Shopping Chico’s with Leigh and Me

Shopping Chico's with Leigh and Me

As promised yesterday, I am taking you along for Shopping Chico’s with Leigh and Me.

Leigh Ann has become one of my regular sidekicks on this blog and we have such fun together…she also takes great photos!

At Chico’s, Leigh Ann wears mostly a size 1…and even at times a Size 0.  I am a Size 3, and at times a Size 2.

Shopping Chico's with Leigh and Me

Shopping Chico's with Leigh and Me

After trying on a few pants, Leigh Ann decided she really likes the fit of Chico’s Jeggings…particularly this Floral Print Jegging. 

She is wearing here a Size 1R, and she liked the tighter fit over some of the other styles afforded her. 

Shopping Chico's with Leigh and Me

This is my favorite garment I tried on during this trip…love it!   It is the Floral-Print Satin Utility Jacket.

However, we are already hitting upper 90s down south, so I sadly left it at the store.  If I lived in a cooler climate, it would be mine!

Shopping Chicos with Leigh and me

The Embroidered Peasant Top is lovely with beautiful details.  It is also available in misses and petite. 

This would work for the entire spring and summer.  Very light and slightly sheer.

Shopping Chico's with Leigh and Me

I have always enjoyed Chico’s kimonos…they are often so beautiful and perfect for warmer weather.

I sized down to S/M for this lovely Botanical-Print Silk Ruana Wrap….the color is called Bonsai. 

Shopping Chicos with Leigh and me

If you like floral (particularly poppies0, you will want to check out this classic navy Woven-Front Tunic.  A beautiful casual piece. 


Shopping Chico's with Leigh and Me

For our shopping trip, I decided to wear my Mid-Length Denim Jacket with the frayed hem, my brown Traveler’s tank, and a Chico’s necklace from two years ago.  I have quite a collection of Chico’s jewelry over the years .  It is so much fun.


Now, here are more styles currently in the Mother’s Day Shop at Chico’s…so much fun for all sizes…just ask Leigh and me!


By Pamela Lutrell


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  1. I do like the floral pants that Leigh Ann is wearing. I think of jeggings as being tighter, like skinnies, but these look like a nice, straight leg fit. The pattern is nice and they’d pair well with many colors. The bold, navy tunic top you’re wearing is such a great piece! My sister and I are just over a month away from our annual weekend shopping trip, and Chico’s is on my list because I need a few new kimonos. Looks like I’ll be spending some time there!

    1. They do have lovely kimonos and ruanas. By the time of your trip, they will probably have more. Also, Chico’s is one of the easiest places to make returns. If you see something now that you love, you might go ahead and get it before your size goes away!

      1. I know…I hope they will design something similar with a fall vibe. It is really a great jacket and I think you will love the peasant top, Nyla.

  2. If you like embroidered tops, Johnny Was has much nicer items. The satin utility jacket is beautiful, but I don’t need another jacket here in Florida!

    1. And if you like embroidered tops at reasonable prices…shop Chico’s! I love Johnny Was items, but the cost is just too high. Though I am sure there are many who wish they were in Florida with you, Linda, I also know they may also need a beautiful jacket like this one.

  3. I love nearly everything you’re wearing today Pamela! On the top of the list is the jacket in your first frame and it’s still pretty cool here on the East Coast, Another hit is that gorgeous ruana! I love the jeggings that Leigh-Ann is wearing as well! So many pretty items! Must get myself over there to Chicos!

    1. Now that I am sizing down on the ruanas and kimonos, I just cannot get enough of them. They have some beauties out this year. Thanks Paulette!

  4. I have so much clothing that I have not worn for much more than a year now so I have made myself not look at those daily Chico emails. However, when yesterday’s sale of 60% rolled up, I looked and bought! So many lovely and unusual things that I have to really limit myself. I’ve bought many of the items you have modeled over the years, and really enjoy them.

    1. You are like me Celia…I love a good sale! Now that I am out of the professional world, I find myself wearing Chico’s more than any brand. The pieces speak the messages I want to send about me.

  5. Jeggings are still my first choice in jeans. Like Leigh Ann, I get mine to fit a little looser. I can tell in a year or two, despite now being told “anything goes,” we will all be wearing a wider leg. I’ve dipped my toe in with some really flowy, lighter weight fabrics, and I don’t exactly hate them on me. But I’m not ready for the heavy bulk of denim in a wide leg. Of the things here, I really love the satin floral utility jacket, and it fits my adjectives perfectly (casual(ish), confident, intelligent, interesting and aware). The bit of floral print isn’t over the top, and might even accept a striped tank under it.

  6. Pam, go back and get that floral satin utility jacket!! It fits you so well, and you look gorgeous! 🌺💕😃
    (I have it and love it! The sleeves are too long on me, but I still love it)

  7. I love that ruin on you best! The whole outfit is so pretty! The floral jacket is nice too. I shop at Chico’s often. They have the best fitting pants I’ve found.

  8. Love those floral jeggings on Leigh and the poppy top on you! Looks like you both found some amazing pieces!

    I’m enjoying all the pretty florals for spring and summer! They are so feminine (which is one of my adjectives) and know I would get a lot of wear of a floral top or jacket.

  9. I really liked the navy top you tried. I guess I am coming around to the florals. I don’t usually care for printed pants, but the ones Leigh is wear look great. The print is very subtle & would go well with many other items. I also liked some of the florals in the slide show.

    1. I understand, Becky. Coming around to florals has been a long time for me…but I am really enjoying the designs this year! I guess we needed those flowers to bloom more for us this year than before!!

  10. We’re still back and forth between winter coats and spring jackets, all heavier than that one. Not sure what to call this weather. I like “sprinter”: sporadic-spring-winter.

    That is a summer jacket, Pamela, for evenings and cloudy days.

    1. I like “sprinter”. San Antonio doesn’t have many cloudy days…but I do like the jacket alot…maybe I can justify the purchase…I will keep thinking.

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