Dillard’s dresses the Mother of the Groom

Dillard's dresses the Mother of the Groom

Many of you asked to see Leigh Ann all dolled up for her son’s wedding. So welcome today to Dillard’s dresses the Mother of the Groom.

The wonderful event was last weekend and Leigh Ann reports that it was practically perfect in every way.

So, now to the final power-duo-dresses from Dillard’s.


Dillard's dresses the Mother of the Groom

We showed you this Belle Badgley Mischka Taylor Floral Embroidered Dress dress when we found it at Dillard’s and here is Leigh Ann ready to walk in as hostess for the rehearsal dinner.

She said it was perfect for the outdoor patio dinner at one of our best Mexican restaurants. 

When we purchased the dress, it was slightly tight…but morning workouts at the gym and watching her diet enabled the dress to slip right on!


Dillard's dress the Mother of the Groom

Leigh Ann chose this lovely gown for her big event.  It is the ALEX EVENING JACQUARD CAP SLEEVE OFF-THE-SHOULDER FLORAL POCKET BALL GOWN.

Since she is petite, she had a little tailoring done on the hemline.  This dress fit her like it was made for her and is a gorgeous gown.

Dillard's dresses the Mother of the Groom

You may remember when we went to Dillard’s to shop for the earrings to compliment the wedding dress.

With the help of the sales associate, we found these beautiful selections by Gemma Layne.

They looked so lovely with Leigh Ann’s up-do!


Mother of the Groom wedding Shoes from JCP

And….you might also remember we found the wedding shoes for Leigh Ann while shopping JCP.

I asked her if they were comfortable during the event or if she had to change to a fancy sneaker like she was prepared to do.  Her response:

“Yes! Very comfortable…danced the night away! Didn’t take them off until well into the evening and that was because I had to do ‘Dancing Queen!‘”

Other than these shoes, Dillard’s had Leigh Ann confident and beautiful to welcome a new member of their family as Mother of the Groom!! 

She thanks all of you for your interests in her big fashion event……


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. That blue and white floral dress is just beautiful! What a perfect look for such a special day! I also like how Leigh Ann styled her hair for the wedding, so flattering! That’s the kind of dress that you see and immediately know it’s “the one!”. Fits like a dream! I’m sure Leigh Ann looked gorgeous in all the photos, and certainly like a young mother of the groom! Beautiful!! Thank you for letting us have a peek into her special day!

  2. L-O-V-I-L-E-E! Gorgeous dress and her accessories were perfect IMO. (No overload on jewelry either.)

    Thanks for sharing Leigh Ann and wishing your son and his new bride a life time of happiness. -Brenda-

  3. wow, yall hit it out of the park for her….she looked beautiful, perfectly accessorized, modern and classy!
    Best Wishes to the newlyweds!

  4. Love that gorgeous mother of groom gown! Oh how I wish we had Dillard’s up here. ( I think I’ve said that about fifty times since following your blog….lol)

  5. Leigh Ann was a stunning mother of the groom. The rehearsal dinner dress hit just the right note of party casual, & the dress & accessories for the wedding were understated elegance at its finest. Perfect choices!

  6. How nice of you to share with us these glimpses into that beautiful day. That dress is just perfect for a modern MOG. Also lucky to be there where you are allowed to celebrate together. Thanks you, and best wishes to the family.

  7. What an absolutely gorgeous dress — and those shoes!! I have this “thing” for strappy sandals & these are perfect, with the ideal heel height — high enough to be a little sassy but not too high for those of us who have started to wear lower heels for comfort (& stability) — & I love that the straps across the toes & instep have a net backing, which makes them very comfortable. And what pretty feet Leigh Ann has! I’ve been noticing people’s feet now it’s summer & we’re in sandals, & frankly mine need some work. Thanks for sharing this special day with us, Leigh Ann.

    1. Thank you, Janet…please don’t notice my feet! I still wear sandals despite the hammer toes!!

      1. Oh, Pam, I think we’re all too critical of ourselves, myself included. I actually haven’t been paying much attention to the less-than-perfectly-perfect feet around me as much as I have the women who look like they’ve just come from a high-end pedicure: & perhaps they have! Mine are dry & rough & calloused & I’m now applying vats of cream to them & lots of pumicing (is that a word?) & I suspect I’m the only person who notices! LOL! And yes, I’m standing right beside you defiantly wearing my sandals anyway!

  8. Rehearsal dinner and wedding outfits were perfection! Shoes, jewelry, hairstyles, make-up…Leigh Ann nailed it. Stylish, modern, classy…simply stunning!

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