisingly good with (bottle) bronzed skin and dewy, fresh makeup. All over the Mediterranean, a sizzling hot climate, women wear black all year long.

  5. Most of the year I avoid wearing black on top because I am pale enough to perhaps be mistaken for a ghost. 😂 Nonetheless, I do love it on vacation with a tan or as pants or skirts anytime. I am a big fan of subtle polka dots, and have a white blouse with tiny black polka dots that works nicely in spring/summer, and my favorite go-to summer bag is a large white tote from D&B with medium scale black polka dots all over. I would love to see some polka dot blouses in white or cream background with navy dots. I like Penelope’s style adjectives and the clothes you found for her.

  6. I love your black & white look & agree that black is an all year color. It is such a crisp look, & the weight of the fabric is key. Those pearls sound fantastic.

  7. Thanks for featuring my adjectives and doing homework for me, Pamela! You have found some styles and brands that are spot on! I would tweak the color palette a bit towards cool colors and wear similar tops and that beautiful scarf with simple pants or jeans to feel all the feels described above.

  8. I’m a day late on this — I’m trying to catch up on a number of posts I’ve missed — but I HAD to comment on this outfit because it is gorgeous. You’ve hit 3 of my favourite things in one look: white jeans, polka dots & black. Is there anything more simple & classic than B&W? Any season, any day of the week, any time of the day or any occasion, you can ALWAYS put together something that will be perfect with nothing more complex than these 2 colours. Back when I was working & going to conferences I learned to put together an entire 4 or 5 day wardrobe (covering travel, workshops, lectures, talks — either attending or giving them — banquets, luncheons, playing tourist or just sitting around a hotel bar catching up with old friends) using nothing but black & white in both solids & prints. I’d toss in a fuchsia or emerald silk cami for variety & I could have gone for weeks with just a single suitcase if I’d had to. Love your take on Penelope’s Style Adjectives, too. I always learn so much coming here.

  9. Pam, I love this outfit and the entire look. It’s so spring fresh, yet you could wear the jacket and top all year long. I love that jacket, it will serve you well for a long time. I wish I had something like that! I’ll be copying a version of this outfit this week. Thanks for the inspiration. Amy

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