Would You Wear It – Decorative Sleeves

Would You Wear It - Decorative Sleeves

Happy Wednesday…time for the pop-up Would You Wear It – Decorative Sleeves?

Just like pants, sleeve designs are all over the place this season.

So, naturally I wondered what you think…

Would You Wear It - Decorative Sleeves

Today’s fashion display was found at JC Penney.

Many of the sleeves are identified as 3/4 sleeves on their website, but they are displaying a variety of different sleeve designs this season.

Please explain if these styles do or do not work for you with constructive, instructional thought.  The comments are always read and we learn from one another.

Would You Wear It - Decorative Sleeves

So, tell us lovely ladies……………………………………………



Would You Wear It - Decorative Sleeves

Everyone yell out HI KAY!  Kay is a 5’2″ petite woman who desires to tell the world she is approachable, creative, modern, playful and confident woman.

As a petite lady, she does not want to be overwhelmed by clothing. 

Kay…here is a slideshow just to inspire you and others like you.  I hope it is fun!

Now. tomorrow Leigh and I go shopping at JC Penney…I hope you will return to see what we found.   She was able to check a wardrobe need off her list!

Plus they currently have a huge sale in progress.

Make sure you tell us about today’s display with decorative sleeves…and no matter what…


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. Neither of these speak to me. I usually don’t care for raglan sleeves except in tailored jackets or coats that give the shoulder some structure (I have to try the garment on), but my biggest problem with full sleeves &/or loose cuffs is that I’m a klutz! I’d be dragging these ones through my lunch, catching them on cupboard pulls or my car gearshift, setting myself on fire with candles or stove elements or pulling everything off the desk or table. I always wear my sleeves shoved or rolled up, in part so I can wear bracelets (& show off the pretty tattoo up my right forearm) & in part to simply protect them (& everything around me!). My husband always says having my sleeves rolled up makes me look as though I mean business, but really it’s just because I’m clumsy 🙂

  2. I love the look of the sleeves, but in real life they just get in the way. The white shirt may be okay, but would have to try it on to see how big the sleeves actually are, and they would get pushed up.

  3. Until yesterday I would have said a big no to the sleeves. However, I was able to view a woman on TV (not a star or presenter, just ordinary like us) wearing ,over the course of several interviews, a few of these sleeve treatments. On her they looked good, she was tall and very thin with long arms and they really gave her a graceful quality.

    I’m not sure if they’d have the same effect on me or others of an “average” build….I think the length in her mid-section to correspond with the longer arms and therefore the length of the sleeve look was what carried it off.

  4. I really understand Kay! I have that issue often, feeling overwhelmed by the clothes on the racks. It’s all about proportion. I can’t wear petites in most pants due to the fit of the rise, but I need that length. So I alter the misses pants! But generally, my problem starts when I don’t try the petite clothes too. Anyway, I can relate! I like some decorative sleeves, but they have to be understated. I like the tie sleeves in 3/4 length, but no ruffles or flounces. The colorful top here would not work for me because the sleeves would be dragging in everything. They look very long. The other top is too bland. They could have been more creative in their mannequin design. I often find thing at JCPENNEY. It’s typically not my first choice for stores, but then I go in and find just what I need! Glad to see so many sleeve options. There is something for everyone!

  5. Oh,Pam, what were they thinking?I am sure,on the right person, both tops would look great.I agree with Janet D. that the sleeves on the pink top would get into everything. The tucks should have been placed higher. The white top just looks wrinkled and baggy to me. I guess it did not get pressed before it was put on the dummy! Hope I am not offending anyone, but I think I will keep on sewing at home if that’s the best that retail can offer. Best.

  6. As someone who doesn’t usually gravitate to flounce and puff, I happen to like these two tops. I love the coral color and the fact that the blouses each have a V neck. Despite sleeves on these tops, they look cool and comfy not tight and restricting, I would have to try them on to see that they are not TOO billowy in the body, but just loose fitting enough to keep me cool.
    But a nice 3/4 sleeve, new white blouse is always welcomed. I’d wear with cute necklaces if it’s not steamy and humid.

  7. Though don’t live in Florida, I am on the same page as Linda V. (above). Also as I do have long slender arms (and tiny wrists), 3/4 length in this style does not work for my body type as look lost with so much fabric. That said; do like the extra added detail on the coral blouse sleeves and with them being long, might consider it. (I would probably have to tighten up the elastic on the wrist or reconstruct the hem with a narrow/single buttoned band.)

  8. I think the sleeves are interesting. They present a few problems…not good for every day life as others have said…setting yourself on fire at the stove being one issue. And if it’s cold enough for a coat, which it often is where I live, you have to cram all that extra fabric into the coat or jacket sleeve and it comes out a wrinkled mess. But for a tall gal for sure it’s a great look.

  9. Those sleeves are not for me – just too much. I would feel like a big sleeve walking around. I prefer 3/4 straight no frills. Happy Wednesday.

  10. Janet D. nailed it! even with the ruanas im so fond of, i have to be careful and think of the context im wearing them in….when i was working, i wore one with fringe to work, and i was rolling over it and getting the fringe tangled in the wheels of my office chair…
    i love a roll up sleeve shirt, but only if husband is around, like one other person said…he can make them look sharp, but i just make an uneven sloppy mess.
    reading over the jcpenney comments, i will have to check them out, i use to shop there frequently but havent in about 10 years, i stopped finding anything i really liked. but i will pay attention tomorrow and see what yall find.

  11. I love the new decorative sleeves, with one proviso. The white blouse would not work for me. The sleeves end at the widest part of my body. I have a pear shape, so elbow-length sleeves would work. Just a few inches shorter makes all the difference. This season of interesting sleeves is great for my body type.

    Sleeveless is not a great look for my body type without a topper of some sort.

  12. Neither of these blouses would work for me. The wide sleeves widen the body exactly where I don’t need widening. I’m petite, so all that extra fabric is overwhelming. I think these blouses could look good on a tall, slender woman, needing extra width to her body. The sleeve folds do add interest. Having said that, they also would get in the way and they don’t look like they would roll up easily. I have a friend who has worn similar blouses and they look good on her. She is tall and very slender.

  13. Too much fabric on the sleeves for me. I’m 5’2″ with broad shoulders. I don’t like puffy sleeves on me. I do like 3/4 length sleeves, but just a straight sleeve. I’m also a “pusher upper” of sleeves and I don’t think a puffy sleeve would be conducive to that.

  14. I would try the white top because the sleeves look like they could be pushed up. It is a bit plain, but I prefer that over froufrou for my self. The coral top is a lovely color, but the sleeves are just too billowy for me. As Janet D said, I would be dragging them through things or knocking things over with them.

  15. I have a couple of tops with the puffy sleeves, but they are cut higher (like the white one) and I usually don’t have any issues wearing them to the office.

    That being said, I would certainly not cook with these types of sleeves, or with ruanas, draping sleeves, etc. I enjoy watching cooking show and it drives me crazy when I see some of these folks wearing draping clothing!!! Rant over!!!

    I really like the color and print of the coral top but feel that the sleeves have a bit too much fabric and are too long. I also like that both tops are a good length for me — not exceedingly long like some tunics. I need shorter tops because my legs are shorter — some of those tunics can overwhelm me.

  16. Thank you, Pamela, for the lovely personalized slide show! Thank you for all the selections available in petite sizes and for choosing more fitted styles! I will be ordering the lovely Chico wrinkle free linen shirt as soon as it goes on sale 🙂

  17. I’m willing to wear both outfits. The white blouse and slim cropped pants as is but the coral blouse needs to have the sleeves shortened and narrowed. As is just reminds me of my childhood when my mother would buy me bigger clothes so I could “grow into them”. That never happened. I would also tuck it into the culottes

  18. I like a beautiful blouse with sleeves that have nice details. Some of the “statement sleeve” tops are just ridiculous now. I look for details that are not over the top and look elegant and classic. I have some silk blouse with beautiful Pearl buttons or a small ruffle.

    I would not wear these as it feels too trendy and seems like poor quality.

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