Would You Wear It – Easy Summer Style

Would You Wear It - Easy Summer Style

Happy Saturday, everyone, and welcome to Would You Wear It – Easy Summer Style!!

On Saturday’s, my friend Jennifer and I post fashion displays we have found around our city’s which make us wonder what you think.

Would You Wear It - Easy Summer Style

Many of us are looking forward to the easy, breezy days of summer and the easy styles offered for the season.

Please look at this display, and answer personally if you would or would not wear the two outfits and explain constructively why.

Answer in such a way as to help other potential shoppers…and please do not label the clothing…last week the label “granny style” popped up again as a negative label.

Well, I know many grannies who rock great style!!

Would You Wear It - Summer Style

So, look my display of two mannequins over and tell us………..


Note:  Today’s display was found at Soft Surroundings


Would You Wear It - Easy Summer Style

Recently, I posted about a shopping trip to JJiLL in SHOPPING JJILL’S CASUAL WEAR FOR WOMEN.

I wanted to show you one more look that I really like.  This is the Fringe Trimmed Hooded Cardi In white and the Pima 3/4 Sleeve V-Neck Top in Royal Blue.

I have been looking for a casual hoodie that was a bit different and this one fits my requirements.  

Looking for easy toss-on summer dresses?  Well, here is a slideshow just for you!

Thank you for joining in today!  Make sure you stop by Jennifer’s site, A Well Styled Life, and tell her what you think of her display.  And, always, always………..


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. I like the hoodie and the blue tee shirt you found at JJill! The hoodie would get a lot of use in the late spring here where I live! I’m always drawn to shades of white! The blue top is a rich color and very pretty. The two featured outfits above are things I would wear. The dress, definitely! Being a dress girl, I’m always looking for new shapes, and this one would be a breeze to dress up with accessories. I’m not sure of this fabric on the pants, but for the right occasion, they would be so feminine, light and summery! I like the shape of the top shown. It looks like it would be easy to wear. Also easy to add accessories to change the look. Yes, I would wear both!

  2. No! The skirt part of the dress is too full for me. I would look like I’m hiding something. Same with the cream outfit. I might wear the pants with a slim fitting tank top. The tunic is a pass. Too much fabric…

  3. I would try the dress in blue (not sure if it is available in two colors or if the photos are just showing up differently for me), as it looks quite versatile and could be worn for work in the summer, and I love the J. Jill royal blue top. I like the hoodie too, and white could be cute for the beach, but I would prefer a darker color the rest of the time.

  4. A white sweater/sweatshirt/jacket/vest – all of them- are standard parts of my Summer closet. It’s not always blazing hot and if you go in/out of A/C you need a jacket.
    Last year we skipped our family trip to New England, but this year we’ve all got our shots -I always think I’m talking about the dog when I talk about shots- and we’re heading North.
    A white hoodie/sweater is a must in the evenings and looks good with whatever else you’ve got on.
    Our lives may be changed, but a White cardi can still be a part of them!

  5. I love the v neckline of THE dress. The dress itself has a lot of pleats going on, the fabric looks stiff. so a no for me. I might wear the gauzy outfit separately not together.

  6. I an not fond of hooded jackets so although the fabric looks great I would pass. The dress is a very beautiful color but the skirt is too full for my body shape. The monochrome top and pants are lovely very elegant. I would wear the two pieces separately as together with my hair color and pale complexion I would look washed out.

  7. Yes, everything is a yes. That dress would be an almost year round look for me and the flowy pants are gorgeous and could pair up with many options from a tee to a dressier top. Just the simple Y necklace is really all that is needed in the hot weather, or maybe a fun drop earring. That hoodie you have is so interesting and not a length that I see much. I like that option and can see why you snapped it up. Even the slideshow is full of great looks.

  8. Love both outfits! The dress hits all my “dress” criteria: The length is good, love the skirt flounce, and the V-neck is what I seek out. I just don’t wear many dresses anymore…..
    The all cream colored pant outfit is something I would snag to bring home. Love everything about it!

  9. I love the fringed trim hoodie you are wearing. That would even be a good addition to any wardrobe as a substitute for a sweater at home or out somewhere. I no longer wear dresses due to bad looking legs (HA!) so the dress in the display would be a no for me. I would probably wear the top just with a different bottom. I have never shopped at J Jill so I need to try them sometime.

  10. The purple dress had interesting seaming, but I would pass because purple in any shade is just not for me. The white outfit I definitely would wear. It’s much more me and the type of clothes I wear. But both good choices, Jennifer’s is really off the wall today!

  11. I would wear the off-white outfit as shown (I have almost the same in purple and it is very convenient at the beginning of the summer). I like the dress, but I suspect the fit will not be appropriate for me, because of the wrong place of the seaming. Also it might be a bit too feminine for me nowadays : I would certainly have adored this style twenty years ago, but now I am drawn to straight lines. This is a nice display, though, thanks.

  12. The dress has interesting waist seaming but it wouldn’t fit me properly. The Soft Surroundings stores are always so pretty.

  13. Soft Surroundings clothes generally have too many details for my taste.

    HOWEVER, they did a nice job choosing clothes for a variety of style preferences. And the accessories take the outfits up a notch, something other stores you’ve featured could learn from.

  14. I just ordered that hooded jacket from J.Jill…it was love at first sight. I, too, loved the fringe detail which really elevated this hoody from plain to special. Oh my, Soft Surroundings…how I love to browse their catalog. There is no store anywhere near me so unfortunately I have never been able to go in and try on their clothing. The prices are also a little daunting for me. That being said, I really love the cream (or maybe it is white) two piece outfit. Perfect for a casual evening out to dinner or enjoying a meal on our patio with friends. I would prefer no pockets on the top because in my opinion they add bulk. I would add gold metallic sandals and gold jewelry. The lavender dress is a pretty color but that v-neck is too low for my taste. If it was a maxi dress, with a more modest neckline, I would definitely consider.

  15. I like purple dress and how it’s styled with the necklace. I also like the detail at the waist. I would have to try it on, since I carry my weight in the hips and stomach, that waistline may not work. I would not wear the other outfit. It’s uninspiring to me and I don’t like lace too much, especially lace pants. Not me at all.

  16. Yes, yes, yes on the dress. I love purple and it loves me! I look for V necks. It looks like the bulk of the fabric is below, not at, the waist. The dress also looks comfortable.

    Not sure on the light colored outfit. While I like to style, an all beige look would make me look wiped out with my fair skin and silver hair.

  17. Well purple is my favorite color and as I am an apple shape and that dress has ease through the middle, I think I would definitely have to try it on. It is a good basic that could be accessorized in many different ways. I can see it dressed up in pearls and metallic heels for a night out or with flat sandals and a jaunty neck scarf, perhaps a white denim jacket for a more casual outing. For me here in Northern California it would be a year-round style so all in all, a good purchase!

  18. I could not and would not wear either look. The dress would add bulk to my waist which is not something I want to do. The cream outfit looks drab and unappealing to me. Both seem kind of shapeless and unflattering.

  19. Love the off-white top and pants … what a beautiful outfit. It looks so comfy as well as stylish. Perfect for any outing this summer. And I like the necklace shown with it. It’s great to see outfits with accessories!

    I like the dress, but not sure if it would look okay on me. I’d definitely try it in black. The style seems quite flattering.

    I love the Jjill jacket … it is so stylish, but understated at the same time!!!

  20. L💗VE the all white outfit!!! I wish I already had this in my wardrobe as it would serve me well on our upcoming Mexican vacation (7 days and counting! 😁). I would wear this together, adding my favorite turquoise necklace and silver hoops. I would wear the pants with a black silky tank, long silver and white beaded necklace, same silver hoops and my hair pulled back. The top would work also as a casual piece to throw over my swimsuit, add shorts and there I’d be sitting down to lunch under an umbrella.

  21. The dress is showing up as two different colors for me, but if it is royal blue, as it looks in the first photo, I might try it. If it is purple, that is not a flattering color for me. I do like the shape. It looks very feminine. I would wear the top but not the pants in the second outfit. The top looks cool & comfortable & has nice arm coverage. There is just too much fabric in the pants for my taste. It is a very pretty display.

  22. As I pretty well share the sentiments as ‘MP’ I won’t bother to repeat.

  23. Love the dress. I find waistline very interesting but it would need to come in petite for me to try it on. I agree that it could be dressed up or down with the right accessories. Where I live it would be three seasons with white accessories/for summer and black for spring and fall. The other outfit looks cream on my screen and doesn’t suit my colouring . I also wear a more structured pant and these would be too flowing unless I were to just wear them at home as leisure wear.

  24. I like, and would wear, both of these! I wouldn’t wear the necklace show with the pants outfit like they’ve styled it (personal prejudice against choker type necklaces) and ‘might’ need a cami under that deep neckline (for some occasions) but those would be easy adjustments.

  25. I just returned from the Dallas area. I experienced 80 degrees, hail, 60s and delightful sun for travel. I would definitely wear the pants and blouse. I love the simple look and there are so many options to work with the pieces separately. I’m not sure about the dress. It may be a little too full for me so I’d need to try it on. With your J. Jill, I adore hoodies and liked the trim on that for a dressy casual look.

  26. I agree too shapeless and has the look of someone who has given up. And… I wonder why clothes targeted for my age-61 fall into two categories: I’m ready for a walker or something my daughter wanted to wear when she was 7?

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