The Easter Backyard BBQ

The Easter Backyard BBQ

No April Fool’s here…but information of what I will take and wear to the family Easter Backyard BBQ.

We are going to gather with family at my son’s house for a backyard barbecue at the end of the day, so the grands can play outside.

Easter is a very important celebration for us, and I will talk more about that on Easter Sunday,

But, for today……..


The Easter Backyard BBQ

There is always someone to wave at when I am taking photos on the front porch!

Recently I showed you the Chico’s Silk Flower and Stripe Poncho when I tried it on in store.

This poncho is very big…and I am wearing the Small/Medium….meaning it would swallow someone who is small/medium.

But after sizing down, I liked it to fill the need for a great warm weather piece… when I want to look nicer than around -home- style.

The Easter Backyard BBQ

You can do a lot with this piece...but why black jeans on Easter?  Well, three young grandchildren (always dirt involved) and BBQ sauce…those are two reasons my white jeans will stay home.

I like popping the color with a pink sandal…but again…this would go with any color!  My necklace selection is vintage Stein Mart. 

Here are a few Backyard BBQ options from Chico’s:



Easter Backyard BBQ

I volunteered to bring dessert this year, because I recently met this baker in San Antonio, bakinandmakincookiesanddecor.

Since Easter is so special, I am going to take the cross and “He Is Risen” cookies to the barbecue along with frozen yogurt. 

I was able to taste her cookies at the recent Born on Fifth Event at Dillard’s and they are delicious.  I think this dessert will be a hit!


The Easter Backyard BBQ

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The Easter Backyard BBQ

At the beginning of the week, I was with my nail technician and they had one of those flip calendars.

I loved what this one said about giving LIFE to others around you…and how it defines life.

LIFE is what Easter is about,  and I think this will be my new daily goal…to share LIFE.

Since there may be some who are not online this week because it is a holiday, I am going to save the next READER STYLE ADJECTIVES for next week. I would not want anyone to miss out.

But, I do have posts for you every day…so, please stop by!  It is time to celebrate EASTER, Passover,  April and all things Spring!


By Pamela Lutrell

The Easter Backyard BBQ


  1. Beautiful outfit, and definitely appropriate for a barbecue! While it’s important to dress to be able to have fun with the grandkids, even when mine grew up, I currently wear jeans for eating outside because you just don’t know what you might spill or get into, and the last thing we need is to spend our fun time worrying about our clothes. Your silk top is gorgeous and brings the whole look up to special occasion status! Silk is such a wonderful fabric! Sounds like a fun day ahead for you! We woke up to snow today after having temps in the 60’s this week. Easter will be chilly, but it’s kind of the norm here, and it’s supposed to warm up next week. Definitely looking forward to that! I’m looking forward to your Sunday post…this is a significant day for me too, in fact, today and tomorrow as well. Your selections for the slideshow are beautiful.

    1. Enjoy your Easter weekend, Karen. It is a special one! We are predicting to be in the 90s midweek so I guess the cool breezes are about over down here.

  2. Now you’ve solved our Easter meal dilemma! I was discussing with my husband and mother just yesterday what we should do on Sunday, given her micro-kitchen at assisted living, and our no-cabinets/no appliances-yet kitchen (ready to tile the floor starting next week!). With a little forethought at the grocery and by firing up the grill, we can have an alternate menu this year and be just as happy. 😁 I wanted to tell you that my UIN shoes arrived yesterday, and they are as lovely as the pictures and completely comfy! I always fret a bit to order shoes on-line since I suffer from a wider right foot (thank you hammer toe and bunion!) but went with the 41/9.5 and was thrilled with the fit.

    1. So happy you like the BBQ idea and the shoes, Connie! I have the exact problem with one foot…so I understand that the challenge is real! Hope the backyard idea works for a fun gathering.

  3. Your subscribe by email page does not work. Keeps saying there is an error. I had been a subscriber for years until a few months ago and you disappeared. So I’ve tried signing up again a number of times and it just doesn’t work. Maybe other are having the same problem?

    1. Ann, I think I just sent you an email from Mailchimp that allows you to reactivate your subscription. I think it wasn’t working because the program shows you are unsubscribed. Give it about 24 hour and then let me know if you got that email.

  4. Happy Easter Pamela! I think you look very nice for a holiday BBQ with temps much warmer than here, our highs will be around 50 I Think, but sunny. Just the fact that it won’t be rainy makes me smile. That pretty top is truly smart and wearing darker colors around little ones who will be planting new flowers- especially smart.
    Have a lovely day!

  5. You look just fabulous!
    Love that top on you!
    Your hair is lighter….looks lovely.
    We are not going to see family as our COVID restrictions have just ramped up again.
    Soon it will be warm enough to be out side.

  6. You look lovely. The grandchildren are adorable. The cookies are beautiful.

    Sending you a Blessed Easter.

  7. Love your Easter outfit! The elegant top elevates it to special event status. As Karen said, who wants to be worried about their clothes when we are enjoying time with our family. The High Holy Days are when I miss in person worship most, but I am thankful for the opportunity to have online worship. Have Happy Easter!

  8. Your granddaughter gets her smile from you, Pam!!

    An Easter BBQ sounds delightful! Reminds me of the year we had to pull out the outdoor grill because we ran out of room in the oven. Everyone raved about the smoky flavor of the cheesy potatoes!!

    What a very pretty outfit — stylish and casual. Worry free!

    Have a very blessed Easter. Looking forward to your Sunday post.

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