A few of my favorite spring things…

A few of my favorite things

Today, on this lovely Good Friday, I would like to show you a few of my favorite spring things!

For years, I have loved the nail color by OPI called Cajun Shrimp.  It is one of the first colors I get every spring…just says HAPPY.

And it looks so great with another favorite thing…The Marjan Ring with Turquoise by James Avery Craftsman Jewelry.


A few of my favorite spring things

I brought this Circle Handle Straw bag home from Target the minute I saw it!  I love it and it is perfect for shopping trips…I like to put the purchases in a bag like this.

It must have been pretty popular because it appears to be sold out, but I found some fun straw bags at many price points, and placed them in this slideshow:




A few of my favorite spring things

I am so in love with these casual Golden Mule shoes from BZees because they are so easy to slip on and so, so comfy! Amazing Comfort!

The color is the Gray Abstract Print, but they are available in other colors.  Also, the first link is DSW...but you can find them at KOHLS, MACYS, and DILLARD’S.

Remember, I love BZees for their comfort and they are washable…a great warm weather activity shoe!


A few of my favorite spring things

I have been searching a long time for an all natural deodorant which did not irritate me, smelled nice and did its job!  I have wasted money on a pile that did not work.

But, now enter into my life the wonderful scents of NATIVE.  I am so pleased with this brand…it does everything I have been looking for, plus the scents are wonderful.  Yes, it costs more…but I believe is worth it.

Find some selections at Target, Walmart, and Amazon.


A few of my favorite spring things

Not too long ago, I told you that I liked this new spice by Paleo Powder Organic Seasonings, which (as the label says) is for chicken.

Since then, I tried it on vegetables and I like it even more.  The citrus taste is so light and lovely on any veggies….very spring and summer. 

And, of course, on chicken!


A few of my favorite spring things

Tulips!  I am in love with tulips this year…can’t get enough and want white next!

Remember, you can use this shopping link to order from Telaflora and send a smile to someone you know.

A few of my favorite spring things

Finally, I just had to conclude with this little ladybug who walked across my planner on my desk recently.

She walked right across the area where I list each week what I am thankful for…I loved it and hope she will return someday!

I had too many favorite things for one post…so come back on Monday for more!!

What are your favorite things this spring?  Please share and make sure you have a weekend where you always….


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was gifted product for this post but the words are my own.


A few of my favorite spring things

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  1. I LOVE Cajun Shrimp-have worn it for years So glad to find another fan! It is a happy color! We have gotten much colder over last night. Hope your weather holds for this weekend at least! Happy Easter

    1. Cajun Shrimp has been my favorite for May years too! I even stocked up on my supply for fear they would stop making it! So happy to see we all have such great taste! 😘. Happy Easter to all!

  2. I enjoyed seeing your choices for spring favorites, especially that beautiful ring! I collect turquoise pieces and have a beautiful ring that my son gave me. It’s become my signature piece, something I wear daily. Your shoes are great for slipping into and going many places! The color is a neutral that reminds me of understated camo! I keep shoes that I can just step into and go by my door in the spring and summer. I also love the flowers that announce spring! In spite of a day, yesterday, when it snowed all day (so done with this!!), daffodils are beginning to bloom and the tulips won’t be far behind. I’m going to bring some home from the store and enjoy them inside! Easter weekend is significant to me too, and I’ll be going to church today with my sister and my nephew before stopping in for a visit with my mom. For the first time in far too long, we get to actually go into her apartment and will be able to hug her for the first time in over a year. Fortunately, she hasn’t understood any of it but she will understand hugs!

    1. Enjoy your visit, Karen! What a wonderful way to celebrate the day. I love Good Friday services..,so meaningful.

  3. I knew as soon as I saw your nails it was Cajun Shrimp. The very first manicure I had Cajun Shrimp was my polish choice, It’s ready to go but will be for my toes. I’m too hard on my hands and just can’t seem to make a manicure last! I saw my first dandelion this week. I know it’s a week but they bring me joy. Dandelions are a sign of spring and bloom amongst the wildflowers that pop up throughout the year on a trail system.

  4. Wonderful favourites, Pamela. One of mine is, is the return of our feathered friends to our backyard that were fortunate enough to migrate to warmer weather prior to ‘old man winter’s arrival ‘ …. ☺. With that said; have been looking for a straw or raffia handbag (not to be confused with rattan as brutal on my purses) so will check out your links. As to Easter; unfortunately our area has again been designated as a ‘red zone’ so very strict pandemic orders have been put into place which eliminates , association with those living outside a household. (Sigh!) -Brenda-
    P.S.: Also, love your outfit that you plan on wearing for your family BBQ and wishing you and yours a blessed Easter.

    1. We are always happy to hear and be greeted with our songbirds each morning…it is such a blessing and joy! I am watching for our first hummingbirds…feeders are out and ready, but I haven’t seen one yet. So sorry you are under a lock down. I do wish you a joyous Easter, Brenda. Thanks for being here.

  5. Thank you for your positive, upbeat daily postings! I love that the products you suggest/endorse are pocketbook friendly, at stores that are in my weekly shopping flight pattern. I live and work on a ranch so manicures don’t really work for me (I’m trying to take better care of my hands though) but I can’t resist a pedicure with my favorite color, OPI’s Coca Cola! Red toes are as irresistible as those red tulips!

    1. You are right…love red toes! And thanks so much for being here Pam…I love that you work on a ranch.

  6. Happy Easter! Love Cajun Shrimp too. Once a manicurist told me all middle aged women liked Cajun Shrimp! haha Thanks for the straw purses. I’m on the search for one.

  7. The hummingbirds are back at my feeders here in rural Texas. So far the purple martins have not returned and I fear many were lost because of the ice storm. I do have bluebonnets in the front yard and just seeing them makes me smile. A blessed Easter to you.

  8. Here in the northeast we do look forward to spring. Your wonderful blog today helps me to appreciate each and everyone: bluebirds are back, or just revealing themselves. They are darling. Tulips, daffodils and crocus are waking up and showing sone color and then special holidays like Easter signifying renewal, rebirth, and new beginnings for some.
    Please enjoy your family this weekend. I know I will —after three holidays alone.

  9. Dutch Tulips is the OPI color I put on for Spring…definitely makes me happy and is a favorite nail color. Happy Easter weekend to you and your family.

  10. I love a good shopping tote, & a straw bag would be perfect for spring & summer. I am always on the lookout for a great pair of sneakers because they make my feet happy. My church is doing the seven last words of Christ with a video update each hour. Very moving. I saw this quote from Alexandra Stoddard yesterday, & it spoke to me. “I’m thinking in April of rebirth, renewal and recommitment”

    1. I love what your church is doing to commemorate Good Friday! Sounds amazing and I also love the Quote you shared for April. Thanks for sharing, Becky and Happy Easter!

  11. Ooooh … love that Cajun Shrimp color! And, I love that ladybug!!

    There are so many wonderful things to be thankful for every spring, and I think this spring is extra special. It’s been such a difficult past year and now we finally have hope and many things to look forward to!

    Enjoy this lovely holiday weekend, Pam!

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