The Easter Backyard BBQ

No April Fool’s here…but information of what I will take and wear to the family Easter Backyard BBQ.

We are going to gather with family at my son’s house for a backyard barbecue at the end of the day, so the grands can play outside.

Easter is a very important celebration for us, and I will talk more about that on Easter Sunday,

But, for today……..


The Easter Backyard BBQ

There is always someone to wave at when I am taking photos on the front porch!

Recently I showed you the Chico’s Silk Flower and Stripe Poncho when I tried it on in store.

This poncho is very big…and I am wearing the Small/Medium….meaning it would swallow someone who is small/medium.

But after sizing down, I liked it to fill the need for a great warm weather piece… when I want to look nicer than around -home- style.

The Easter Backyard BBQ

You can do a lot with this piece...but why black jeans on Easter?  Well, three young grandchildren (always dirt involved) and BBQ sauce…those are two reasons my white jeans will stay home.

I like popping the color with a pink sandal…but again…this would go with any color!  My necklace selection is vintage Stein Mart. 

Here are a few Backyard BBQ options from Chico’s:



Easter Backyard BBQ

I volunteered to bring dessert this year, because I recently met this baker in San Antonio, bakinandmakincookiesanddecor.

Since Easter is so special, I am going to take the cross and “He Is Risen” cookies to the barbecue along with frozen yogurt. 

I was able to taste her cookies at the recent Born on Fifth Event at Dillard’s and they are delicious.  I think this dessert will be a hit!


The Easter Backyard BBQ

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The Easter Backyard BBQ

At the beginning of the week, I was with my nail technician and they had one of those flip calendars.

I loved what this one said about giving LIFE to others around you…and how it defines life.

LIFE is what Easter is about,  and I think this will be my new daily goal…to share LIFE.

Since there may be some who are not online this week because it is a holiday, I am going to save the next READER STYLE ADJECTIVES for next week. I would not want anyone to miss out.

But, I do have posts for you every day…so, please stop by!  It is time to celebrate EASTER, Passover,  April and all things Spring!


By Pamela Lutrell

The Easter Backyard BBQ

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