Chico's colorful linen for summer weekends

So happy it is Friday and the weekend! So, let’s discuss Chico’s colorful linen for summer weekends!

You are looking at an area of my yard that needs a lot of loving…but we are still making decisions of what to do.

With all of our recent rain, color is everywhere…but so is humidity and high heat.

It is a perfect time for me to break out Chico’s colorful linen garments.

Chico's colorful linen for summer weekends

This Fresh Chic Linen Floral-Print Shirt is so much fun and wears really well. 

I have worn this top to the grocery…carried heavy products…loaded and unloaded the car…and no wrinkles!

Chico’s does such a great job with these tops and offers them in a variety of designs.…here are a few:

Chico's colorful linen for summer weekends

I am wearing the linen top with these super colorful Girlfriend Crops in Seafaring Blue…which is a vibrant and beautiful color. 

I took this closeup of the frayed hemline because I think it is such a cute, casual touch.  They are also super comfy and perfect for summer!

Here are more colorful pant options:

Chico's colorful linen for summer weekends

These are such fun and easy garments for summer casual life….I do highly recommend.

I want to call attention to my new glasses….they are difficult to photograph.  I wear my glasses 24/7 and my eye doctor recently recommended the special lenses for people like me who work constantly in front of technology.

From now on you will see a blueish/purplish glow around my is really hard to get just the right sunlight in order to avoid the glow.

I do not get images done without glasses any longer because that is not an authentic me…so we will just do what we can to deal with it!


Today – June 13th

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Select Jackets $59

 Dresses $69

Skorts $49

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Chico's colorful linen for summer weekends

The beginning of summer is always a magical time…longer days…and this year, more opportunities to celebrate with others.  Go out and treat yourself to some enjoyment this weekend!

See you tomorrow for Would You Wear It and make sure you always……


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was provided clothing to review and the words are my own.

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