Would You Wear It – New Target Dresses

Would You Wear It - New Target Dresses

Happy Wednesday!  It’s the mid-week pop up with Would You Wear It – New Target Dresses?

I was in Target last week and noticed a new designer collection of summer dresses.

So, I wanted to see what you thought of the display for Christopher John Rogers.

Would You Wear It - New Target Dresses

Remember to look these over with your best fashion stylist scrutiny.  

This is not about if you need it…it is about would you personally consider wearing it…and an explanation of why or why not.

Would You Wear It - New Target Dresses

So, please look these two dresses over in the display and tell us……………………………………………………………………………..


More from Target in this slideshow….


Would You Wear It - New Target Dresses

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Now…what do you think of Target’s new designer collection…please share (be constructive and kind) and always……


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I am an affiliate for Laguna Beach Textile Company.



  1. Good Morning! well, neither of those would look nice on me, the checkered print looks cute and comfy, but it wouldnt favor my body. the red/pink would catch my eye walking by, but its a lot of fabric, and im not sure how to style it even for a slender woman…certainly not with very casual sandals like they did. and someone should have steamed it before displaying it. some of the prints in the background are pretty, and if they were in shirts or blouses or maybe even palazzos, i would stop and really look.

  2. The dresses shown are certainly colorful! I like tailored clothes without the frill. The double pink dress with th tiers, big belt, etc is way to much for me. The square neck checked sundress is cute but too young! I see the appeal of these dresses they just don’t work for me. Happy Wednesday.

  3. I was so excited for these dresses but in reality none of them would suit me as they are too garish and overly bright. There is a shirt dress in the collection of blue and red that is called a Brazilian print which has possibilities if l was feeling in the mood to stand out.

  4. I realize that tiered dresses are on trend, but with long sleeves, and full skirt, this one is not attractive to me. Also the two different colors are odd, and would certainly make it a noticeable garment. I like the plaid one, but never wear sleeveless clothing. However, with a little shrug or cardigan, this one would be more attractive to me.

  5. These dresses would not be something I’d choose to wear. I would feel conspicuous in the color block dress, and it’s much too memorable. Just not my style, although I do love wearing dresses. The plaid one has too much fabric and would not work for me. I like the colors, do like plaid, but I just don’t care for this dress. I’m going to check out Laguna Beach Textiles because I’m shopping for my new home.

  6. I guess between the two of these I’d be more likely to wear the sundress, simply because there is no way one can comfortably wear long sleeves in the summer in Virginia. I suppose the long sleeves would work if you worked or lived in a highly air conditioned space. I also think I’d like the long sleeved dress better if it was one color or the other. It also is a little more flattering with the belt than a lot of the other tiered dresses on offer now. The fabric design for the sundress is okay, just not for me. I like the cut of the sundress though.

  7. Neither of these appeal to me and definitely wouldn’t be flattering for me. Just not my personal style, so I’d wouldn’t be tempted to give them a second look.

  8. Oh, I’d be snapping up the wedge sandals (on the left) for sure being a neutral colour and a style I like. As to the dresses themselves; such ‘happy’ colors which I feel we all could use a dash of … ☺… at this time and place in our lives. Now regarding their styles; though I am a big fan of color-blocked garments plu8s easy maintenance, for myself the answer is ‘no’ for both namely due to my body type as basically too much fabric for my frame but appreciate the self-covered belt buckle and their front buttoned closure. (Being a hobby a sewer I know the work involved in such details.)

    To conclude; as to styling the two-toned dress for a more relaxed vibe I more than likely would roll up its sleeves to just below the elbow, leave the top button open to create a V-neck, keep jewelry to a minimum and lean towards very casual footwear. (Sneakers included.) Whereas with the sundress as feel it offers more options to style; my choice of footwear (casual flats or dressier heels) would be the influencing factor as to what accessories I’d pair with it and the message I wanted to convey. -Brenda-

  9. I have been interested in Target’s dresses but these styles would not be the best for me. I would not draw attention to my waist with a big bow at the waist. The sleeveless dress would not work because I prefer sleeves and my arms are not toned enough to wear this. Maybe with a Jean jacket if I am indoors where it the AC could be chilly. The others have puffy sleeve and loud prints. I am looking for a neutral color such as white or pumpkin in a midi length.

  10. Summer is for fun, and these dresses are that. I do look for long sleeves in the summer because our intense sun and high altitude equal instant sunburn. Less square footage to cover in sunblock is good. We also have cool nights for most of the summer.

  11. Pretty but wouldn’t be able to wear either. Being short waisted the large belts would cover my entire midriff.

  12. I have noticed that Target has changed their women’s department but they have the same thing in different brands and colors . Lots of tiered dresses this year. I bet they will still be there at the end of the season. People want basics and more casual clothes from Target not “couturier wannabes”.

  13. I would not be trying on today’s choices. But some in the background caught my eye!
    The shirt dress had way too kuch fabric for me and the plaid sun dress just wasn’t me. Nice colors though that reflect summer.

  14. Neither of these dresses would be right for me. There is nothing about the two toned dress that appeals to me. While the plaid sundress is cute, it has a very young look to it. I could see my twenty something granddaughters wearing it if it were a bit shorter. It is unlikely that I would purchase anything from this designer as I prefer more classic looks.

  15. A very colorful and cheery display, that’s for sure!

    I wouldn’t wear the two-tone pink dress as that particular look doesn’t appeal to me. If it were done in all one color I might consider it, although I think it would look better without the long sleeves.

    I do like the plaid sundress — it’s so summery and cool looking. It would probably look better on me if the skirt part were straighter and less full. It is very cute, though!

  16. I would not wear either dress. I like colour but not too many in one outfit. The sun dress has too many colours for me and is too yellow for my colouring and I would find it too long. The two-tone pink dress does not appeal at all. I do not like assymetry or so much material (especially such a high neck line) and it looks creased and in need of ironing (which would put me off). The bow would be the last straw for me, bringing even more fuss to the party. I would feel very unattractive and uncomfortable in that dress.

  17. These dresses are not for me at my age and body type, but I do like the colorful sundress for a young girl maybe college age- maybe artsy type?
    The long sleeved block colors would swamp me. Maybe a tall statuesque woman might favor thus style?

  18. My first thought looking at these dresses: doesn’t anyone at Target have an iron? I can’t believe any store serious about retail sales would care so little about the impression they make that they’d allow dresses this wrinkled go on display. The two-tone on the left is a hard no for me as it’s just got WAY too much fabric: puffy sleeves, wide belt, tiered skirt, gathers & more gathers. I’m slender but not tall enough to carry off a look like this without looking like I’m wearing a tent, plus I don’t like long sleeves & high necks. I do like the sundress, though. Love the colours! It would be like wearing a bit of summer wherever you go 🙂

  19. NO & NO. The 2 color dress is weird ( I know that’s not constructive…sorry). The other dress is certainly bright and summery. Personally, I don’t like the style of that dress, no matter what the color, but I’ve seen that style on younger girls and it’s really cute. If I were wearing it at a younger age, I’d pull a color out of it, probably red, and find flat sandals in that color. I would probably carry a neutral raffia type bag. A bright wooden bead necklace would be fun to just make it a colorful summer outfit.
    Looking beyond the mannequins makes me curious as to other styles from the designer!
    Looks like some pretty ones there. May have to trek on up to Target!

  20. The colors are very festive, but I don’t like the style much. The belted sundress is similar to those I love from the 50’s, all things old are new again ( smile). Please share at TFT, we miss you xo

  21. Good evening,

    No, I would not wear either of those dresses. The pink and fuchsia dress are just not visually appealing to me. The plaid is cute just not for me.

  22. No. The raspberry dress is costumey, and the proportions are odd. I’m not too fond of the tiered skirt. The plaid sundress might look adorable on a teen, but it is not for a seasoned lady. I love plaids, but this one appears juvenile. If that plaid were for textiles like outdoor table cloths or cloth napkins, I would love it.

    The blanket is beautiful and I will definitely check that company out.

  23. I agree with this! For summer, I am looking for easy knit dresses. Something I can just throw on and be done. That’s in general, but yes, when I go to Target, I def want simple.

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