My Saturday at Dillard’s

Saturday at Dillard's

Today I am sharing with you My Saturday at Dillard’s!

Dillard’s in The Shops of La Cantera in San Antonio is one of my favorite places to be…most of you know that.

Saturday was full of fun…but did not start in the dressing room…it started in my closet at home!

Saturday at Dillard's

Since I was attending a special event at Dillard’s which I was asked to help coordinate with other bloggers, I decided to wear as many Dillard’s brands as possible.

Being the first day of Spring…I also wanted to look, well, “springy.”  So, I selected this chartreuse jacket by Ali Miles….Dillard’s carries many of her creative designs and they also come in petites.

My other Dillard’s brands were found in my Brahmin bag and James Avery Artisan Jewelry.

Tie on a brightly colored accessory scarf…and good to go!


Saturday at Dillard's

Working along with store manager, Sheri (left), I was asked to invite local influencers into the store before it opened that day to customers to preview a new collection in the Antonio Melani department called Born on Fifth.

There were many who wished to attend, but because it was a Spring Break weekend, they could not…however, I was joined by Kimberly of The Real Golden Girl, and Erin of Cathedrals and Cafes, and we had a great time. 

This collection is actually inspired by an blogger (BornonFifth), and is lovely…not to mention, selling fast! 

It is quite Southern, feminine, flowy, and inspired by the popular blue & white designs.  It also runs small, so I could not enjoy any pieces for myself.  However, Erin was a great model and purchased three garments!

DREAMING….I would flip out to be the one to inspire a collection for real women like myself…who love to look their best and are not a size 8! 

Saturday at Dillards

Across the Spring 2021 fashion industry, there is an influx of the tiered dresses and a return to feminine details. 

 I am going to begin the reader slideshows tomorrow with someone who has “feminine” as one of her style adjectives. But “feminine” is also balanced with four more adjectives…hope you you will stop by.

Though I could not try on the beautiful clothes, there is someone in my family I made a purchase for…..

Saturday at Dillard's

My granddaughter loved this dress and hair bow, and tried it on over her leggings as soon as I dropped it by! 


Saturday at Dillard's

No trip to my favorite Dillard’s is complete without getting in the dressing room.

I looked over several collections but was drawn this trip to Gibson & Latimer.  This brand even has it’s own version of a white eyelet dress which would fit!

The photo at the top and the Cropped Poplin here are G & L tops that really intrigued me, because I was surprised that I liked them….however, I really did.

I almost bought the white one, but hesitated. It does come in a tunic version, though I did not try it on.  However, believe it or not, I did buy a tee shirt! 

Saturday at Dillard's

Saturday at Dillard's


I love what this SHOULDER PAD KNIT TEE does!  The addition of shoulder pads gave it a more flattering fit and makes it possible for me to go sleeveless when I wear it in warmer weather.

I am trying a new product right now to tighten up the “crepe-ness” in my arms!




All in all, It was a great Saturday to be back at Dillard’s for an extended time….but I need to go spend more time in beauty and the shoe department next trip!!  There is so much to see!

I am very impressed with Gibson & Latimer…here are some more of the current styles:

Hope you had a great weekend.  On Sunday, I became fully vaccinated for COVID!  Now, make sure you…..


By Pamela Lutrell


Last week, in the FRIDAY POST I wore a pair of yellow sandals which I bought last year, but I just saw a pair very similar to those at Nordstrom by Sam Edelman…in fact, I like these better!







  1. Looks like a really fun time, and the styles do remind me of spring. Your jacket that you wore is so pretty and perfect for the occasion. It looks like sleeves are a focus again this spring, would you say? The dresses and patterns are definitely feminine, which I love, and look light and airy. Your granddaughter looks beautiful in her new dress, like a little princess! I’ll be close to Dillard’s today and will make a point of stopping in. Could use a dose of spring!

    1. I bet you could use a dose of spring! Yes, sleeves are a focus and kind of all over the place! It is fun to try on pieces that are different from what I usually wear. Go ahead and stop by your Dillard’s for a smile!

  2. Love the tee shirt on you. Very flattering,draws the eye up.Also like the granddaughter’s dress. Mine always has to try on whatever Mimi brings by. BUt I am not sure where the designers are coming from with the puffed sleeves and tiered skirts. Looks like they are trying too hard.Those sleeves on me just make me look fat,and the tiered skirts remind me too much of the square dance skirts we had to wear in grammar school when we had to take square dancing as part of P.E. JUst dance on By!

    1. These styles are very popular this year, Susan. I know we each have our own style and it is great that I found a little bit of everything at Dillard’s on Saturday. A couple of the younger ladies I was at this event with looked fabulous in the dresses. Thanks so much.

      1. It’s so much fun to see new styles, and people getting out who have been vaccinated although we are still wearing our masks and meeting friends at outside venues. As others have stated, the variety of sleeves on many blouses is definitely an interesting variation this year.
        I was very interested in your blog yesterday about osteoporosis as I was diagnosed many years ago with this disease. I have since improved to osteopenia through daily doses of calcium, vitamin D, and yoga. I wanted to make your readers aware that Calcitrate has a slow-release calcium tablet so you can take two tablets at once to get the daily required 1200 mg, but it is released over time. I used to take a 600 mg tablet, then forget to take the second one later in the day. I would have written this into a comment yesterday, but I did not see any place to send comments.

  3. Aww, Grand daughter is so precious! looked like a fun day, looking forward to your results with the crepe cream….if i thought i had dry skin before the hysterectomy, i hadnt seen anything yet!

  4. Wow, they certainly are large sleeves. The thing is not only are the sleeves big but the arm holes are cut big. Being short waisted they would be down below my waist. Bat wings come to mind. Even in a Petite I think this will be a style I’ll have to pass on. A little height envy happening here.
    Your darling granddaughter in that dress is pure perfection.

    1. Thanks Linda…I can’t wait to see her in the whole look with the bow on the back of her curly hair! The reason I passed on those two tops for now was that I was unsure of the sleeves. I just got a text from a friend who said she likes the look on me. I can see why as a petite it would cause you to pass.

  5. You and the other women definitely look spring-like and happy to be there! What a fabulous event! Love all the tops you model and your sweet grand daughter in the flowery dress- adorable!
    I wish we had Dillard’s here, but we don’t….but, will watch for similar styles.
    (Need that creepy arm cream here!) What do you use? Thank you Pam!

    1. I am currently testing a product, Paulette. Let me see how this goes and I will report back! The one I am testing has me using an exfolliate in the shower before I apply the cream.

  6. I think the length on the blouses is great, because they can be worn with a high waisted pant without having to tuck in. A tuck does not favor my soft tummy. The sleeves feel a little extreme to me, but look fun. I would not mind having -one- year round piece like that in my wardrobe, because I think a trend or two, worn often so as to get the wear out of it, is a nice way to refresh a wardrobe for the season. I really like them on you, especially the blue and white striped one. The tiered dresses, especially in prints, do not fit my style adjectives. But they are springlike and so pretty! This whole post felt like opening the windows and letting the fresh air and sunshine in.

    1. I like that! When a most makes you want to bring in a season, I feel like I accomplished a goal. I considered the tops because of what you just said, Linda…that an occasional fun, on trend piece is nice to have in the wardrobe!

  7. Good Monday Morning, and Happy 2nd Shot!!! Cause to be grateful, for sure. I lucked into a default spot late Friday in a clinic run by a neighbor orthodontist, so got shot #1. 😁 I adore you in the yellow jacket from home, and the tee from Dillards. That tee is super flattering. I would snap up several for summer and to wear under other pieces. Your granddaughter is a terrific model. I would likely avoid the puffy sleeves just because I feel my shoulders are wide as is, so no need to draw attention here. The tiered dresses and skirts I would consider though. Fun to see that element coming back to fashion.

    1. Thanks Connie! I personally have not had side effects today from the second shot (which was Pfizer) except for an extremely sore arm. Glad to have it in the past!

  8. Thank you for sharing all the pretty spring looks that Dillard’s of La Cantera of San Antonio were showing. I like you in your yellow top, a bumble bee look.
    Your granddaughter is adorable, so pretty. The dress looked perfect on her.

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