How to find clothes that make you happy

Today, I am answering a reader’s question about how to find clothes that make you happy.

First let me say…when we dress with confidence it will help to feed our joy, but true joy comes from within not merely on the outside.

Yet, there is something about looking our best and wearing clothing which puts a smile on our face that helps us to have more joyful days.

This is something we are in control of…and can Choose to do each day when we get dressed. 

Too often, we look in the mirror and think…This will have to do…then go out feeling grumpy.

Let’s determine to change that!


How to wear clothes that make us happy

1.I wear clothing which says…this is me!

For my new phase of “work-at-home-life,”  I have adjusted my Foundational Five style adjectives to be creative (dramatic); strong; intelligent; joyful; and current.  

If I dress every day with the choice to communicate all five of these adjectives with what I am wearing, then I will “fashion” Pam-style for my current lifestyle.

The creative flair in this Karen Kane top is of course found in the sleeves…and also the accessories.  

I originally purchased this top at Dillard’s on clearance for a Mexico beach vacation, and I really like it…it is fun and makes me want to smile. 

2. Fit is very important for confidence and joyful dressing.

A flattering fit helps m e feel good...if I feel like I look good in the clothing, then I will smile and go out with confidence.

3. Clothing which is fresh, current and youthful keeps me smiling.

I firmly believe one of the ways to avoid feeling frumpy is to stay abreast of current styles and trends.  Adding youthful touches to our style can be great confidence-builders.

NOTE: Two of my favorite warm weather tops are by Karen Kane.  Here are some beautiful selections on the racks right now:


How to find clothes that make you happy

Happy feet for me must include stylish comfort!

Yes, I like a stylish shoe or sandal this time of year, but I have personally said goodbye to heels and wedges.  Thank goodness so many fun flats are on the market now.

I recently picked up these Grasshopper Windsor Flats in Tan at Rack Room Shoes and love them for spring!  They are currently on sale.


How to find clothing which makes you happy

Today, I want to inspire our fabulous reader, Janet. D.

Janet wants her clothing to tell the world that she is confident, bold, competent, smart and relaxed.

This was a fun one…I love to work with the adjective BOLD.  Remember I am looking for garments I believe speak all five. 

I hope the slideshow made you happy, Janet.  Would anyone else like to describe a garment which makes you really happy and tell us why.  Please share…then make sure you….


P.S. If anyone else would like a slideshow, just send your five adjectives to  More to come…..

By Pamela Lutrell

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