Would You Wear It - Decorative Sleeves

Happy Wednesday…time for the pop-up Would You Wear It – Decorative Sleeves?

Just like pants, sleeve designs are all over the place this season.

So, naturally I wondered what you think…

Would You Wear It - Decorative Sleeves

Today’s fashion display was found at JC Penney.

Many of the sleeves are identified as 3/4 sleeves on their website, but they are displaying a variety of different sleeve designs this season.

Please explain if these styles do or do not work for you with constructive, instructional thought.  The comments are always read and we learn from one another.

Would You Wear It - Decorative Sleeves

So, tell us lovely ladies……………………………………………



Would You Wear It - Decorative Sleeves

Everyone yell out HI KAY!  Kay is a 5’2″ petite woman who desires to tell the world she is approachable, creative, modern, playful and confident woman.

As a petite lady, she does not want to be overwhelmed by clothing. 

Kay…here is a slideshow just to inspire you and others like you.  I hope it is fun!

Now. tomorrow Leigh and I go shopping at JC Penney…I hope you will return to see what we found.   She was able to check a wardrobe need off her list!

Plus they currently have a huge sale in progress.

Make sure you tell us about today’s display with decorative sleeves…and no matter what…


By Pamela Lutrell

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